1. trouble with your R BUTTON BIG B?….you think Lasley’s art is disrespected by who? me? and i don’t care about his message..me?……sir. ,…..iiiiiii don’t think so… mister…. Mansfield. …try again………this opinion of your’s , couldn’t be farther from the truth….causing trouble are we? ….wait until tomorrow …mizzzzter….where there should be a Sunday fake new’s up roar ..


    • Rick,
      I recall when my comment “Fire Away,” after I presented my opinion, drawing great ire. Wonder if your comments here will draw the same? “Murder” is a bit heavy.
      You ghost write for Schumer and Pelosi?

  3. fire and fury.hmmmmmmmmmm…this is a great example as to what happend’s to a complete bullshitter…. Don trump……this is what’s happen’s while drinking trump’s cool aide..CRAZY ……………………..read the Michael Wolff book………now that trump got his tax plan through , I guess sky rocketing deficit JUST ISN’T THERE?…he want’s the tax payer’s money to pay for a 28 billion dallor mexican wall that the majority of amercan’s don’t want….doe’s that mean mexico’s is not flippin the bill? of course not …trump is dangerous and .. f… of s……..the no 1 bullshitter of our time’s…playing with million’s of people’s live’s…thus deserving …ABSOLUTE IMPEACHMENT………it’s coming my friend’s…. mark my word’s. and read my lip’s … no new term.. for one of the biggest and dangerous ego idiot’ ,s the world has delt with in resent history”””DONALD TRUMP…………..THIS GUY’S GOT TO GOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo…………………………………………..

    • An entire room full of people and yet only two outspoken malcontents and a mono themed scribbler are self professed to know what’s best for everyone else.
      Sadly as the chocolate Jesus once said: “elections have consequences”, so deal with it.
      What the looney left fails to understand is Trump isn’t going anywhere. If the resistance leads to his removal, the republic will collapse and the looney left will wither on the vine or die in the streets.
      Comical isn’t it that the voice of the people should be ignored for voting in Trump, yet the voice of the people would have been sacred had the criminally flawed princess won.

      The Oracle

      • Oh yeah “entire room”. …
        Geeze your twisted Big O❗️
        This is a site with several people floats through…with only several Righty-righty RED state making nonsense comments ❗️Hardly an entire room here….You have no clue who is even looking in NUMBSKULL❗️Try to put your thoughts into context NIT-WIT…..It is people that are hateful, narrow minded and cruel that wither away on a vine BIG OrRATEcle❗️Remember what goes around comes around….💋


        • and you know this how? Many will view yet do not want to have to interact with turnips that have fallen off the truck.
          And you think its other people “It is people that are hateful, narrow minded and cruel that wither away on a vine BIG OrRATEcle❗️Remember what goes around comes around…” You 2 or 3 are the worst about the quoted sentence and thats about it the 2 or 3 that you are associated with. So dont think the left is here in numbers, again most just dont want to waste their time and effort on you. If you are referring to others from the northwest let us know the site so we can LOOK IN and participate there.

  4. to Dwayne Wolfswinkle ….come back and state YOUR opinion on LASLEY…your comment made more since than alot of other’s…..exchanging thought’s…..like u said ,on lasley’s behalf is correct sir…but where did you go?..what are your thought’s regarding the trump topic of the week? you could turn out to be the smartest one this week!

  5. your brave Dwayne..tap into these water’s ..seem’s someone want’s to drown ur azz…but don’t worry..it was only the midnight rambler last night……..in fact ..WOLFS WINKLE………………………i hear distant stone’s rolling this way……………did u hear about the midnite rambler….everybody got to go…did u hear about the midnite rambler….the one who shut the kitchen door…don’t give a hoooot of a warning…wrapped up in a black cat coat…he don’t go in the lite of the morning..he split’s the time with cockr’el crow’s…………..so ya talk about the midnite rambler…the one ya never seen before….sighing down the wind so sadly…listen and you’ll hear him moan…………….

    • Will you people grow up and stop the childish insults of each other it is embarrassing that “adults” use Mr. Lasley’s work as an excuse to sling INSULTS as opposed to exchanging THOUGHT.

      • Besides the insults (which I thoroughly enjoy) there is no better use of “Mr.”‘ Lasley’s work, except maybe stimulating a bowl movement.

