Review: Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash

David V MacCollum

Some who have read the book are inclined to say the book title should have been titled, Clinton Fraud.  Peter Schweitzer did an excellent investigative story on how and why foreign governments and businesses became involved with the Clintons. It is an interesting review of how the Clintons could work with those who were suspected of being the dark side of the law, or corrupt. There are many facets, starting when Bill Clinton was president, and how they set the stage with Hillary on how they become a powerful team.

The following outline of chapters of the book tells how they developed a system of enhancing their power:

  1. They used the White House to entertain on a global scale
  2. Bill Clinton began working with small developing countries rich in natural resources
  3. Soon they established contact with Russian Uranium One
  4. Hillary Clinton became supportive of India’s entry into nuclear weapons proliferation
  5. Next came the use of the media and philanthropy as a power base
  6. They soon became part of the swamp
  7. Warloards became their cash cow
  8. Then on to Colombia in South America
  9. Involvement in “shadow” disaster aid for a profit

As time went by, Hillary became a senator and later Secretary of State, and had a wonderful partnership with her husband, Bill. As a past-president, they created an image of bringing together politics, philanthropy and business, which created immense wealth for the Clintons.

Mr. Schweizer’s book is a must read, as it foretells the current national interest in the collateral impact on our nations well-being and security. Clinton Cash raises many alarming questions about our national international relationships.

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  1. Peter Schweitzer’s book “Extortion” is also worth reading: he makes a good argument that the large amount of cash given by lobbyists is controlled/extorted from lobbyists by elected officials and their staffs. Schweitzer is one of a handful of journalists who are alive and well and working at their craft. By the way, the Pima County Library owns neither book; buy your own or request they buy it.

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