Book Review: Edward Klein’s All Out War

Book Review by David V MacCollum

This book is a time line of the plot to destroy President Trump. Edward Klein tells how a radical liberal treasonous cancer is attempting to destroy all the values that have made America great. The book outlines how terrorist tactics are employed, starting with a corrupt media and their fake news that are outright lies. Next are the organized violent protests. Most discerning is the erosion of Christian teachings to ensure for ethical conduct. The greatest harm that the plot has caused is that it is poisoning our political establishment with partisan hate. The result is that our paid legislators have created a standoff where the objective becomes nothing gets done.  Reading the book, it appears that congressional priority is hampered with a priority to destroy Trump rather than do what the congressional legislators are paid to do: Govern!

David V MacCollum

In all reality, the record of President Trump is that he is a messenger to make America Great Again!  What the President is up against is a number of radical incompetent mental midget groups who do not want to hear his message.  President Trump is not alone in being exposed to destructive opposition. President Wilson, after World War I could not achieve congressional support for the League of Nations. This stupid rejection led to World War II.  The world famous pilot, Charles Lindbergh was amazed how Hitler was building a powerful air force that advanced aviation. Again, mental midgets did not want to hear about the German aviation advances and accused Lindbergh of praising Hitler. This rejection of German military aviation advances changed WWII warfare.

The introduction of All Out War says it all. Through a variety of underhanded tactics; lies, leaks, obstruction and violence, radical liberals are waging an all-out war to delegitimize President Trump and drive him from office before he can drain the Washington, D.C. swamp and take away their power.

The big picture that author Edward Klein paints in great detail is that the crooks that have been milking our U.S. Government will stop at nothing to destroy Trump.  Klein outlines what needs to be done to every form of anti-Trump strategies.  What is overlooked is the constant allegations and bickering by the anti-Trump crowd leads to speculation by rogue nation leaders that President Trump has no real authority to assure for peace through strength. However, since the book has been published, some anti-Trump plots are beginning to unravel. The book is a must read as the public needs to be aware of the deep seated hate that these stupid mental midgets have.  They will not stop their assault on the progress that President Trump has achieved in Making America Great.

Remember, the all-out war against President Trump will continue through his second term as President that ends in 2025.


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  2. oh what do you know BIG O…jail sentencing…your off your rocker? where are from? guess you’ve been in the SERViCE in your day RIGHT?………….I KNOW YOU KNOW TRUMP’S A WIMP ………………COME ON!

  3. President Donald J. Trump completed and finished what Ross Perot started but failed to complete, and that was the knocking off and defeating the party elite candidate and securing the voice of the people by reclaiming the white house back to the people.
    The left has a recent history of its unwillingness to govern in the normal sense. US Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD embraced his efforts to gum up the works by what amounted to obstructionist tactics that bordered on sedition and treason.
    Harry Reid took this same approach on steroids under his leadership of the US Senate.
    I’ve always believed that while republicans rearly know how to behave in power, democrats consistently never know how to behave out of power.
    The current Democratic party ideology of party over people by employing methods of resistance are clear cut violations of sedition, insurrection and subversion. Acts that should be dealt with minimums of lengthy jail terms for those involved.
    Obama should have been jailed for his calls of resistance,those that have opposed the peaceful transfer of power should also have been jailed.
    The resistance movement and those involved are a threat to our republic. They are not patriots, they are anarchist, they are criminals and should be treated as such.
    We don’t term limits, we need firing squads

    The Oracle

  4. the assault is not against Trump, it’s against America – Trump just happens to be the place holder of the moment – an unexpected bump in the road – but one that is working for them, waste no catastrophe, which was the non-clinton election. The Coup continues – it is war.

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