      • Yea, DW; the ones that say the respect Mr. Lasley’s weekly cartoon, seem to disrespect it the most. Go figure…

  6. PS: As you fall asleep…..shove that “Reply button” up your old NOSE….sweet Dreams…dearest one💋💋

  7. Having trouble sleeping BIG O???
    Go FLUFF that pillow of yours and lay that old hard numb head down to sleep ❗️
    Nite-nite…..sleep tight💋

    • Just like fake news, your fake “concern” over my sleep habits is questionable at best.
      But unlike you, I’m normally up at this hour. My days always start early, got chores and livestock to feed.

      The Oracle

  8. To Mansfield…I read your writings…..You are entitled to your opinions. BTW, check out who butt in on the IPhone 📱 talk❗️

    • Michelle | January 3, 2018 at 9:01 pm | Reply
      pS: another thing is it is difficult To reread writings on iPhone too…

    • Michelle,

      Very pleased you have read them.

      I am happy to further explain my opinions if I was not clear as to their basis.

      Still baffles me that Ricky can’t seem to explain why not being native born in AZ is of any importance. His unwillingness to do so places his credibility in question. Because a person who can’t is just BS’ing, and enjoying reading what he writes (back to ego).

      And why he won’t address directly the topics Mr. Lasley presents, again, leads me to a BS’er.

      But as you state to me; I state to all, “Your are entitled to your opinion; and fortunately free in the USA to express them, with very few restrictions. God bless the USA for making it so!”

  9. Who the hell said anything about the IPhone at fault ??? You are losing it big time❗️ Go re-watch your foul mouthed Pulp fiction 🤪😜👎🏽

    • I rest my case about stupid people who once again have proven to be too stupid to use a reply tab.

  10. Michelle,
    I tried to respond to all you comments on mine about Rick by using the “reply” button. Hope they clear up any mis-understanding. Will be pleased to further elaborate if you like (but keep short, understanding the iPhone).

    • It’s not the IPhones fault, it’s solely operator error.
      Like most things in life, the IPhone is designed by geniuses to be utilized by idiots.
      Truthfully, people who consistently fail (Michelle) to properly utilize the “Reply” tab, and who instead just start a new thread in turn clutter the entire post with disjointed and misplaced responses.
      The whole misplaced timeline might have worked better on the big screen with Pulp Fiction but makes a terrible read on a scary IPhone.
      Place the blame were it squarely belongs, it’s not the IPhones fault.

      The Oracle

      • MAN…..YOU just don’t get it ……NUMBNUTS…..
        Take some reading lessons
        BIG Orifice Oooooo ❗️❗️❗️💋

    • Just more distractions, defections, distortions and denials brought to us by the resistance.

  11. this has been a wild ride this week lady’s and gentlemen….it’s has been especially crazy……..it’s like were all stuck on the same crazy trump train ……………………….arc…i here a sound in the distance… the ground is rumbling………………ah haaaaaa …crazy… but that’s how it go’s …million’s of people living as foe’s…maybe…it’s not to late..to learn how to love..and forget how to hate……….mental wound’s not healing…life’s a bitter shame……….i’m going off the rail’s on trump’s crazy train …..i’m going off the rail’s on trump’s ego train………………..i listen to preacher’s…iv’e listen to fool’s….iv’e watched all the drop out’s….who make there own rule’s…one person condition…to rule and control….the media sell’s it..and you live for the role….mental wound’s still screaming…..driving me insane………..i’m going off the rail on trump’s crazy train…i’m going off the rail’s on trump’s ego train…………….i know that thing’s aren’t going right for me….you got to listen to my word’s………oh yeeeaaahh……………heir’s of the cold war…that’s what we’ve become…..inheireted troubles….. i’m mentally numb…..crazy… i just cannot bear…i’m living with something..that just isn’t fair…mental wound’s not healing…who and what’s to blame?….i’m going off the rail’s on trump’s crazy train..i’m going off the rail’s on trump’s ego train………………………..there’s another perspective to ponder on…my friend’s of…. a d i …

    • Just more distractions, defections, distortions and denials brought to us by the resistance.

