Lasley On The Russian Connection

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | January 14, 2018 at 4:23 am |

    With all the fake news in the world to selectively cherry pick and choose from, the little Dick of Tubac seems permanently stuck on stupid in his never ending mono themed anti Trump hate speech cleverly disguised as art…
    If the rabid left had any real interest in election interference, Mueller would would be digging up the real reason Bernie isn’t the enjoying his morning cup if java as the sitting US President.
    It’s rather ironic that neither major political party wanted thier front runner living in the white house. But unlike the looney left, the Republican party respected the voice of the people, and Trump rode his wave of populism to victory, as for Bernie, he instead was simply “bypassed” and moved to the side to enjoy his new beach house to make way for the chosen one.
    So in what has become the new norm, in typical leftest fashion it’s always far easier to lash out then it is to look inward when placing blame.
    So we can witch hunt for years over finger pointing of who met with who but the real danger isn’t over denied contacts or who attended what meetings. It’s the inconvenient yet strong forensic evidence linking the breached private in house server, or the breach of DNC servers and emails also by known Russian operations, the Russian military intelligence service (GRU) had hacked the servers of the Democratic National and the personal Google email account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and forwarded their contents to WikiLeaks exposing the depths of criminality within the campaign.
    But of course none of that is relevant, not that it isn’t news worthy, instead it’s simply ignored and dismissed since it hinders the never Trumpers agenda. But instead we’ll squander more time and money that could be better spent looking for Bigfoot.

    The Oracle

    • I’m quite surprised that there has been no association with McCarthyism, the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence, with that ‘circus merry go round’ lasting from 1947 to 1956 also characterized by political repression and spreading fear of ‘communist influence on American institutions and espionage by “Soviet” agents…. ROTFLMAOOL – this guys pencil is indeed stuck on stupid… I’m old enough to remember the first version of this moving saga. Quick under the kitchen table!

  2. Just one more worthless cartoon by a POS “editorial cartoonist.” What Russian collusion dumbass? The only collusion was by your beloved dims paying for the dossier that turned out to be one big piece of stinking crap. And you had you boy Little Johnnie McCain take it to the FBI and your boy Comey use it to get warrants for surveillance of Trump campaign workers. I ask once again, where is the collusion, dumbass? Thought so. So I guess this year, its impeachment and lack of intelligence, huh?

  3. Talk about about a leap of faith. Your cartoons are evidence of your Insanity Connection.

  4. R E Mansfield | January 14, 2018 at 8:34 am |

    I imagine that I’ll continue, as I have from the beginning, to support Lasley’s cartoons. “Why?” Well, I’ve stated why in various ways from for almost a year. I’ll state a little differently now. He is entitled to his opinion of the President. Unlike many, he has engaged in public expression. He is taking action. The ADI has given him a forum; which is good, and in all places the editorial Comics section. The ADI also give us an opportunity to refute and debate Lasley’s position.

    Sadly and distressingly, most choose to engage in personal attack almost exclusively. By my observation and my own comments in this discussion group, most don’t agree often with Mr. Lasley’s positon/implications of the facts. Yes, some of the cartoons seem a little “chicken-shit;” but most raise issues that deserve citizen (us who contribute our thoughts) comment. We get a chance to voice our opinion and facts as we know them. As Lasley does, but by art.

    There are likely plenty who read our comments, and do not engage. But by our commentary, we can influence how they think about these issues. When we deal with facts, reasoned opinion, and not 95% personal attacks and rants, we can help others come to informed opinions.

    Now, the Lasley cartoon topic of the week, “The Russian Connection” aka “Trump – Russian Collusion.”

    There is no doubt in my mind, that the current special prosecutor investigation is a witch-hunt. This is because there is no crime, but much embarrassment. If there were some crime of the Trump Campaign being in cahoots with Russia it would have been found. It has not. What crimes that have been found are not related to “collusion” in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

    The whole deal is a political game. Yes, the Democrats can’t believe their candidate lost and they can’t admit to themselves that it could have been because their candidate was not a better choice. So, they had to find an external reason to bind a deep psychological wound. And they did.

    Russia is perfect! Russia, the country previously known as The Soviet Union/USSR, was our feared nemesis since the end of WW II until 1989. The rise of the dictator Putin and his military attack on Ukraine, and opposition against the West; aiming to become a super power once again, easily rekindles fears. And much more distressing is that Russia could influence/manipulate our election results. The Demos found an almost perfect ruse to salve their psychic pain. And better yet, “resist” and oppose the President’s and Republican agendas.

    Doesn’t matter if the facts to-date don’t reveal anything but wishful thinking.

    The Demo’s may be opening a wound they will find more painful that just losing the election. President Trump made a lot of enemies in the Republican party. He has not be trusted in the Grand Old Party. Some have been very resistant to support him (John McCain and Jeff Flake for example). Some likely have not been sure that there may not have been some collusion with the Russians. But as time has passed and no credible evidence of collusion can be found, and that in itself collusion without an actual crime is “so what?”; the Republicans and members of the President’s administration will and are beginning to fight back.

    Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton seemingly has some problems. If the inquiry into some of the dealings with Russians and others show a reasonable connection to raising money for the Clinton Foundation, and her actions (or in-actions) as SecState to facilitate benefit to the foundation – read investigation. When this happens, some will be charged with crimes/illegal activities. That’s what always seems to happen. If Mrs. Clinton is found clean, the Democrats will still face political fallout. We as a country don’t need this never ending reality show spectacle.

    Oddly, President Trump gave Mrs. Clinton a pass when he stated something to the effect that she’d endured enough. The “lock her up” rhetoric ended. But it may be back. And regardless of the 2018 Congressional election outcomes, the Justice Department is still in the President’s hands.

    Much like our last President, this one can use the executive branch to rough up opponents.
    I can see Mr. Lasley’s cartoon with the three Clinton’s and John Podesta replacing the President and the others on the left side of it.

    Mueller needs to wrap up the Russia Connection.

    • Mansfield ; I agree with your comment near 100% – this is a goose chase from day one – more importantly I believe is will remain an open wound in the nations fabric that many of these voters and people will do anything to change what they don’t agree with including overthrow of the government by any means – if it meets the political end game they don’t care what happens… this ill will kill this nation. It won’t be over when this goose chase ends in a year or two maybe. This is civil war – to bad for this country.

