They’re Back…. Anti-Rosemont Thieves

They are at it again: Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition and the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter filed a lawsuit to stop development of the Rosemont Mine. These crooks use taxpayer’s money to steal the Rosemont property from investors of Hudbay Mineral’s Inc., who are the owners of this property. It is outright fraud to prevent mining on Rosemont without paying fair market value for the property.

David V MacCollum

These anti-public interest groups have no respect for investor’s property rights.  All they want to do is to ruin America’s free enterprise. It becomes a cold day in Hell when so-called environmentalists use taxpayer’s money to file legal claims that steal private investment. The environmentalists should be forced to pay full market value plus 15% interest for attacking free enterprise. These agencies should be forced to endure the same economic hell that they impose on publically owned enterprise like Rosemont Mine.

Where have our constitutional rights gone? It is evil, liberal concepts that erode these rights. Liberal ideology places animal rights above human rights. Liberals engage in untruthful speculation of wildlife harm even when enterprise complies with all legal environmental laws to ensure for protection of wildlife and the environment. Our national problem is that the media engages in fake news to advance wrongful liberal ideology. Liberals’ often have the support of academia to develop student protests rather than ensure that students learn marketable skills for employment in America’s free enterprise.

Enterprise is tried in the court of public opinion when being assailed by media’s fake news and ill-informed protests by a vocal minority. Rosemont Mine has been victimized for a decade and each stockholder who invested in Rosemont is individually penalized by their investment.  Real justice should financially penalize each member of the not-for-profit, anti-public interest groups that have opposed Rosemont Mine development.

Whenever I speak up on behalf of the Rosemont Mine to someone who is anti-mine and pro-environment, they are so hateful that they infer that I am some sort of an awful monster. It is a sorry state of affairs that to support a mining project that brings enterprise into the community with employment, opportunity for supporting small business and complies with established safeguards is wrongful. The arguments presented by the anti-mine liberals, borders on a lack of civility. Always present is the threat of a protest that could resort to violence on the mine’s property. Another hazard that Rosemont Mine has to put up with is the ultra-liberal San Francisco 9th Circuit Court that has a record of ruling against free enterprise.

What is needed is the elimination of federal funding of litigation instigated by not-for-profit, anti-enterprise public interest groups.  The bottom line is that the anti-Rosemont thieves want to destroy this mine and the benefits it brings to the community.

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