Assault on Tucson Sector CBP Agent Results in Shooting Death -Updated

Three points check station inserted

On Wednesday, just before noon, in a remote area of the Baboquivari Mountain Range west of Three Points, Arizona, a United States Border Patrol agent discharged his service- issued sidearm, hitting an assaulting male subject.  The assaulting subject was one of several in a group of suspected illegal aliens and has since succumbed to his wounds.

One of the subjects attacked an agent attempting to arrest him and gained control of the agent’s weapon. The other agent shot the subject in response.

One agent suffered non-life threatening injuries during the assault and was later transported to a Tucson hospital for treatment.

Three members of the group are currently in custody, and agents are searching the area for others.

This incident is currently under joint investigation by the FBI, CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility, and Tohono O’odham Nation Police Department.


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  4. Assaults on federal agents are becoming more prevalent with each passing day.
    We need to stop welcoming criminal aliens and start supporting those who risk their lives to protect our nation’s borders and our sovereignty.

    The Oracle

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