  5. can you imagine….Putin is notified that Donald sitting duck , is on his way back to Russia yet again….for what ever …maybe just to light his cigar, and chit chat awhile….play golf?” here he come’s again” he say’s ..are useful ” rich idiot”…. let’s use this guy to turn america , and there white house into the non functioning idiot’s of our time’..”seem’s trump is a want to be Russian anyway” , this should be easy……………………..and there it started lady’s and gentlemen… the first hint of the collusion confusion factor………..snowballing into what it is now… you think Mullner Invented trump’s never ending bad karma? excuse me while i go take a trump..and wipe my Putin………………… be continued ………

    • Rick, you might want to go back to your basement and look at all of your participation ribbons and have mommy do your wash today. There is no collusion and never was any collusion by Trump with Russia. On there other hand you might want to look at who commissioned and paid for the “pile of crap” dossier and who ran with it to the Obama controlled FBI and what FBI director used a “POS” document and paid informants for the doc. It sure as hell wasn’t the republicans was is little Rickie…It was your beloved dims and their boy little Johnnie McCain who hates Trump and loves the swamp just as you apparently love the swamp and all dim creatures crawling around in the water like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Maxine Walters and all. What a leadership group. Glad you got them….

    • R E Mansfield | January 14, 2018 at 1:24 pm |

      Interesting how your buds in the DNC paid the Russians for their assistance. They must have been worried about getting found out, as they used pass through firms. Those in the RNC had meetings and other than not talk about them, did little to hide them. Facts are a bitch, aren’t they Ricky.
      The only snow ball is the farce this has become.
      No, Mueller did not invent the President’s bad karma. I hope you know that, but glad to enlighten you about that. The President has a corrupt news media and his dumb-ass tweets for that. Mueller probably can’t wait to get this over with too. The poor man is in a “no-win” situation.
      Save up your Trumps; you may be eating them before this ends. But do clean you Putin. We need you in top health when you enjoy your Trump sandwich.

  6. Ok to comment on the drawing, its not a cartoon IMO. This is something that has been repudiated by many even in the fake news system. Nothing has been found nor does there seem to be anything to find. But to point to mclame and mcflake as standing up to him, that is laughable. They are part of the swamp and will continue to be to the end. Both are rino’s and push the lefts agenda and are willing it seems to do anything they can to slow the admins agenda. Mclame was the one who pushed the ‘dossier’ into the fbi’s hands so that says a lot by itself. mcflake is a open borders guy.
    ” If the inquiry into some of the dealings with Russians and others show a reasonable connection to raising money for the Clinton Foundation, and her actions (or in-actions) as SecState to facilitate benefit to the foundation – read investigation. ” I like the word IF as it is used here. They have shown on numerous occasions the russian connection to hitlery and the dems and found an ‘investigation’ wanting. So much for being investigated. This drawing is nothing more than a further attempt to push the lefts agenda, facts be damned just cant let them get in the way of the propaganda.

  7. you people claim you have all the real fact’s about everything all the time…….who are you judge and jury… Robert Mueller will find out the real answer in trump’s Russia calculation ..meanwhile your theory of no collusion is a real stupid conclusion at this point …..

    • R E Mansfield | January 14, 2018 at 11:33 pm |

      “We” claim no such thing. We state facts as they are. And identify what is our opinions, based on what is known.

      Sometimes facts change when the verifiable information changes.

      You, Ricky, have no verifiable information about collusion at this point. Nor does the hysterical news media. Because Mr. Mueller has presented none. And even the Demos can’t. You’d think that since they are so “shell shocked” over the loss of the election they could. So you are very, very “stupid” to claim otherwise. Should facts reveal otherwise, most of us will accept them. But then again you abhor facts! Not your ethos, right?

      At the moment there is no indication of collusion. Maybe some political rumors of some, but after a year, nothing solid. That is fact! So no theory on my part. I like facts. The facts don’t show collusion. It is clearly just theory of yours at this point. Be honest, and state what is as your theory/opinion, not disguise as verifiable fact. Who knows, your self-proclaimed superior acumen may prove correct.

      You clearly believe you are judge and jury. So sad! What real fact about this do you dispute with an alternative fact?

      I and others here are not claiming that there is no collusion with the Russians. We simply say there are not facts yet to support your and the Demos’ claim. And given more that a year and millions of dollars of cost – no collusion yet. Please present some facts otherwise. Just looks like pure swamp politics. Mr. Mueller would likely be very appreciative to have your insight for his investigators. Please, help him Ricky! His reputation is at stake. You obviously have information he does not.

      Clean your Putin and save your Trump.

  8. To all you ridiculous Trumpsters Rabid right-wingers You should quit listening to the Fox Fake news lies❗️You’ve all been so brainwashed that you cannot recognize the truth when you hear it❗️You certainly won’t hear the truth at Fox! You don’t recognize your own white supremacist Nazi behavior and thoughts nor your prejudice of dark skinned people; Even people of different religions; yet, All of us pray to the same God or no God it all with the promise that God is on their side, whatever religion you choose to believe.

    Trumps “hate mouth” Is his own doing and unfortunately he it resonates across the world❗️Does that make you all happy? It’s disgusting and degrading to all US citizens as well as Haiti ,Africa ,San Salvador ,Mexico ,Puerto Rico and all our allies❗️You 30% ers are who are in the minority better straighten out your thoughts and behavior. To keep on twisting truth to suit your own incorrigible, unreasonable beliefs and hatred is in comprehensible❗️

    • The Oracle of Tucson | January 15, 2018 at 5:42 am |

      Michelle; I’ll spare you the return of the onslaught of insults you just recklessly hurled at everyone you dares to differ with your view of the world.
      One cannot justifiably be called a Nazi white supremacist for simply not rabidly attacking the president.
      But after reading your insightful bytes, I will say this:
      To all you ridiculous Anti-Trumpsters Rabid leftt-wingers You should quit listening to the CNN / MSNBC Fake news lies❗️You’ve all been so brainwashed that you cannot recognize the truth when you hear it❗️You certainly won’t hear the truth at CNN / MSNBC!
      To keep on twisting truth to suit your own incorrigible, unreasonable beliefs and hatred is in comprehensible❗️

