Gallego Trump Tweet Highlights His Harassment Past

Congressman Ruben Gallego with University of Arizona President Dr. Robert Robbins

On Thursday, politicos including Rep. Ruben Gallego, blew up the twittershpere over President Donald Trump’s s%$#hole comment. In no time at all, Gallego’s tweet created another buzz.

As KFYI radio show host James T. Harris pointed out in a tweeted response, while Gallego might have been taught to respect “his fellow man,” he hasn’t always shown respect for his fellow lawmakers.

In 2013, then-representatives Sen. Catherine Miranda and Lydia Hernandez filed a harassment complaint against Gallego. The complaint by the two devout pro-life liberals focused on Gallego’s alleged comments that implied Miranda was promiscuous.

In filing the complaint, Miranda stated her “sole interest is to protect my personal integrity as a woman and a member of the state Legislature, in the face of remarks which are insulting and degrading.”

Gallego earned the nickname “The Troll” while serving in the Arizona Legislature.  The ADI reported earlier this month that “according to the 2013 complaint, Gallego had made a sexual “slur” following “a disagreement on April 1, 2013, between members of the Democrat Caucus on the floor of the House in connection with action on SB1075. Regarding the disagreement, Rep. Miranda, Rep. Lydia Hernandez and Rep. Juan Escamilla had voted in opposition to their own caucus leadership on SB1075. Following that floor action, Rep. Hernandez had made a posting on Facebook about the disagreement.”

Hernandez and Miranda wrote Speaker of the House Andy Tobin:

As you know an investigation regarding sexual remarks attributed to a Representative Ruben Gallego has been conducted with interviews of Representative Ruben Gallego, Representative Catherine Miranda, Representative Lydia Hernandez, and Representative Juan Carlos Escamilla. The sexual remarks made were insulting, degrading, and personally offensive to women and I believe impugn the personal integrity and reputation of ourselves, Representative Miranda and Representative Hernandez.

It is my understanding that the report submitted to you indicates the sexual remarks were not specifically stated by Representative Gallego but were paraphrased by Representative Escamilla of words expressed by Representative Gallego. There is no doubt that the sexual remarks have been spoken and directed to ourselves, Representative Catherine Miranda and Representative Lydia Hernandez. With regards to myself Representative Catherine Miranda on 3/23/2013 the following tweet was posted by Representative Gallego, “Secret is out Harvard kids aren’t afraid to get dirty. Certain announced State Senate candidates should remember that.”

The following Monday while in the House elevator with Representative Gallego I asked if the tweet was directed at me. His response was, “Absolutely.” It is also known that Representative Gallego does possess and carry a firearm, which under the circumstances are disturbing to both of us. Furthermore in relationship to the sexual remarks made we have been informed that an assistant to a Legislator was threatened with termination by Representative Ruben Gallego.

Regardless of the outcome and whether this proceeds to another level of review we are entitled to protection and respect consistent with the Rules of the House of Representatives. We are requesting that at a minimum an apology be made regarding the sexual remarks and whatever other actions are deemed appropriate to ensure that the dignity and protection of House Members is maintained.

According to the Washington Post, Trump complained in a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday about immigrants from “shithole” countries coming to America.”

Critics quickly jumped on Trump accusing him of everything from being a racist to debasing the presidency.

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