Border Patrol Agents Arrest Another Illegal Alien Convicted Of Rape

For the second time in less than a week, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Nogales Station arrested an illegal alien previously deported following a rape conviction in the United States.

In the most recent incident, agents patrolling west of Nogales Wednesday evening arrested Samuel Nungaray-Cons, a 35-year-old Mexican man, for being illegally present in the country. During processing, agents conducted a records check on Nungaray and learned he was previously deported following a rape conviction and incarceration in 2005 in Bonneville County, Idaho.

Four days earlier, on Jan. 8, agents from the Nogales Station arrested a 33-year-old Mexican man convicted of rape in the state of Washington.

Like the man arrested Jan. 8, Nungaray will remain in federal custody pending prosecution for criminal immigration violations involving re-entry of an aggravated felon.

All persons apprehended by the Border Patrol undergo criminal history checks using biometrics to ensure illegal immigrants with criminal histories are positively identified.

13 Comments on "Border Patrol Agents Arrest Another Illegal Alien Convicted Of Rape"

  1. What, Again | January 12, 2018 at 4:06 am |

    Another of many S***hole perverts from Mexico.

  2. #himtoo!

  3. so why are these guys out of jail from their USA convictions?

    • Because the state legislators in the states in which they were convicted didn’t pass a law that required the death penalty for convicted rapists and child molesters. That’s why so many of the convicted rapists who cross and recross our southern borders return frequently, because they can have their way destroying the lives of mostly women and female children many times before getting caught, convicted, and jailed with the luxury of three “hots” and a cot for a limited amount of time.

    • Sorry Billy Boy, it’s not the USA that are the bad guys. It’s guys like you who make excuses/deflect for these dogs.

      Why are these guys in our country!

      • What again.. still a dork

      • Why WA… because we let them out of jail! because they are not rotting in some shit hole of a prison – that why they are out in years and back again – DUH!!!!

        • What, Again | January 12, 2018 at 6:26 pm |

          Should never been allowed in our country Billy Boy, except for people like you that have been successful in allowing an open border, defending these scumbags, blaming their actions on Americans, allowing this S***hole to invade our country and rape.

          Billy B – Blame America First!

        • WA if you got any more blatantly stupid your limb member would fall off… 🙂

        • What, Again | January 13, 2018 at 6:50 pm |

          With the continuous presentation of facts from multiple sources across the world, you resort to personal attacks to defend a rapist, an illegal alien, and blame the US for the decrepit country of Mexico.

  4. Build the wall! Keep your perverts Mexico.

  5. I am a victim here, I come to America to vote fer Heelary Cleentin !

  6. Jerome R Petruk | January 18, 2018 at 10:00 am |

    Does building a wall keep out unwanted people? Ask an Israeli!

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