      The Oracle

  9. Speaking of Hillary, who you blame for everything has devoted her entire life on her country. You have treated her unfairly❗️
    She has not been convicted of anything but yet you hate her buyer chance of “Lock her up” or “Crooked Hillary”. You will soon find out with proof who should be locked up . It’ll be DJ Trump❗️Hilary has given Her all to all the positions she has held in government. As any other politician There may have been errors but her tiring efforts have been to her to duty and her country.
    KNOW THIS, Democrats “accept “ She lost the 2016 election; what they “cannot accept “ Is the foul mouth person who occupies the presidency. His lying, foul mouth
    incomprehension on issues creates nothing but turmoil and embarrassment for all Americans❗️If your almighty hate spewed Trump wants to make America great again he should do all of us a favor and resign❗️

    • R E Mansfield | January 15, 2018 at 11:46 pm |

      In the case of Hillary Clinton, you are on thin ice. Most everything she has done was for her. She cared and cares only for what the country to do for her. Her every move once her husband became President was calculated for her advancement in power and wealth.
      She is not worthless, but she is no patriot!
      If she was, her own party and friends would not have appeared to abandoned her.
      Actually, truly feel sorry for her. I doubt she knows why this has happened to her. It’s not that she is absorbed with herself and power and money, she is actually blind to seeing she can make errors in judgement. She is very smart to have retreated from the rush she made on the public scene. If she wants to not get locked-up, best she enjoys the millions of $$’s she has now, having left the White House broke (her statement not mine)! She had a nice run. Is Elisabeth Warren seeking Mrs. Clinton’s indorsement?

      • Mr. Mansfield..Sorry you feel that way because you are Wrong..WAY off regarding Hillary❗️…Your “chicken shit” comment was uncalled for too! Giving positive input regarding Lasley’s illustration with words as “chicken shit”….Shows true color to me….

        • The Oracle of Tucson | January 16, 2018 at 8:18 am |

          Sadly as more and more light shines into the depths of depravity of the Clinton crime family, the more the real Hillary will be exposed for who and what she really is.
          I get that you desperately want a role model to idolize and hero worship, but it’s time to unmount the dead horse and start walking.

          The Oracle

      • Mr. Mansfield……Something else….You have exposed who you really are; a Trump sympathizer with low opinion of a woman’s opinion with a inflated righteous attitude❗️
        Tell me, where do you gather your facts? Know all/see all? A real political guru you are❗️
        You hate with a fervor the Clinton’s. Why do you Republicans HATE so much? Where are the FACTS that Hillary is so crooked? How about You or any of the other Trumpsters speak of the good…The Clinton Foundation ( with times of help from the Bushes) which has done so much good for so many around the world❗️❗️
        Life-long dedications from the Clintons❗️
        Seriously, what the hell as Trump accomplished? Clearly he had caused turmoil the world🌎 over with his insults and his unqualified attempt to lead our American democracy.
        Not to mention that he has no diplomacy or class…..a racist and sexist….a horrible example for our children and our nation ❗️
        You Republican’s better be hoping and praying he does not lead us into nuclear war❗️One Narcissistic “KOOK” with his finger on the button is one too much❗️❗️🌎🇺🇸

  10. Second paragraph should read:
    Hillary has NOT been convicted of anything. But yet, you hate her with your ruthless chants of “Lock her up” or Crooked Hillary”.

  11. Another thing, Witch hunt??
    You stinging “ red ants” Quickly forget the Ken Star Witch hunt. Yes, Clinton’s behavior was disgusting and he got what he deserved. A lifetime of shame in impeachment. Start exploring the depths of crime came up with a blowjob and a stain ed dress and a finger-pointing lie which led to his impeachment. Should not Donny Trump be impeached for the same?🤨👍
    What’s good for the goose is good for another goose❗️

    • R E Mansfield | January 16, 2018 at 12:04 am |


      You continue not be factual. Who has forgotten Ken Starr. Like Mueller he was appointed and not by Republicans, as I recall. The difference as it turned out is our President Clinton, lied. I’m guessing that’s not the first time a President has do that; and not the last. I think Ken Starr should have terminated his investigation when it was clear there was not good evidence for what he was actually appointed. Hopefully Mr. Mueller will. Ken Starr was not appointed because President Clinton like sex with women other than his wife. He did not get what he deserved. That his wife did not divorce him is a prime indication that she only was thinking about her political future. Everyone knew he was at best a philander and maybe a rapist.

      Clinton lied to investigators. That a crime. He got caught and was in office. What President Trump brags about is gross, but not yet shown to be a crime. I don’t think he should have been impeached. But having said that, if President Trump is convicted of assaulting women, them maybe he should be impeached. But being impeached is one thing, being removed from office is another. Mr. Bill escaped that fate.

      Two questions I have for you is, is lying OK when you like someone and not OK when you don’t? And does a lie have to be proven to be not OK?

      • Seems like kind of a ridiculous question Mr. Mansfield…….obviously lying is wrong and whether you like or love someone doesn’t change the fact❗️
        The problem is that you collect your facts from a source that probably sets well with you… do the others at this site.
        I know what is right and wrong. I have a moral compass and fair& good values. My focus is on Trump….Hillary really is not my interest. she is history. However, I had to address her because of continual bashing from others at this
        site. It is unnessary. Trump is president and a maker problem❗️On going visual facts of racist and sexist behavior …Blantant lies…..No fake NEWS….Too much crap happening……Many of you would rather stay in denial I suppose…

        • R E Mansfield | January 19, 2018 at 7:29 pm |

          I have no doubt you know the difference between right and wrong. Why to you feel to need to say so?

          My point is you are stating “talking points” on occasion that are not fact, but sure sound nice if you dislike the object of your dislike.

          You have indicated that you respect Hillary Clinton on a number of occasions as a patriot. I see her as a self-serving egoistic. She is just more pleasant than Trump.

          You or my opinions don’t make facts. Actions are factual. Words said are facts, but the interpretation or them are not facts, they are opinion. And the opinion may or may not be correct.

          Can you give one problem Trump as President has created for anyone other than himself? Other than illegal immigrants?

