Tom Forese Has An Opportunity To Show Himself As A True Free Market Conservative

A Tucson Electric Power spokesman said the utlity will continue to offer energy-efficient programs.

By Barry Goldwater

I have always supported Tom Forese, even if I have not always agreed with him. As a state lawmaker Tom Forese was a champion of free markets, where he advocated for deregulation that enabled ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft to compete in our economy.

I was disappointed, however, to see Mr. Forese stray from conservative principles during his time at the Arizona Corporation Commission. Through a number of votes, Mr. Forese sought to limit the growth of rooftop solar in Arizona, creating obstacles for homeowner energy independence, stifling open market competition, and restricting innovation and economic growth.

Now, Mr. Forese has a chance to re-establish himself as a champion of open market competition and economic growth in Arizona by rejecting the current rate hike request from Tucson Electric Power. TEP is currently seeking to eliminate rooftop solar by scaling back net metering and imposing fees on solar homeowners that amounts to a tax on the sun.

While some of Mr. Forese’s past votes at the Corporation Commission created setbacks for the growth of rooftop solar, Arizona Public Service and the rooftop solar industry were able to reach a compromise. While not perfect, the deal preserves rooftop solar as a viable option for homeowners, allowing ratepayers to exercise energy choice in a free market setting. TEP’s request is well outside the bounds of the solar settlement APS made with the rooftop solar industry and it ignores the Value of Solar Study adopted by the Commission.

Because of Mr. Forese’s historical commitment to consumer choice and free market, I was proud to add my name to the list of Republicans who endorsed him for Corporation Commissioner. Now, as Mr. Forese runs for State Treasurer, I remain hopeful that he will finish his term on the Corporation Commission by returning to his free market roots.

Tom Forese has an opportunity to reject the job killing, anti-competition request from TEP, and demonstrate that he does indeed stand for energy choice and independence. He can demand that TEP  learn to compete on a fair playing field that ensures the viability of a utility and its solar competitors.

Without Tom’s leadership, innovative industries such as ride sharing may have taken a backseat in Arizona. I respectfully encourage my friend Tom Forese to stand up for conservative principles as he concludes his term in the Corporation Commission. It’s time to reject the TEP request and keep energy consumers in the driver’s seat.

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  1. Is this Barry Goldwater the same Goldwater who wrote the recent hit piece book masquerading as conservatism and titled Conscience Of A Conservative? Isn`t it true that Uber and Lyft benefited from a knee jerk, politically opportunistic act of deregulation that failed to examine whether these companies should be free of traditional regulation as common carriers with respect to the safety and the financial protection of passengers?

  2. When it comes to Mr. Forese’s votes at the Corporation Commission, you get what you pay for. Just ask his handlers at APS & TEP!
    Based on his record at the ACC he’ll make a great state treasure no matter who’s interest he’s protecting other then those that elected him.
    Seems the conservative Tom Forese lost his way home to his conservative roots and comfortably fell into the swamp only to be seen again at election time.
    With our spineless jellyfish AG who couldn’t spell let alone uncover corruption, Arizona seems to openly have some of the best politicians that money can buy.
    Move over Cook county, Arizona’s on the move.

    The Oracle

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