We’re Santa Claus This Year !

Christmas time was coming, and she didn’t know what to do

Eight kids and just one mommy and everyone needed shoes.

The cupboards were bare, and their arms were cold because coats were needed too

Eight kids and just one Mommy and she didn’t know what to do


Eight kids and just one Mommy were never out of sight

A Neighbor watched through the windows, as we said our prayers at night

They watched as we walked or asked for rides to church

Each Sunday without fail, as we continued with our search.


Eight kids and just one Mommy and our clothes were always clean

We never cussed or said cruel words, that might be petty or mean

We also could be trusted, to do our school work each night

Mommy was working two jobs, so we did it without a fight


Christmas eve was here, and she didn’t know what to do

We gathered around her chair, and told her “We loved her too”

Family Prayer was said, and we all went off to sleep

Eight kids and just one Mommy, who loved each one for keeps


The Mommy had just finished her prayer, thanking God for her life

Eight kids might be handful, but she welcomed the loving strife

She asked for help for all Eight, but asked for none for herself

She gave thanks that she could work and still put food on the shelf


There was a slight knock on the door as she headed for bed, she wondered who would this be

The light were all out and the prayers were said, then she looked outside to see

The Neighbor who had been watching, was standing in the snow

And along side of him was his family, and around them was a glow


His arms were full of boxes, and his family’s arms were too

The Neighbor who had been watching, knew exactly what to do

Their faces were filled with smiles, and their eyes were full of cheer

He told my Mom don’t worry

“Because we are Santa Claus this year”!


There were hats and coats and gloves and scarves

And shoes for everyone too

Eight kids and just one Mommy

And a Neighbor who knew what to do


Eight kids and just one Mommy, felt the blessing on Christmas day

Of having a Neighbor who had been watching, us live with Christ each day

A Neighbor and his Family, gave us all what mattered most

That Neighbor and Family, gave us all Love and Hope


The Mommy has gone to Heaven, where all Good Mothers go

But Eight kids still remember, The Neighbor who loved us so

Our faith in Christ and Men, is renewed fresh each year

When we all remember, “We’re Santa Claus this year” !

About Rob Larson 7 Articles
Rob Larson is a southern Arizona businessman, who is also an expert on firearm safety. He is the director of the Tucson Trap and Skeet Club.

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  1. This is a true story, my family was blessed by a Neighbor and his family in Colorado Springs Colorado in 1973. This was a Air Force Family based at Peterson AFB. They gave a us a gift that keeps on giving, now eight adults try to help a family each year. When you help someone you never know what the results might be.
    Merry Christmas !

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