      • To Mr. Mansfield and Trumpsters,
        There seems to be a suggestion that Real News is Fake News and FAKE NEWS is Real News❗️You Trumpsters have got to get It together ❗️There is only one Network spewing out lies and neglecting the truth and it is FOX FAKE NEWS❗️Trumpsters must understand that you cannot get real FACTS from FAKE FOX NEWS❗️They lie and twist. It is a habit you all have acquired!

        If you like the solemn word of the “PREZ” “ I have not collided with the Russians”, perhaps their is “obstruction
        of justice “ or “plain ole conspiracy.” Mueller will have all the FACTS soon and perhaps you twisted “red 🐜 ants” will finally admit the WRONG person is in the WHITE HOUSE❗️You blustering “hard heads” can’t seem to connect dots. No doubt none of you will believe Mueller or staff either!
        You are a lost cause❗️
        FOX = HATE ❗️❗️❗️💋

        • PS: it is YOU who continually shares facts that aren’t FACTUAL ❗️Stop directing that at me❗️

        • Michelleo you have a very bad kook-aide habit – there were red ants or black ants to vote for.. the red ones WON! Yea yea… black ant’s matter.. waa waaa waaaa – the black ants just can’t get over it – their globalist plans will have to wait a few more days – they’ve short circuited busszzzzzzzzz… Russian molesters have landed in Hawaii!

        • The Oracle of Tucson | January 16, 2018 at 7:44 pm |

          Michelle: FYI, they are ALL fake news.
          Might I suggest you instead read your news online Vs. watching it. The major overseas news agencies are a good place to start, they are non party driven.
          Reading the news takes away the charged emotional lunacy that the network bubble heads inject into it.
          Your in serious denial, tip toeing into insanity if you really think for one moment that CNN or MSNBC is real news, it’s little more then endless leftwing spew that Joseph Goebbels would be envious of.
          Its polluting the airwaves and the minds of those that beleive it to be real news.
          If you ever take anything I say seriously, TURN OFF THE TV. Only then will you read your news, you’ll be just as will informed and it’ll drop your blood pressure 80 points. Your being lied to Michelle by non-stop partisan driven hacks.
          Try it before you knock it.
          You’ll soon see through the fog of lies.

          The Oracle

        • The Oracle of Tucson | January 16, 2018 at 7:44 pm |

          Michelle: FYI, they are ALL fake news.
          Might I suggest you instead read your news online Vs. watching it. The major overseas news agencies are a good place to start, they are non party driven.
          Reading the news takes away the charged emotional lunacy that the network bubble heads inject into it.
          Your in serious denial, tip toeing into insanity if you really think for one moment that CNN or MSNBC is real news, it’s little more then endless leftwing spew that Joseph Goebbels would be envious of.
          Its polluting the airwaves and the minds of those that beleive it to be real news.
          If you ever take anything I say seriously, TURN OFF THE TV. Only then will you read your news, you’ll be just as will informed and it’ll drop your blood pressure 80 points. Your being lied to Michelle by non-stop partisan driven hacks.
          Try it before you knock it.
          You’ll soon see through the fog of lies.

          The Oracle

        • R E Mansfield | January 19, 2018 at 7:20 pm |

          Not sure why you included me in your statement. I just state a fact, Mueller has not provided any evidence or non-evidence of collusion of the Trump campaign or any one. You even indicate that. If I missed the news, let me know please.

          Now Ricky indicates he has the evidence. I’ve encouraged him to give it to Mr. Mueller; if he doesn’t he may be breaking the law.

          Mr. Mueller is a cop doing his job. When he has the facts, he’ll let us know. So what dots are there to connect? He hasn’t given them to us yet.

    • you forgot the ‘woman and the cigar’! now if that had been now…. whooooeeee there would not be a smoker in the nation untouched – smoke’em if you got’em

  12. michell you need to go back and r4eview your queen. She has publicly stated that parts of the US Constitution need to be stricken and her ideas of what is right put in place. If you remember, she wanted to change the 1st Amendment to prevent people from criticizing her and her husband! She has come out and said the 2d amendment must be repealed and that the average LAW ABIDING american has no rights to own a gun! So why not call her hitlery as history shows that is exactly how hitler, stallin, mao got their starts and had the ability to control. Yes she has not been ‘convicted’ but there is more dirt uncovered on her and her family everyday. She lies about most things, remember being under ‘sniper fire’, much like some of her msm cohorts, turns out to be pure fabrication of facts. How about the collapse of the klinton foundation when her backers backed out after she lost the election. Her pay to play scheme just fell apart, her SIL lost his job and mega dollars as a result.
    BTW if you read the news you will find out the president has ACCOMPLISHED much in his 1st year DESPITE the attempts to derail what he has for an agenda. Black and Brown employment is up, the stock market is up, everything that went down the tubes under bho is on track to regain where it was before.

    So you need to take an enema and clear your mind and see the world thru clear eyes and not the tuff you have been inhaling. Mr mansfield has tried to be reasonable, yet you and little ricky attack that he does not support you 2. Get the facts on hitlery and her history then come back and tell us who is wrong. BTW if you have $10K maybe you can get her to make it a million for you on pig belly’s, she has the inside tract.

    • R E Mansfield | January 16, 2018 at 12:15 am |

      There is a way to change the Constitution. The people who wrote the document recognized that times change and so should the Constitution…IF the people wanted it.
      It is interesting those who want to change it in our current era have not tried to use the process that has worked over the past 200 yrs. That is why they try to use the courts, executive orders, and other methods.

      What the far left does not want is a true national “discussion” or some other euphemism like “dialogue” on parts of the Constitution they dislike (even hate). Why? Because the people won’t stand of it. So they chip away in every way they can.

      They actually hate liberty and diversity. We have to be exactly the same. A nation of Stepford Wives!

    • As for you Mr HANKy….
      You are a total brainwashed mess❗️Your sister Mr. Big O should write a Fiction book together…. you could name it “ Trumps Faithful Hateful Numbhead sisters”❗️😂😜🤣Hahahohoha 👍👍💋-off


    • R E Mansfield | January 16, 2018 at 12:19 am |

      Yea, and poor, broke Mr. Bill couldn’t hire any. Good he got out of the White House and make some honest money.
      Ricky you really are dumb.
      Time to clean you Putin and save some more Trump.
      You are building quite load for a Dagwood SS to chew on. You are not only adding Trump to it but copious amounts of Bull Shit!