  12. OK.. I READ BIG ORACLE’S SUPER BRILLIANT COMMENT’S…evidently Michelle won’t let me answer a question that was presented to me……ok.. mr. brilliant O…YOU ask me the same question again…we’ll see if the answer soooote’s your your fancy….i now your a little sensitive big O..I’LL TRY NOT TO BE HARD ON YOU…..SIR

  13. geeeeze.looooweeeezz..you and the repuplicant’s are the minority in this country….real new’s…….dictator’s…cheater’s..and most the time full of crap…this is why we will never go away like u turd’s would enjoy…. i didn’t reed oracle’s comment’s..i just know all ready …this man need’s a talking to by big B WITH HIS SYCO LESSON’S…

    • Just more distractions, defections, distortions and denials brought to us by the resistance.

  14. PS: speaking of FACK news……Your Trump Buddy strarted all that scrambled BS…It would probably help you to dump the FOX channel…clearly they distort and are extremely one sided and full of juicy BS❗️

    • Just more distractions, defections, distortions and denials brought to us by the resistance.

  15. Something else….put a pacifier in your big old mouth while you scribble infantile mindless Bull💩…….Big Orifice o Oooooo

  16. Propped Up??? Really??? ….YOU continually PROP UP your Trumpster lovers! Geeeze….you and MR. Hanky act like little sisters❗️💋

  17. Turn on your News Mr BIG O❗️Listen to new developments today with your Trump Buddy❗️ wOW never ending embarrassing
    Behavior with this egotistical Fool❗️Constant Trump Trouble👎🏽

    • Speaking of ego Dumbchelle, I hope you like walking home because once again you’ve missed the boat.
      Pay attention there’s a constant theme here, “I Don’t Care” what the fake one sided media claimed happened today or any other day.
      Unlike you, I consider the source. And just like the lasley scribble, it’s all biased, it’s distorted. It’s made up of half truths.

      The Oracle

      • Oracle,
        You may be correct about the Lasley cartoons.

        I believe he is stating his opinion honestly through his art. He has most often tried to present the President’s own words in a context as Lasley sees them. Some of Lasley’s work is downright funny. Poking fun is good.

        When we disagree, I for one like to present a alternative context when there is one I can articulate. Sadly, there are few of those who comment here that care even to try to address the issues and treat them as seriously. They say Lasley’s position is correct, but rarely, if ever, say why. Their silence on this is deafening.

        Your have provided me some valued perspectives, particularly on environmental issues. Thanks.

        I hope we can continue to move away form attacking the messenger, and focus on the message. I know in these times I’m probably frickin’ crazy. But I take what is a dissolution of the foundations of our democracy as deadly serious. I sense you do to.

        “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”
        Franklin D. Roosevelt

  18. the minority are trying to rule the majority…this site is a perfect example of this movement attempt by the trump drunk punch dummy’s……don’t be to concerned mutettu,i think bob is actually concerned about my personal welfare…and just trying to help me with what he consider’s a handicap…isn’t that!

    • Punky Powers: it might have escaped you, but you, the progressive princess of Portland and the awol TinTard hardly make up a quorum let alone a majority.
      You and your follow sock puppet diehard supporters of Lasley are the minority.
      Which brings us to the obvious question, what’s your point?

      The Oracle

        • Michelle should we derive that your inability to let Rick answer questions is confirmation that enen in your mind he constantly needs propped up by your injections of your own stupidity?
          Once again without answering the question (which wasn’t yours to answer) you’ve instead attacked their person asking it. Simply more distractions, defections, distortions and denials that if your side had followed the rule of law, Bernie Sanders would be the current president, but instead Trump won and that’s all Trumps fault?
          Perhaps only in the vast void that separates your ears does that make any sense.
          Seriously Michelle it’s not tag team wrestling, let punky powers defend his own words.

          The Oracle

  19. Once again MR Mansfield….Mr Hank is a cruel jerk too! Doesn’t make any sense to scold Rick as the others ramble and rant BS❗️Geeze…..Obviously targeting MR . Rick……their behavior is acceptable to you…but not Mr Rick’s…WOW

    • NO!
      Rick is a special case. Don’t care much for those other rants either.
      I can explain further if you like.
      I see BS as a very special form of communication. The Harry Frankfurter quote I included above and in some other statements about BS I’ve included, may explain the BS I’m talking about.

      Some of the other stuff, HS!

  20. pS: another thing is it is difficult To reread writings on iPhone too……above I was trying to say: Limited exchange of words on this site….

