Absurd Justice

When Mark Twain began his writing career as a newspaper reporter in Virginia City, Nevada, he made a humorous observation that the justice system was about to collapse for the lack of stupid jurors. Jury selection then and now is a process where the prosecutor and defense attorneys’ goal is to select jurors who are incapable of sorting the facts to ensure for justice, contrary to the judicial systems purpose. Mark Twain can rest in peace, as the San Francisco jury found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican illegal was not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle.

   David V MacCollum

This murder trial was extremely simple as Mr. Zarate was unlawfully in possession of a firearm and it fired while in his hands and killed Ms. Steinle. Evidence was presented that the fatal bullet had ricocheted and Jose had no control of the bullets path of travel. This distracting theory had no validity as Jose is a felon, and as such, it is illegal to be in possession of a firearm.  An old saying that “when the shit hits the fan, it is unevenly distributed” certainly applies. The background of this fatal occurrence has many circumstances that led to Ms. Steinle’s death. To start, the liberal judge who wrongfully excluded the facts about Jose being deported from the USA five times is ridiculous.  Further, he was facing his sixth deportation, for illegal reentry to the USA.  As San Francisco is a sanctuary city, Mr. Zarate was released from city jail onto the streets of San Francisco and not handed over to the federal authorities for a previous charge of selling marijuana.  Our border should not be a sieve that allows criminals to walk through and reenter the USA.

This slaying will be a flash point to secure the border with an impenetrable wall and defunding sanctuary cities. Most importantly, come November 2018, voters will be sick and tired of this legal obstruction and liberal politicians up for re-election will not have voter support.  President Trump will win the election in 2020 if he runs again because he supports law and order and is against absurd justice.

U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is cleaning up his department and the FBI to stop the practice of absurd justice. Our nations justice system has become part of the swamp. We have irresponsible liberal federal judges with lifetime appointments who write absurd decisions including support of sanctuary cities, counties and states.  These judges are part of the swamp and need to be removed from the bench when they write decisions that ensure for lawlessness.  It is a myth that sanctuary is needed, as some illegal immigrants may be apprehended.  Immigrants who have no proof of citizenship and who enter the U.S. unlawfully need to be identified as felons. The impact of illegal aliens is to lower the cost of labor, which in turn reduces the opportunity for U.S. citizens to earn a living wage. Flooding the workforce with illegal, cheap labor infringes on the rights of every citizen.  Absurd law that allows for open borders has a great collateral hazard as it floods our entire country with illegal drugs and people.

Absurd laws created by stupid liberal legislators and legalized by stupid judges are creating chaos that gives our country a third-world economy. To make our country great again, we need to shake ourselves free of this absurd justice.


  1. in the fray Mac mentions that the illegals lower the wages etc. – but recently a large home healthcare provider moved out of the state of California – just to expensive to work there, to many elements of law, of wage, of labor law, to the point they closed up shop, picked up their equipment and left. California recently enacted a law that retroactively reset the prices paid to suppliers – then went about collecting those monies from the vendors now… retro theft. So in blame of who is causing the labor issues – I would add to your assessment of IA being one major cause of the effect – illegal labor – diminishes demand and wage – American’s buy this labor, American pay this labor, Americans use the labor – and fruits of that labor. Is there Absurd justice – you bet!

    • “the illegals lower the wages etc. – but”….but, but, but – always finding a reason to justify illegals.

      Illegal Aliens not only reduce the wages and take away opportunities from Americans but thanks to those that have sympathy for them, empowering politicians to protect them. Billions and Billions of taxpayer dollars are confiscated from tax payers without their consent to subsidize the illegals not the least of which filling the public school systems stealing resources and attention from American children.

      But most importantly, they destroy the moral fabric of America bringing their lawlessness, their social depravities and diseases, creating a perfect environment to be exploited both financially and politically. Ignore it if you will but Mexico is a wretched third world country where the legal age of consent is 12 and almost all girls are sexually abused by 16 – by family members.

      A second class of citizens not much different than slaves thanks to those that sympathize and justify their presence.

      • and what of the taxes paid by the IA that will become part of the general fund? The “Mexican’s are at fault you say” “”” BUT “”” so you’ll have something more to whine about – who hires them? who takes their tax money as their profit? Who never pay those taxes… who gets the taxes if they are paid? Where is that accounted for (don’t think it isn’t) We have met the enemy and they are “us” that welcome and hire, cheat and take these wages for their profit.

        I’m all for ‘legal entry into the nation’ it’s how my family arrived, that my mother is born and raised much of her life in Mexico, becoming an American citizen – some years after my birth – means what sir? You got bone to pick ?

        You continue to berate the entire Mexican people with ‘sexual innuendo’ do you have something bothering you to confess sir? You said you lived in Mexico – I’m beginning to wonder what happen?

        • They don’t pay property taxes, income taxes, social security, medicare and avoid most sales taxes through cash purchases from other illegals or products where drug money is laundered.

          So slavery was ok with you because Americans owned the slaves?

          And you label Americans as the enemy. Not surprising.

          What’s an IA – can’t say the word ILLEGAL ALIEN, another cover up?

        • You don’t mind that the Mexican culture is accepting of sexual abuse against girls and young women? You don’t mind that there society is so depraved that 12 is the legal age of consent for a young girl? You don’t think that reflects on the society and the men that sexually abuse them? Those men are who are here.

        • Haaaa WA – when are you going to stop beating your wife What.. your quip to try and play a black race card – dang stupid – then lie’s about what I say of Americans – dang stupid some more; IA save’s you the time to thinking – I know you only gots a couple of neurons running at the same time, I’m being nice. You say the same _____ is that all you got man? Oh the 12 year olds – sir you are full of crap.

  2. I hadn’t heard the notion that the lawyers on both sides were liberals–it is plausible and extremely scary.

  3. I think they wanted to ‘throw’ this casae as MURDER is a hard to prove thing in most instances, particularly in 1 like this. MANSLAUGHTER would have been a better charge as it only requires that one be involved not having INTENT! And it was the lack of INTENT that foiled the charges. The guy claimed he didnt know it was a gun, or how to fire it and that is probably what got the case foiled. Liberal lawyers on BOTH sides failed to truely try to prosecute this case and so the FIX was IN.

    The lady and her family had no chance to see justice done from the get go. It would have been a black eye for the justice types who let him go to begin with and you just cant have that happen particularly in a place like SF where everyone is innocent no matter what.

  4. As I keep saying, we only get the best and brightest that want to live off us and our government and the liberals allow them to do it. Build the wall.

  5. “No American should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in our country. Our cities should be Sanctuaries for Americans – not for criminal aliens!”

    Donald J. Trump

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