      • Mr. Mansfield….You are dumb for calling Mr. Rick dumb❗️Frankly, You are no different than any one here❗️…..Your articulation is great….but what You articulate can be nonsense & somethings hypocritical Mr. Mansfield.

        • The Oracle of Tucson | January 16, 2018 at 8:39 am |

          Lol. The sock puppets have successfully turned an entire room against themselves. Even voices of moderation are beginning to shy away from the fanatical lunacy two.
          While punky powers only more worthy contribution to mankind is being the only person here who can recite the lyrics to Romper Room, Sadly Michelle clearly is in full blown denial. Unlike the wicked witch of the West who melted when exposed to water, the skank skag Hillary is melting more and more everyday, but instead of water it’s the dangerous and undeniable truth that destroys Hillary.
          As the real news unfolds, as the real depths of criminality are revealed, Hillary will be exposed for who and what she really is. The only question left is who’s the bigger fool, Hillary for thinking she was above reproach or those dumb enough to believe her lies. As as Hillary once so famously said when dodging the truth, “What difference does it make”.
          While Titanic gracefully sunk in 2hrs and 40min, this national nightmare will last well past Hillary’s dying breath.

          The Oracle

        • You Totally mirror your Hateful racist sexist unstable embarrassing TRUMP buddy❗️Your dad was probably a member of Kkk too?…….Please tell me you have ZERO children Mr. BigOoooo?????

        • R E Mansfield | January 17, 2018 at 8:16 pm |

          Just provide some facts of my hypocrisy and I’d likely agree. So far I know of none.
          But your Ricky is full of it. And he is full of misrepresentations and falsehoods.
          Just because he is a Trump hater, does not really make him you friend.
          He actually does a lot of what Trump does. Makes up facts, names calls, and can’t back up his assertions. Tell me why not being native born in AZ has any relevance. He has yet to answer the great assertion he made about how that matters. He disrespect Native Americans on at least two occasions.
          And if you will point out what is nonsense I have written, I will happy agree if you are correct. None of us are perfect as Mr. Ricky seems to think he is. He is actually worse than dumb (not sure I used that word, but may have and it applies) the his full of Bull Shit. And is can’t be articulate even that well.
          And what really disturbs me is that he professes to see Mr. Lasley’s cartoons as good. He doesn’t really. If he did he’d address the issues, not just use this forum as a chance to deride and talk BS.
          Be specific in you criticism please, Michelle.
          If you really lead closely, I criticize the President. I’m not spring-loaded to do that. But with Rick the BS’er, I am.
          You diminishing you observations and positions by being spring-loaded to support him blindly.
          But as you like.

      • Ohhhh…..You now PROP up Mansfield….w0w BIG.Oooooooo….go get your Meds❗️You are deteriorating with total Brain malfunction 🧠❗️Geezzzze. 😜

        • The Oracle of Tucson | January 16, 2018 at 6:00 pm |

          No facts, more attacks. It’s the libtard way…..

          The Oracle

        • R E Mansfield | January 19, 2018 at 7:12 pm |

          Still waiting for the examples of factual hypocrisy.
          Please point them out so I can apologize and take responsibility.

  14. you all could be correct,,at least some of u moron’s out there…..all the information ya all seem to blab on and on about.. wow.. THIS CUTE GAME of political Russian rooolet, has been spewing around now for year’s in our politcal system…MY QUESTION’S, TO ALL WHO LOVE TRUMP SO SO MUCH…seem’s ya all spew alot of word’s at the same time..pile it to all together, now ya got one big dino turd, already this week….do you smart fart feller’s really think trump need’s your wonderful extra help defending his guilty hide?..ever heard of DON’S billion dallor lawyer’S? you brilliant commentator’s are clueless this time around….very simply put to ………trump wasn’t..and still isn’t wise enough’. and still under qualified to be president . seem’s no one else is in as much hot water the Don j is constantly….u can blame some one else, all u want….. .. smarter people in power back in the day i’d say… ..deflecting the Russian away ,and get on with the white house buisness … a much better way to go it seem’s.. …PUTIN and his friend’s aren’t going away any time soon.. NOW…trump has made it fun for these guy’s..while they screw up our country,and cement there fuel dallor supply… the fart smeller’s ..with all your info… what a waste of everybody’s time reading your slow motion rant’s..

  15. R E Mansfield | January 16, 2018 at 12:25 am |

    Some of us are smart enough not to believe hearsay, and political motivated assertions.

    Come with some facts. Most of us are waiting for them. None yet. Since you seem to be in the know, I ask you again, please help Mr. Mueller with the evidence and facts that show collusion. He obviously needs it. You may be obstructing justice by not revealing these facts you have.

    You seem to love Trump. You have a fixation. Not healthy.

  16. we refer to the past but not dwell on past history, better yet,create a history all can understand and enjoy.i believe we are all born with different level’s of intelligence, , talent’s and abilities ,each and all of them good. we all learn from one another and the joy of life should not be directed only to the 1% , after all,it,s the worker,s that helped make 1% rich….now we can only hope the trickle down theory work’s this time .consider the masses as well as the 1%ER’S….we must eliminate greed and find it in our heart’s and mind’s to include all citizen’s. the truth has been blurred by partisan politic’s…..we must find way’s to compromise…if we can make it back to honorable and diplomatic time’s of our founder’s and predecessors we all move forward to better day’s…democracy work’s, social program’s work , we must eliminate greed,.make america a compassionate america, as was for all of our immigrant parent’s..MAKE AMERICA GREAT FOREVER!

    • Excellent Mr. Rick…………Absolutely❗️👍👍🇺🇸

    • R E Mansfield | January 17, 2018 at 8:39 pm |

      Would be nice if you truly believe what you wrote about the 1%. You know the who the 1% are? I’ll help you, most are liberals. And they seem to demand us to live as they want us to. We may disagree on this, but should discuss and support with facts.