  21. Mr. Mansfield….Honestly…You seem to pass pretty serious Judgement regarding Mr. Rick❗️Personally, I think it is impossible to pass any serious Judgement towards anyone in a limited site exchange of wordad such as this site. Seems to me Rick has agreed and has tried to express myself in his own way. All of us have our own way of expressing our opinions & Responding to Rude-ness❗️Rick try’s to enjoy with humor & use music lyrics in his writings that apply or relate to conversations . Sometimes you or others are unable to grasp this as your way & others express in your own personal way❗️
    Another problem with communication on site or text is that we are unable to read body language or look into ones 👀 eyes. One slip of a word can change meaning. Or more words might make better clarity.
    I think you are judging Rick unfairly & too harshly❗️ Again, it has always been ongoing for these Trumpsters to attack us ❗️Doesn’t matter what thoughts I share, they attack, so I just treat them as they treat me. However, never to the level of cruelty as Big Oooooo.. I try to have fun and not take their nonsenses or as You say BS too seriously.
    BTW, I am certain MR. Rick loves Lasley’s views and abilities. Best not confuse his ways of expressing himself as anything but that Mr. Mansfield. … Addtionally, Rick has made some very clear excellent points this past year ….I feel that many are simply closed minded at this site…Oh well, one way or another hopefully we all learn something.
    Very thought provoking 👍

    • Michelle,

      If he’d cut the propagandist techniques, laden with BS, I would not point out my observations on his absurdities and fascist tendencies. He has no useful content, and unless one is an aficionado of the personal attack. And my years of experience with those people born in the State of AZ (do we go back to the Territorial days?) are not devoid of some strong opinions and are as good of folks as in any state. And I have lived in at least 10 over the last 50 years.

      You don’t do that. That you are sincere with your positions and opinions is evident to me.

      Your exchanges with the Oracle I see only as a rather course tete-a`tete; but you are holding your own.

      Our man Ricky, intentionally mis-states truth and all I’ve stated.

      But I don’t intend to spend any more time on him. I will only call out his mendacity and silly assertions.

      BTW, I really won’t believe he gives a wit about the Lasley cartoons. As he never has, as far as I can read, never, ever discussed the topic. Saying how terrible, reprehensive, disgusting…The President is, is not any insight. But if he left it there, OK. He loves to just present personal attacks (some are creative); what a bore.

      But I promise not to do a continued analysis of Ricky. It’s hard work for one thing.

  22. i have struck enough nerve’s this week to last a life time..it’s amazing to me a simple cartoon message this week”’trump has an big ego ring ..has rattled people so much ……you sir have brought a new meaning to ranting and raving big BOB…seem’s some are getting to old for this stuff …..taking courage drink’s and making a huge deal out of nothin …wait till next week.. dingaling’s…retweeking your mind’s to a much more serious topic ,could unbunch your stupid little pantie’s….so until then””””””

    • Not really. Just time to address your technique. Calling it out.

      Answer please how The Oracle not being born (or living a lifetime) in AZ has anything to do with the Lasley cartoon or The Oracle’s position on them.

      Will call you out on that any and every time. If you have a thought about why a person’s place of birth has anything to do with a country that has build itself with immigrants (you know that means they probably weren’t born in AZ or even the USA). You have a history now in this discussion group. Your, to quote one who seems to defend you every utterance, comments about Native Americans have been at least “insensitive.” Which is curious; particularly coming from someone who is bashing the President. And while playing loose with facts.

      All you can do is reiterate the same old vapor with no content to the interesting and important issues Lasley raises.

  23. i think they like me more, with real new’s…anybody that has an outsider input opinion to are paper… seem’s there kicked out of dodge…… well watch out ””big o tell’s me to “get the fuck out of my local affair’s….isn’t that nice ?…and if there’s 60000000000 people living in Arizona now..we have got the worst dirty dozen of all..bad mouthing 2 very nice people ..oh ya one more LASLEY……

  24. so wa wa wa all u want my r friendly neighbor’s”’it is unbelievable what dictator tactic’s is coming out of hanky boi’s mouth….. your the worst so far,,if u think u can tell me or anybody else how many times is acceptable to respond to a d i .. or even what they can or cannot say…u my friend are also not a nice person and are full of trump style shit…..ok back to the message that lasley has drawn……trump is an egotistic ass hole…look in the mirror….u will see what i’m talking about…..and one other pointer hanky…oracle doesn’t need your bullshit help…..here’s another clue ya missed a long time ago…..there are right wing artists in this state i could look up with no problem …..geeeeze your dumb..

