Gilbert First Community To Fully Implement Small Wireless Technology

(Photo courtesy of Prayad Kosasaeng via Creative Commons)

Starting on December 4, 2017, Gilbert will be the first community in Arizona to fully implement a streamlined program permitting small wireless facilities in municipal rights-of-way, bringing in the infrastructure needed for future technologies. Gilbert’s adoption is in accordance with Arizona House Bill 2365 which allows wireless providers to utilize municipal rights-of-way to install small wireless facilities on streetlights, traffic signals and other utility poles. Gilbert has fully implemented the community’s small cell technology program, including the fees as set by legislation, months earlier than the bill’s February deadline.

“Gilbert is the first community in Arizona and, very likely, in the country to fully implement a small cell technology program like this,” said Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels. “This is a critical step in preparing our community for future jobs and technologies, and will help us tremendously as Gilbert continues to grow.”

Gilbert worked with representatives from communities across Arizona, along with leaders in the wireless industry, including Verizon Wireless and AT&T, to develop a streamlined application process making it easier for providers while still allowing the Town oversight. These small wireless facilities will help providers add capacity to their networks in order to provide better cell phone coverage and wireless data services for businesses and residents.

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  1. hmmm are you home when you call in sick, is the city or government now going to monitor your work days, as employee’s – just take this monitor home so we can see what your doing, or no paid time off. The ‘control’ element has a potential to be vast.. and this is how it begins – oh you can turn off your lights. Slippery Slope…

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