      The past does inform us. And you are perfectly correct that we should not “dwell” on the past. We should learn from it based on our values and ideals. Those, in my experience and learning, are found in our Constitution and the liberal values (for the times it was written much of it was very radically liberal). For all our past transgression, the USA has continually moved toward the Constitution’s (and Declaration of Independence’s) best ideals. Sadly, that has been changing since the late 1960’s.
      America was not very compassionate for all of our immigrant parents. But the freedoms that our system of government allows helped many to flourish.
      I am encouraged that maybe you will begin to discuss facts and ways to “make American great forever.” Just hating President Trump won’t do that. We the people will. So we should come to understand one another better using logic and facts.

    Maybe you need to press Crazy Pelosi and Auntie Maxie for some of that trickle down. Both of them live in multi-million dollar mansions. They are the 1% doofus !


    Here bro, I’ll make it simple for ya..

    “if we can make it back to honorable and diplomatic time’s of our founder’s” You say?
    Little secret that’s NOT a secret..Our Founder’s, as you call them, see they were some fat guys in a boat from England that hated paying taxes, so they fled here and made their own “New World”, but they re-wrote the laws so they paid little to none in tax.. so, I think you have a different than reality-based view of “Our Founders”…LOL

    • Don’t know where you came
      from Kingy, but your thoughts fit well with Mr. Mansfield ….You too will love each other❗️😜

      • @Michelle,
        If you bend over and pull real hard, you can pull that head from your keaster. 🙂

        PS: your thoughts fit well with a libtard.

      • R E Mansfield | January 17, 2018 at 8:53 pm |

        Why does it matter where he comes from, Michelle.

        You following the Rick line of being “native AZ” or something? I doubt you mean to be.

        I love America, it’s Constitution and the pursuit of liberty. That’s why I’m no longer a liberal or a conservative (read Democrat or Republican) but a Libertarian. And that means not tied to political party dogma, but tied to facts and critical thinking.

        We’ll see what I think of him.

        Sorry you insult me, but I forgive you, because you have not shown yourself to be intentionally mendacious and a BS’er.

    • R E Mansfield | January 17, 2018 at 8:42 pm |

      What you say is specifically correct, but there was more. And much of the more was an aspiration.
      Those aspirations have allowed us to become one of the few places many long to live.

      • The Oracle of Tucson | January 17, 2018 at 8:45 pm |

        Excellent Mansfield…………Absolutely❗️👍👍🇺🇸

        • R E Mansfield | January 17, 2018 at 9:29 pm |


          Breaks my confidence that the aspirations of the founders are not well understood. My confidence that we are not headed for some incredibly bad times; maybe violent.

          I’m sometimes a slow learner when in comes to understanding why political correctness, disrespect for the Constitution, and the steady politicization of nearly every aspect of our lives. Those are the foundations of Communism and Nazism and Islamic states, like Iran. That is obvious to anyone who has ever lived under them or studied them.

          The constant dwelling on past misdeeds and not understanding them in the context of their time and place, and how they have been addressed (not perfectly) is appalling. The fact that deeds mean more the words, is lost on so many.

          Our educational system has been corrupted in my opinion. And when people are not educated, they tend to believe what “sounds good” to them and makes them feel good. The education system is politicalized. That is a major problem for liberty. It is where totalatarism finds it insidious path. As the old saw goes, “The path to hell is paved with good intentions.”

          We can just do our best get our focus on what is important.

        • The Oracle of Tucson | January 17, 2018 at 9:54 pm |

          I’m a second hand lion Mansfield, my glory days are far off in my rearview mirror, but as young troop I snipped little Kim(s) at 800+ yrds, in Nam I wrote the letters to parents trying to explain why, I was dismissed by time Iraq cane into view, but while the names of the places have changed, the methods have remained the same.
          I personally believe that we are in self-destruct mode. I hold the sock puppets responsible for this decline. They won’t be happy until there is nothing left

  19. to the king ..u just branded yourself as the” king” of all shit hole’s ….i’d change your name fast..sir.. oracle is in 2nd place as shit hole no,2, he’s right on top of your ass…watch out,he’ll stuff both your hole’s shut…

    • The Oracle of Tucson | January 17, 2018 at 8:30 am |

      Lol thx Punky Powers..
      No facts, more attacks from the looney left wing hack.
      Yes once again if you can’t win the argument based those ever elusive facts, hurl insults and call everyone names instead.
      It’s the time tested proven libtard way…….

      The Oracle

  20. zzzziip ..snap,,plop plop,……i just heard oracle go for his morning toilet swim.. ..or could it be the sound of my glove’s coming off……

    • The Oracle of Tucson | January 17, 2018 at 1:20 pm |

      Lol thx Punky Powers..
      No facts, more attacks from the looney left wing hack.
      Yes once again if you can’t win the argument based those ever elusive facts, hurl insults and call everyone names instead.
      It’s the time tested proven libtard way…….

      The Oracle

  21. To Mr. Mansfield, Mr. Big O and all my ADI Sunday buddy’s,
    We can refer to past history but not dwell on past history; better yet, create a history all can understand and enjoy. I believe we are all born with different levels of intelligence, talents and abilities, H and all of them good.

    We learn from one another and the joy of life should not be directed to the 1 percent. After all it’s the workers that helped to make the 1% rich❗️Now, We can only hope the trickle-down theory works this time. Consider the masses as well as the 1% er’s. We must eliminate greed and find it in our hearts and minds to include all citizens.
    The truth has been blurred by partisan politics. We must find ways to compromise.

    If we can make it back to honorable and diplomatic times of our founders and predecessors we can all move forward to better days. Democracy works, social programs work, & again….we must eliminate greed.
    Make America a compassionate America as it was for all of our immigrant parents❗️
    Make America great FOREVER❗️🇺🇸

    • What, Again | January 18, 2018 at 6:08 am |

      “….we must eliminate greed”

      You don’t get to decide that. We have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that guarantee our God given privilege to the pursuit of happiness.

      Your Marxist utopia is as Un-American as can be. Have you been spending time on the Commie Couch?

