McCain Hospitalized, Daughter Meghan Consoled By Biden

Senator John McCain’s office announced on Wednesday that he is currently receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center for “normal side effects” of his ongoing cancer therapy. His daughter Meghan, one of the hosts of The View television program earlier on Wednesday.

In July, McCain announced he was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, days after he underwent a craniotomy to remove a blood clot above his eye. Despite his grave illness, the senator, who has served Arizona in Congress since 1982, refuses to step down.


  1. I feel badly for McCain regarding his illness, and wish him the best. All the same, he has been part of the D.C. swamp for many years, and is the perfect poster boy for term limits.

  2. Erik, you criticize people for being “mean-spirted” and then suggest your fellow Americans “get back under the porch”. You must be a southern democrat with that racial overtone. I think it’s fair to criticize our elected officials, especially when they turn away from their represented values. I don’t think its ever ok to hate people because they don’t fall in lockstep with your politics.

  3. erik, seems the pot is calling the kettle black! Everyone knows that mclame is a waste of time and that he should have been gone long ago, but as a rino the left loves him all that much more.

  4. The previous three comments are evidence that the right-wing is done in this country. Please take your mean-spirited attitudes and get back under the porch and stay there!

    • Is that all you got? Typical liberal the cries and cries. McCain should have been gone long ago but nooooo, the idiots in the Republican party believed him and look at him now. Leader of the swamp with little Jeffie in tow.

    • Too funny! Liberals have lost the Governorships, State Houses, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency. Lose, lose, lose and now you’re using hate to banish the majority of the Americans? Way too funny!

      You’re going to get so tired of America WINNING!

    • Erik I stand by my comment.
      A simple Google search results in numerous returns that while Biden has not been accused by any women of formal sexual misconduct. What he has been widely criticized for, however, is his creepy handling of women and young children.
      I’m sure the harsh reality disturbs you that female secret service agents are offended that Biden likes to swim in the nude in front of his female protective detail agents.

      The Oracle

      • Female Secret Service Agent:
        “While assigned to Vice President
        Biden, I had occasion to protect him
        at the Naval Observatory.”(V.P. residence)

        “I noticed when Mr. Biden was swimming in the
        pool “au natural,” that he was consistently
        swimming crooked laps. Being a Navy veteran,
        I immediately recognized his problem. His rudder
        was bent.”

    • McCain has overlooked himself, his condition, the people who voted for him, the situation he is in.. why – to satisfy his ego? to show ‘I’m a hero’ I’m a rebel ? “I’ve got this under control”…. the days which he has been given seem to be their end – and this is how he has chosen to egress.. Moore I’m sure you’d like him to wait till the is plenty more confusion, the “D’s” assault is further towards removal of the POTUS which is ‘all you care about’ you imply the left is ‘right’ – how about crawl back under the rock you came out from under…

  5. how did uncle joe get into the picture… explains quite a bit doesn’t it – oh it’s Christmas and they are both on the view “Que Milagro”

  6. Little Johnnie, please retire. But no, you are so arrogant you will be in that seat till you die. Stupid is as stupid does. Your illness is terminal so enjoy what time you have left but you must remain one of the chief swamp creatures with little Jeffie tagging along under the pond scum.

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