    • Ricky,

      Wow. Let’s decompose your rant above.

      You statement made an assertion (Big O was not born in AZ) as if it has some legitimacy to his position on Trump or Lasley’s art. That has no relevance to the issue of the cartoon for sure. You use one of the great tricks of folks like fascists. It’s call “misdirection.” You did not address the fact that most in AZ are not native born. You respond to me that you live in AZ. So what? What’s you point about Big O not being native to AZ? Why do you avoid giving your reasoning? Or there was none, just misdirection?

      What’s Hank’s dictator tactic? The ones you use?

      Anyone should feel free to write what they would like (you do), as long as it’s not a lie, slanderous or libels. (If I was still a liberal, I would have added “hurtful, disrespectful and insensitive”; but I’m now a Libertarian.) Hank is simply pointing out a fact. And it happens to be related to ego. And that is something I mentioned – what seems to be your ego problem. So I guess he is thinking there is some support for my observations of your comments.

      Yes, the President is very egoistical and more. Finally, an observable fact from you. So what? We all know that. You have your mirror handy?

      Don’t think Hank (or I) are trying at all to help Big O. We’re expressing concern about you body of work over time in this discussion group. The Oracle is capable of his own rejoinders.

      Would be hard to believe there are not right wing artists in AZ (thanks for the insight). What makes you think Lasley’s so politicalized that he is in all things left wing? He clearly is more than disgusted having Donald Trump as our President. In my opinion, Lasley has a bit more sophisticated point to his cartoons. Ricky, you don’t give him much credit. This cartoon isn’t likely just about Trump and his hair do (but I give you credit for the background music). You ever think what’s behind the selection of the cartoon Lasley choose to draw? The President gives him plenty of material. But then again, as I suggest, you are really not interested in the cartoons. Why not explore the topic Lasley presents? Why not discuss issues, rather than responding to attempts to do that with personal attacks. Why did you not ever respond to Michelle’s solid thought about “gun control” and add some of you own? We have a problem. But I suppose the personal attack is more to your liking. Adding to understanding and solutions is not your gig?

      “When we go beyond the superficial and conventional understandings of our habitual patterns; when we look deeper and enlarge the scope of our vision, we develop as wiser relationship with all aspects of our experience.”
      – Oprah Winfrey

    • well well someone took is bottle away it seems. Still want to know where there are sites in the nw where folks can go and bother you and your friends. And speaking of being full of it, hitlery and company with you are prime examples IMO of what bags are full of. I am not giving him help, I am questioning your ability to be cognizant and able to complete full sentences that make some sort of sense! Same think the oracle is constantly telling you as does mansfield. And by this current rant it is an perfect example of not being able to understand the content you looked at but wasn’t able to comprehend. I didnt say anything about limiting posts, just wondering why you guys have to reply to your own posts? Do you get paid by the post or is it something like on the social sites that you troll for ‘friends’, something you will not find here.

      • There YOU go again MR. HANKY Boyyy….. RAmmmbling …..Ranting…..RUDE BS❗️
        Go SUCK on some HOT Arizona Cactus 🌵💋

  25. talk about ego mooshell, he has 8 posts saying nothing you have 7! Both of you are a waste of time and never do address the drawing but you do attack the non believers in the wacky left to no end. Typical of both of you in all the previous drawing non discussions. I think you had 8 or 9 just by yourself a few days ago some of which were replies to your own replies! Guess you needed the posting count to turn into the ones that you are representing showing how hard you are at trying to pass off the left as being the deliverers of glad tidings?

    I dont Know the Oracle, but what does being a native of any one place have to do with anything? You guys dont even live in this area and yet you try to belittle the ones that do. Try to help the nwest get out of its leftist funk and do something worthwhile for them, we have our own problems in this area. Tell ya what, give up a link to the local site that you have similar to this one so we can all go there and see how they respond with attacks like you 2 do here. Or is there not a site that can be found? I would guess not otherwise you would not be bothering folks here in Az now would you?

