60 Minutes Report Hides Reason 5 U.S. Soldiers Were Killed By An American Bomber In Afghanistan

On Sunday, 60 Minutes covered the friendly fire incident in June 2014 in Afghanistan that took the lives of five members of a U.S. Special Force team. 60 Minutes has now been accused of withholding details that implicate Air Force top brass.

The 60 Minutes’ crew focused on a report of the incident prepared by Air Force Major General Jeffrey Harrigian, which rightly concluded that the “incident was avoidable.” The survivors featured in the 60 Minutes’ piece took exception to Harrigian’s finding that placed blame on the Air Force controller (JTAC), the B-1B Lancer crew, and on the victims and survivors themselves.

Nowhere in the 60 Minutes’ piece is it mentioned that the B-1 bomber is incapable of providing Close Air Support. The survivors’ assertions that had the right airframe responded to the scene, the five men might be alive today, appear to have ended up on the editor’s cutting room floor.

The survivors and others have argued that the Air Force sent a bomber to do the job only an A-10 can do. Yet, nowhere in the 60 Minutes’ piece is the A-10 mentioned once.

On Monday, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) “Tom Chuck” Norris questioned whether the 60 Minutes’ crew left out the information due to a connection between the CBS Board of Directors and Northrup Grumman.

Norris was responding to questions during an appearance on the James T. Harris radio show. Harris had questioned Norris as to why the 60 Minutes’ piece did not mention the A-10. “After watching last night, I am sort of glad that 60 Minutes put this piece out there,” said Harris, “but it was amazing to me that not one time was the A-10 – that the plane – was not even mentioned. Is it possible that was part of the deal that they cut – you know that the network cut- with the Air Force so they could tell the story? It wasn’t a flat-out propaganda piece in support of the B-1, but there was no mention of the one plane that was designed to provide Close Air Support. I find that strange.”

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  1. What is not reported by the MSM can fill volumes.

  2. Written by someone that has never been in combat.

  3. Dwayne Wolfswinkle | November 14, 2017 at 1:21 pm |

    U.S. Central Command investigating Officer Air Force Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigan wrote in the report. “While this complex combat situation presented a challenging set of circumstances, had the team understood their system’s capabilities, executed standard tactics, techniques and procedures and communicated effectively, this tragic incident was avoidable.”

    Well General it would help if the B-1 bomber were equipped with the Sensors that could read the infra red signals that are mounted on the ground troops helmets to identify friendly troops to the pilot. The A-10 is fully capable of reading those signals. The higher command in the Air Farce is only interested in using the newer faster equipment when the ground commanders overwhelmingly select the A-10 when given a choice.

    Shame on you!!!

  4. Also not mentioned was the ultimate close air support weapons system. The AC-130 Gunship is specifically designed to bring precision guided Munitions and Cannon Fire at night utilizing state of the art night vision sensor systems. Variants of the C-130 Gunship have been providing close air support to ground troops since Viet Nam and continue this mission today.

  5. Yesterday’s technology (A-10, C-130) is like a surgeon with a scalpel. Today’s technology, more like a surgeon with a sledge hammer.

  6. Curiously, were A-10s in theatre at the time of this incident? Or was this during a time when they were not in rotation there and there were F-16s or F-15Es on the rotation instead? If A-10s weren’t available at the time, then sadly it may then be a moot point regarding their involvement. Still, the fact that those who were interviewed had mentioned the A-10, that should have been included in the airing.

  7. Afghan land – what’s the exit goal strategy? A McDonald’s on every corner? Free Heroin for all?

  8. 60 minutes telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… ‘you can’t handle the truth’ (sorry had to say it0 I don’t think they’ve done that in all the shows ever aired.

  9. 60 Minutes:

    “All the news print to fit; [agenda]
    never all the news fit to print.”

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