Scottsdale Parents To Stage A Revolt Rally Over Bond Expenditures

ACT Now, a coalition of Scottsdale Unified School District parents and community members, will hold a neighborhood rally to protest SUSD’s expenditure of a $229 million bond program. The rally will take place on the southwestern perimeter of the Hopi Elementary School campus near the intersection of Lafayette Boulevard and North Rubicon Avenue.

Speakers will include ACT Now members Jason Boyer, Phoenix chapter president of the American Institute of Architects and parent of a Hopi student, and Daniel Drake, a Hopi neighbor and SUSD taxpayer.

The community group has launched a comprehensive, grassroots marketing campaign aimed at informing the public of their concerns about the bond-funded construction projects, including the lack of community engagement and threat to the original, historically and architecturally significant school buildings. In addition, ACT Now demands an investigation into the serious allegations of wasteful spending, personal and professional conflicts of interest with district leaders and vendors, and procurement misconduct.

In November 2016, a $229 million capital bond override was approved by Scottsdale Unified School District taxpayers to “renovate, improve and construct school facilities,” as stated in the bond pamphlet.  The district has determined SUSD elementary schools Hopi, Kiva and Hohokam will be demolished and replaced with new structures sourced from a template that will be replicated throughout the district.

For more information about ACT (Accountability. Community. Transparency.) Now, visit [URL] or email