    • Again Hanky Baby…AZ is in 🇺🇸 USA…This my Home too❗️When You post You ramble total BS that strolls the length of 8 posts❗️So what’s your point? Is your Brain all clogged
      Up like usual darling?💋 Obviously you enjoy my posts if You take the time to count them🤪

      • PS: Hanky baby….I have addressed Mr Lasley’s illustration every Sunday since being on this site❗️It is You Trumpsters that usually do not❗️You guys only insult Lasley❗️What’s your trip ….Let me hear you speak about Trumps ego problem…..let me hear any of you address the subject matter??? Seriously, most of the time or all of the time you just bash MR Lasley❗️You and Big Oooooo are probably brothers❗️🤮

        • still waiting for the news link so we can go to your house and rant and rave. Only thing is it would probably be beyond your ability to comprehend anything. As to being part of the USA, you are correct so why are you not on the msm sites bothering those folks or have you already been kicked off there?

          But at least I dont reply to my own posts just to get a post count for whatever reason. This is a another example of your ego getting in the way, but thats to be expected. And Insult him, what do you think he is doing to the very people that voted for the guy? Its not love and kissing. Where are his drawings on hitlery and company if he is such a political cartoonist (drawer) busy trying to make a point?


    • In 1970 Arizona’s population was 1.8 million, by 2015 it was 6.6 million (maybe closer to 7 million in Jan 2018). So, what’s your point about “native born”, Ricky? You just giving some high resolution demographic factoids?

      You profess to think so much of Mr. Lasley’s cartoons (which are by the way are often insightful) that you can’t stay on even one of his topics. Seems you may not really care for them at all, but drawing attention to yourself; a very different matter. Talk about ego! (Actually, we should be. Lasley has teed-up a very interesting topic – Ego and the Presidency.)

      “The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”
      – Robert Earl Keen

      • Wow❗️Why do you attack Mr . Rick…..You are way off base ❗️Again, you ought to scold and and slam Mr Big Oooooo❗️Seriously.. ???.. Big Oooo is the cruel nasty character at this sight and I have never seen you address him directly❗️ What’s with that?
        Clearly Mr. Rick admires Mr Lasley’s view & talent….Tell me…What does Ricks opinions have to do with ego?? Seems to me Mr. big Oooo is one that suffers true Cruelty behavior an ego problem❗️❗️Explain yourself❗️Why don’t you or anyone address Trumps big fat embarrassing EGO…seems as though we for the most part do not agree policy, But do we agree on Trump’s screwed up behaviors & ego as a president ? Very curious ?

        • Michelle,
          Because Ricky is a Bull-shitter for the most part.

          “When a honest man speaks, he says only what he believes to be true; and for the liar, it is correspondingly indispensable that he considers his statements to be false. For the bullshitter, however, all these bets are off: he is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false. His eye is not on the facts at all, as the eyes of the honest man and of the liar are, except insofar as they may be pertinent to his interest in getting away with what he says. He does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose.”
          ― Harry Frankfurt

          Furthermore, as I mentioned, he may have a mild clinical issue. While you question my understanding of basic clinical psychology (and I do not claim to be a psychologist or psychiatrist; I do have training in the basics) Ricky’s problem is known as Thought Disorder – meaning having a break of logical associations between thoughts. He also shows some evidence of Compulsion – a repetitive or ritualistic behavior a person fells compelled to perform. The compulsion is to engage in the personal attack. Ricky rarely addresses the issue.

          That he will not address the issues Mr. Lasley raises in his cartoons puts Ricky’s veracity in question of his continue claims how much he truly supports Lasley’s often insightful issues; that frankly have much wider important than just the President. I don’t see Ricky as having much admiration or respect for Lasley’s art. Ricky simply uses the weekly cartoon to feed his ego’s need for personal attack. Lasley is actually doing a public service (in my opinion) in raising these issues. And, once again showing the wisdom of Confucius, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” There is no requirement for anyone to agree with Mr. Lasley’s take on the President, but to ignore the point offered, and not try to understand specifically what the agreement or disagreement may be, is frankly the hallmark of a true Bull-shitter! And one who is actually disrespecting Lasley. That’s that part about ego.

          As far as The Oracle goes, I have called him out. I have been in this discussion for a year or so. Oracle’s personal attacks drew response for months from me. You may have noticed, he and I now have some reasoned and truthful exchanges. We do not always agree. But we try to discuss the issue and our understanding of it; without getting personal or making outlandish assumptions about our reasons for them.

          The Oracle and I fundamentally are on opposite sides of the Lasley cartoons. He just doesn’t like them, and I do – even if I don’t necessarily agree with a cartoon. What I do notice is that The Oracle personally attacks those who do so to him. He can respond as he likes to those attacks, as those he attacks can or care to attack him. But why should personal attacks be the main reason for engaging in this discussion?

