Montenegro Takes On Pelosi Over “Make America White” Comment

House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro delivered speech on the floor in opposition to Obamacare expansion.

Sen. Joe Manchin, and former Arizona State Senator Steve Montenegro blasted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her claim that President Donald Trump’s immigration plan was a blueprint to “make America white again.”

Manchin, in an appearance on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ said we “don’t need that type of rhetoric on either side, from Nancy, Paul Ryan or anybody else.”

In an appearance on the James T Harris radio show on KFYI, Montenegro called on Pelosi to apologize to Trump. “It is obvious and evident that the Democratic Party is out of ideas. Even talking points; except to cry racist. Of course it’s pathetic and it’s insulting and I think that not only does she owe the president an apology, she owes her caucus an apology because she is their voice, and their leader.”

[Listen to Montenegro interview here]

Montenegro called Pelosi an “embarrassment.” He implied that Pelosi used the inflammatory rhetoric because she does not believe that people of color could be conservatives. “You’re a conservative, you’re a global superstar and you’re very influential commentator and you’re a conservative. I’m a conservative. I’ve been in the Legislature representing conservative Republicans. Heck, I’m even a candidate for Congress in a district (CD8) that is Republican – and I’ve got a great shot at winning, and I’m not white. So the idea that anyone of any color doesn’t want secure borders and doesn’t want to make sure that we are we are safe is just absurd.”

Montenegro immigrated to the United Sates from El Salvador with his family when he was 5 years-old. He was first elected to the Arizona Legislature in November of 2008. He was the primary sponsor of the American Civics Act requiring Arizona’s High School students to pass the same civics test required of newly naturalized citizens.

Montenegro said amnesty “is not the answer. Not only will the rest of the world not respect America’s immigration laws, but we’re actually hurting people, who are in the process of immigrating and have been waiting five, ten, fifteen years. We are telling them that we are going to hurt your status. We’re gonna hurt you because you follow the law. That’s wrong.”

“Keep in mind, the president’s proposal was for nearly 2,000,000 people getting eventual amnesty and most of them are not white, so in order to score political points, Pelosi is actually turning down amnesty for nearly 2,000,000 people of color. So it just goes to show you that this isn’t about these people,” said Montenegro. “She’s only about the political gain, and I think the president knows that, and that’s why he made them an offer and is not – in my opinion – worried about it because the Democrats won’t accept it no matter what the terms are.”

Harris asked Montenegro about El Salvador, Trump’s “shithole” comment, and some members of Congress demanding a boycott of the State of the Union. “You know this is what the left does. They try to politicize. They try to sensationalize things and blow them out of proportion. The reality is that people come from different parts of the world because they come to the greatest country on the face of the planet. The president is trying to look out for Americans. I’m an American, you’re an American. It doesn’t matter where our families came from; we are Americans and I am grateful that a president in the White House actually cares about Americans.”


  1. America thanks Senator Steve Montenegro for straightening out that uber white multi-millionaire demagogue Nancy Pelosi. Nancy seems to think that because she is white she can get away with slandering as a racist anyone who disagrees with her as long as her target is another white person. She ignores the fact that racists come in all colors and guises, including parading as friends of those people of different races whom they pretend to speak for while exploiting them politically.

  2. We must remember it’s only mean spirited racism when white conservatives say it. When purple of color or when libtard idiots spew blatant racist remarks they are held to a different standard that doesn’t involve accountability.
    Real racism will never end as long as the left keeps fanning the flames as a means to keep primarily black voters under their thumb as oppressed democrats.
    The only reason we put a man on the moon was because we wanted to. Democrats clearly do not want to control immigration or end minority poverty in their zest to flood America with more impoverished voters from the south.
    Pelosi’s “leadership” speaks volumes as to how rudderless and adrift the left truly is…

    The Oracle

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