    • R E Mansfield | January 18, 2018 at 9:24 pm |

      Your first and third paragraphs, can’t disagree. That is fact. There are complicating factors and one is education. When past history is mis-represented, either glorified or denigrated, to meet political ends, is disaster for a country. Additionally, we can do somethings to ensure that all of our citizens have opportunities to have the best lives possible given “intelligence, talents and abilities.” Not a lot we can do about intelligence, but talents and abilities are something we can do something about. That is education and training. Are you familiar with the National Institute for the Severely Handicapped (NISH). Check them out and I’ll be willing to discuss what wonderful results training and education can do.

      Your second paragraph is simple dogma. What data do you use for your 1%’s comments? Who are they? And why do you vilify them? Are you indicating that 99% are exploited by them? “The masses” (which has been an expression used by both socialists/and communists and the aristocracy of Europe) are who? I will assume you know in this country the 1% the current far left talks about are the ones who pay most of the taxes (federal and state) that allows over 45% of the population to pay no state or federal income taxes, or are supported completely by the taxes the 1% pay. I have never been in what the far left calls the 1%. But I have paid between 18% – 35% of my income to some of the states (Texas had no income tax) I’ve lived in, and always the federal government. Our elected federal Congressional never pay that percentage when their exempt privileges are added in, that you and I don’t get or have exempted themselves from. You know that? I’m not complaining as I have come to accept this is the price of our liberty and freedom. As the far left has taken more people off the tax rolls as their policies have forced a reduction in the middle-class, the masses get a bigger burden. At some point there is no one pay the taxes to support people in a free nation. We become serfs. Greed is a cardinal sin (I hope my reference to this religious precept does not offend you); it is practiced by the political elite.

      Why do you think our founders were honorable, they may have been diplomatic? They were more or less so, given the times they lived in. But the leftist political dogma you so enthusiastically repeat wants to erase them from our history; unless it’s to disparage them. You for that? They have been working overtime of half a century to dilute the liberties our Constitution provides. Democracy only works if the aspirations the founders put in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution is know and respected. We’ve changed it to end slavery (not a American creation) and give women the vote, and more. The people (masses) can change it as desired. But it takes a process, as process the left can’t stomach, as they may not find support. The Constitution was written to protect as many as possible.

      The partisan politics is about control of “the masses;” That’s most of us. Democracy is being taken away from us. Social programs do work. They are necessary for the most needy of our country. They are a privilege not a right. A privilege that comes from our democracy – grounded in the Constitution. A privilege that is a result of our Constitution and its values the far left despises. The privileges are not meant for just anyone who can cross into our country. And it’s our elected officials that are duty bound to protect. They have failed. There is not a more compassionate nation on earth. I’ve seen many others. Few come close. It was not compassionate for all our “immigrant parents.” But it was opportunity that they could pursue if they had the will to work for it. They did not come for the social programs, but for liberty and opportunity to have a better life. They came without a sense of entitlement, and were willing to become “American.” I knew well my German immigrants family. I went to school with the children of Japanese whose parents were sent to camps and their property seized and never returned. No, America was not always compassionate. But we have learned and grown. What the far left is doing is anything but compassionate. America will not be great forever if they get to destroy our liberty. Ricky knows better too. His words, while good, ring hollow.

      So what’s all this have to do with the Lasley cartoons? I think it is because he see a threat to America. He sees the current President as a big threat. And he is doing what many won’t do – expressing it in the open. So why are we spending time on anything other than his issues that he sees as a threat?

      Every attempt to do discuss Lasley’s cartoons is immediately made into a liberal vs. conservative personal attack – filled with personal attacks and disgusting name calling. The guy leading this obfuscation is Mr. Power. It disrespects what Mr. Lasley is expressing.

      Sorry for the length.

      Thanks for the personal expression addressed to me. Let’s get on point.

      We all lose if we can’t have better discussion.

  22. our wonderful fact discussion’s ..are getting everyone nowhere fast… guy’s can come up with real’s new’s a 1000 time’s over… your history fact’s , all your political information.. the millitary background a few a you guy’s have people …it’s just a dam shame ..your word’s it seem’s, are not taken seriously enough i know it seem’s ignorant commentator’s keep hanging around, …my point is …..trump is to contriversal of a man to be in position as the powerman of the world…… this deliberate confusion card he has played from the start . i consider it a bunch of decoy’s he used over and over, to give him more time to understand what it take’s to actually be a president, and make sure people like himself hold on to there billion’s of dallor’s ..this i consider ,is on the job training and he hasn’t got it right…………at this point, trump is used to” getting his way” regarding everything in life … u know ..the silver spoon syndrome …..i personaly, don’t think that’s’not the healthiest mix to be the leading man of the world…………..confusing people,diverting, and then try to sweep million’s of american’s under the rug…that’s not good… ya see now…… any another republican walking in his shoe’s ,that understand’s the world and our rooted american’s living here…YOU my friendly brilliant commentator’s ,might be having reasonable response’s from all of us so called evil libturd’s………the right man or woman for the job as prezz of U S…dosn’t work the way it should when people pay other people to brake and twist the law’s rules’s into there favor…this is one of the mane reason’s as to why… for example , people like me think it’s wasting alot of time rebuttling anything that now is considered fake new’s of every day that goes by now..were all pistoff and confused now…feeding into the way’s trump like’s it…. fire fury and confused…trump himself said he likes it this way …..that’s the way his construction buisness had been like………america is a completely different job description than that….so there ya go….any body else ..any one i say in power….we would be happier commentator’s……..

    • The Oracle of Tucson | January 18, 2018 at 7:28 pm |

      Perhaps after Trumps second term you’ll feel better?

      The Oracle

      • Mannnnnmm. OrASScle……YOU are the #1 A-HOLE at this site❗️Go listen to Aerosmith’s “Dream-on” again. This time it would be in regards to your Trump Buddy getting a second term❗️Give me a break you delusional Turd❗️💩

    • R E Mansfield | January 18, 2018 at 9:27 pm |

      Then stick to Trump and maybe the issues Lasley’s cartoons present. You don’t have to rebut anything when you stick to the point and be factual. If some of us don’t have the supporting facts for you assertions, help us. We may agree with you.

      Cut the BS.