          But that is my desire (limit the personal attacks), but I don’t care if that’s what you all want…do it. I will continue to point out pronouncements of dishonest and misguided statements. Misinformation and false information are not good. Bullshit supported opinion and statements need to be pointed out for the deceptive spin, dishonest interpretation, misinterpreted/false history, pseudoscience, and patent untruth is. Reality is NOT political.

          What attracted me to the Lasley cartoons, is that he is stating his opinion about the President actually using the President’s own words or actions. (There is only one exception I have found). While some would see Mr. Lasley’s cartoons as a personal attack on the President (they likely are), the issue is important, and attacks on politicians is an American tradition while they are in office. If Ricky wants to keep the personal attacks going, OK. If he does continue to include bullshit; I will point that out! As best and honestly as I can.

          Michelle, the following quote says what I’m meaning well. “My potty-training days have long been over…so what fool retards at their wisdom stage? For this chief reason, I could show you better than tell you, try as you might: you cannot change grown-ups diapers in life, who think you don’t know how ‘full of shit’ they are today.” – Tracey Bond

          I will not change Ricky’s figurative Depends, but will do my civic duty by pointing out when he is carrying a load. Because he just may not know it.

  27. for example sir O…if you have it in your mind that there are amercan’s like my self ,that dosen’t know it’s a 4 yr term….you sir are off your rocker…..everyone know’s all about elec and pop vote sir…ya don’t have to explain these simple fact’s..tool’s of resistance sir? no no ..it just take’s a pencil to rattle your cage big o…. real people vote in 20 sir?/….. doiii…. GLAD U FIGURED THAT OUT….risistance sir/ get another clue …..your not a trump supporter you say…what are you a closet demmy?……. im’ unhappy sir? me? u r clueless…u missed your own point ….u say u support trump..then ..oh wait…maybe you don’t…wow.. and u said u would defend B h under these type of president comment attack’s..WOW.. after your big time resistance toward’s ch jss…hillary..and other’s hard to beleive …..sir………and when are you gunna say something brilliant…. i must have ..u r not ignoring me….

    • Bla bla bla dumbass, more distractions, defections and denials of reality.
      You sir are the resident ADI Dumbass.

      The Oracle

  28. clueless…wow…stick one small piece of a reality clue in your face big O ..seem’s by your reaction sir.. you know i could be right again…just relax big O …

    • Lol. Your own words demonstrate your lack of your knowledge of the world.
      Trump in in 2018 huh?

      The Oracle

      • 😂🤣😜 GEEZE Mr big Oooooo LOL ….seems to me you clearly demonstrate
        The behavior of a NUMBSKULL❗️💋

        • Frankly, Mr. BIG BIMBO BUTTFACE Oooooo…..Your RIght-wing/Trump hate And blabberings keep on rambling to the tune of a HUGE old Elephant 🐘 TURD 💩 Poor Pathetic nasty YOU💋

      • “Let the snowflakes scream, wail, gnash their teeth, beat their chests, and shed gallons of their tears; for it is but music from on high and the nectar of the gods which pleases the human beings to no end.”

        • Oh so heavenly Gordo…..where have you been??? snow flakes floating from above❄️❄️❄️😇😇 How poetic for your Buddies. …Heavenly one💋

  29. and one more thing Luke…..in…18…IT ALL COMES OUT IN THE WASH…..if this guy is re elected ….well…. he might have done something right for the normal hard working american for a change…either way.. LASLEY will never be forgotten when, his art work end’s up in the Arizona art museum …na na na na na na

    • Your clueless once again punky powers, only Congressional and senatorial seats are up for grabs. Trump is on a four year term, proving once again “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.
      You ready should stop reading only song lyrics and party talking points. Or perhaps you really could get bold and get out of mom and dad’s basement, it’s a big world out there, far beyond the reach of CNN or MSNBC.
      As for the legacy of the worthless scribbler of Tubac perhaps they might appropriately dedicate a urinal in his honor, in the meantime I offer:
      The tools of resistance do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices – to be found only in the delusional minds of the looney liberal left. Prejudices can often kill – and suspicion of the unknown can destroy – and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own – for those here – and those yet to come.
      Trump is the lawfully elected President, what’s goes around comes around, while I didn’t vote for, nor did I support B.H. Obama, I wouldn’t have supported the sane attacks against him, that you and your retarded party feels compelled to hurl at Trump.
      What you morons have never grasp, is I’m not a Trump supporter, I’m just not a rabid Trump attacker.
      In 2020 Trump comes up for re-election. If he is replaced are you ready for the non stop rabid partisanship attacks? The endless probing of investigations? The false narrative by a biased press? The endless weekly vile butterness scribbled in worthless cartoons?
      What if the popular vote isn’t secured?
      Or will you cry fowl again?
      And what will you do if he’s lawfully re-elected by will of the people? More resistence?
      In the meantime support your President, and vote for change in 2020. It’s what real people do.
      I get that your unhappy, but the more you protest the more I’m dismissively unimpressed by your thoughts, your words and your actions.
      Who knows, anything is possible, one day you might actually say something brilliant, unfortunately it’ll be totally ignored, lost in the babble of your worthless partisan bullshit that you spew weekly.

      The Oracle

      • Got it WRONG again
        BIG Oooooo….. YOU are the Babbling BS-er❗️Not only that….YOU are out right full of 💩…your words are ugly & cruel❗️Most of all you are a complete MORON ❗️Happy NEW year😜💋

        • Winning again bimbo bitch, your just another useful idiot for the leftest libtard ideology.
          How pathetic your are.

          The Oracle

      • WRONG again…tiny brain BigOooooooo…..It is YOU that is Clueless! …..YOU dear one ….is stuck on STUPID ❗️You indulge in on going hateful behavior ❗️Mr. Lasley has continually addressed events and Trumps behavior. You Lack the ability to be insightful as You are to narrow minded. You are are soooo stuck on right wing thoughts & nasty-ness that you paralyze anything of truth or reality into that thick Numbhead of yours❗️Trump is the worst egotistical self absorbed President our country has experienced and who the hell cares if he won Fair or not? He is clearly narcissistic and dangerous for our country. I will not support a man like him❗️Hopefully The Vice President takes over before four years pass👍 We’ll see if he ends out impeached❗️
        You need to tone down your nasty-ness Mr Big O….you will experience on going bad karma ❗️

  30. your all just jealous..wishing you could be an artist.. instead of want a be republican’s…keep kissing boy’s…don’t mistake his big ass ring …with his ego ring …that would be taking your love fest a little to far…….

  31. Thank you Mr. Lasley. Please keep energizing the loser Democrat fantasy “reality” through the 2018 elections and America will honor your service forever.

    • Happy New Year everyone.

      Spot on Luke. Spot on.
      Another week, another desperate attempt at releventcy by the little Dick of Tubac.

      The Oracle

  32. Hahahohoha ❗️FUNNY🤣😂❗️
    Trump really soaks it up❗️ Perfect song 🎼 and the tweeting bird… OMG Hahahohoha
    You are funny MR. Lasley…and TRUMP’s face ..Perfect ❗️Happy New Year Mr Lasley😁🥂

  33. oh mansfeild ..don’t worry ..most of us are happy americans at heart … some of the crap i dish out sound’s stubborn farfetched and rediculous AND DARN RIGHT STUPID TO YOU.. you’ll get over it… …..a seasoned experienced person , for america’s future president, would have helped calm the water’s these day’s…………interesting cartoon drawing this week ….doe’s trump consider himself a rockstar?…remind’s me of the beatle fan’s kissen at Ringo……the new Rongo starr ?! AT LEAST it seem’s THERE HAVING GOOD TIME AT THE START OF THE YEAR …HAPPY NEW YEAR OUT THERE!…..LOVE LOVE ME DO …YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU ..SO PLEEEEEEEEEEESE LOVE DO ….. OH OH….. LOVE DOoooo

        • Michelle,

          Sorry I missed this earlier.

          Perhaps you did not read the first sentence (fragment) of Ricky’s
          comment above.

          To the quote, I take it out of context of a Franz Kafka larger work. So it could have a double meaning, one in context to what Kafka was writing. But in this case, I believe that Hope is infinite, but Hope is not reality. Hope only becomes reality if we embrace it and make our hopes real. I see no hope that Rick and I will every embrace one another’s hope…they are not aligned; and he will not discuss the issues.

          My response to another question you asked me below about scolding The Oracle possibly give you more detail.

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