      • Mr. Rick does most often addresses the illustrations. Others only address Lasley’s illustrations by insulting Lasley. Most often facts regarding updated events/Trump….never get addressed.
        Importantly, You think your facts are correct, but I think my facts are correct. Many facts are simply visual and straight forward. But yet you all choose to pick facts that serve your personal beliefs/morals…..As I said before you are getting “where you choose “. Obviously & unfortunately you are collecting your
        “Facts” from
        FAKE NEWS❗️…You are all a bunch of “BSer’s here, so best
        Focus on your own BS instead of MR. Rick..Frankly, Rick has shared excellent insight and FACTS ❗️Most of you are as nasty as hell….So get over Mr. Rick
        Cause you have no room to talk❗️Worst is Big O and Mr Hanky❗️Nasty is Nasty. …

        • What is was trying to say is that Lasley most often draws current events or current events with Trump. Almost or always you Trumpsters insult Lasley rather that address the current event of the
          illustration. Almost always you all choose to go way off track regarding illustration subject matter. Is it
          because it is too hard to face the reality of TRUTH? You should be able to
          address these on going current events even when they don’t set will with your policy beliefs. If you have good personal moral values you would not except much of Trumps appalling behaviors that are continually being displayed
          For the world to see. Which is FACT when you witness with your own eyes ❗️Get it???….

        • R E Mansfield | January 19, 2018 at 7:06 pm |


          What I respect and argue some with the Oracle is that Lasley’s cartoons most always takes facts as their basis. And the are mostly about the President. That what makes me support them, and find them valuable for discourse.

          Rick is not interested in the issues raised by the Lasley cartoons.

          You can change my mind. Just show me specifically where he address each cartoon’s point. I’ve been looking at them for a year now. Maybe it’s lost in his rants and falsehoods. And the falsehoods usually are not about Trump.

    • Great MR Rick❗️👍Thank you for sharing your thoughts ❗️👍👍🇺🇸

  23. “..were all pistoff and confused now…”

    Yes you are. The citizens of America rejected your liberal/progressive/socialists/communist hate America politics. You lost, you’re a loser. And the rest of America? We’re ready for more WINNING!

    • Yes. Mr What Again…..YOU Sir are VERY confused❗️😜

      • The Oracle of Tucson | January 19, 2018 at 9:10 pm |

        And you Dumbchelle are far from relevent, your endorsement of Punky Powers is most revealing. It speaks volumes as to how utterly worthless you and your partisan opinion are….

        The Oracle

  24. i just found out on breaking new’s ..but don’t worry, this could be fake new’s but….HILARY. is not giving up ..she’s running against DON next time for his’s gunna happen…….that’s just what i mean ..anybody else as prezz…. other then confusing don..were all alot better off…and if you brilliant “what again” type commentator’s can’t see the sea of million’s of angry.. women ..and every immigrant backing her with there vote …well ..she would win the popular vote first, then the elect as well……trump is paving the way to our no day ,as he set’s example’s as to what not to do when your the president…for example …dividing our people WITH BULLSHIT CAHOS…”DOII”……until that day of change come’s…it’s just plain fun being the instigator … be continued…

    • now maybe you will understand why HISTORY is so important and the history of hitlery is one of complete failure to the country. She has no regard for the common people and only thinks like you do, for herself 1st. She is a complete bought and sold politician like most of the professional pols that are elected and re-elected again. mclame and his soul mate mcflake are prime examples. Serve yourself first then go back for seconds. your buddy greedyhalfa is the same way.

      Not hitlery will not run again 1st she is a has been and 2d her base has disappeared. When the night shows make fun of her and the left leaning media hits her she has become old news. But what is more important her history has opened up the eyes of many who will not want to be again run down for the select few who think they know more about what is good for the common man than the common man/woman.

    • R E Mansfield | January 18, 2018 at 9:34 pm |

      Great. She should if she can. It’s the American way. You think she’ll submit to a physical and have her physician answer an hour of questions? And a psych exam?

      You are not an instigator…just a BS’er. It’s really fun to point out your mendacity and Trump. Don’t forget to wash you Putin. Can’t have you ill. We lose our #1 exhibit of the loss of civility and any concern about finding any rational solutions.

  25. to mr. bob cat Mansfield…U little bitch…i presented some of the exact info Michelle mentioned….your response to me …where are your fact’s b s er? you got nothing……reverse responce …….hmmmmmmmmmm michelle is kicking ass on you trump supporter’s this week..making alot of real new’s since……i’m surprized in your b s attempt …..rrrrrrrrobert

    • facts to you and michelle are just a waste of a persons time since your ‘facts’ are made up as you type and whine and rant.

      You would not recognize facts if they hit ya in the face. michelle has yet on any discussion presented pertinent or cogent facts. You have presented nothing of use to anyone in any rant. you 2 are the nasties as she like to call people who she does not agree with. People like you just cant handle anything other than what you are trying to present as ‘facts’. Many have presented information gleaned from the msm on all sides and you cannot see the truth as it has been stated. so yes facts are wasted thus many people have refrained from joining in and when they do you 2 immediately attack them just for asking a simple question! But you last line in the post this is in response to says it all “making alot of real new’s”, just you left out the important word UP as in MAKING UP.

    • R E Mansfield | January 19, 2018 at 6:58 pm |

      Not hardly.
      Take a Trump and clean off you Putin. Don’t do any more damage to your brain while you do so, please.
      You assume I’m a Trump supporter. I’m really hear to expose you as the BS’er in Chief.
      You sure know how to make it an easy job.
      I have not seen any “exact info” you declare. Show we where, and I may apologize.
      Michelle really believes what she says on the issues. You have yet to show you do. You are the admitted instigator for falsehood. I don’t care about Trump; I do about our nation. His actual accomplishment as President is better than the last guy. But of course deeds are last in your way of thinking, it’s all about words, personal attack and when it suits your purpose, mendacity.
      But I will publicly apologize if you show we where you stated the “exact info” of yours I restated to Michelle. That is by the way your trick, so sorry, but I’m very skeptical.

  26. you should say your sorry for being a trader RRRRRRRROBERT..and then not being smart enough to realize trump “..think’s he can outsmart justice it self……..plain stupid….if you look close at Lasley’s picture …sir…THE PACK MAN OF JUSTICE WILL CHEW HIS ASS UP AND SPIT HIM RIGHT OUT THE WHITE HOUSE DOOR……

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