Tempe City Council Fails To Pass Border Wall Resolution

700 miles of a physical man-made border between the U.S. and Mexico already exists. The Trump Administration is proposing a thousand mile wall with additional obstacles. (Photo by Lerman Montoya/Cronkite News)

By Lerman Montoya

TEMPE – The Tempe City Council failed to adopt a resolution opposing the proposed construction of a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The resolution failed to pass by a 3-4 vote Thursday evening. If approved, it would have allowed Mayor Mark Mitchell and the City Council to send a letter to President Donald Trump and Congress expressing their concerns about what a border wall would represent for the region.

Their letter would have asked Trump and Congress to fund infrastructure, housing, health care and education needs instead of the construction of a physical wall and the expansion of existing barriers.
Other communities in Arizona, including Flagstaff and Tucson, have passed similar resolutions communicating their concerns about the cost to the environment and tribal land rights.

The Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson, which opposes a border wall, began campaigning for the resolutions, hoping to get city councils across Arizona to pass them and send a message to the Trump administration about their concerns.

“Two thirds of Arizonans oppose Trump’s border wall. It’s a shame some Tempe City Council members have decided to ignore them,” said Laiken Jordahl, a representative for the center.
Council member Ryan Keating, who voted in favor of the resolution, said the final vote does not reflect the attitudes of many Tempe residents.

“I believe most Tempeans do not want a border wall,” Keating said, “and they rightfully expect their leaders to speak out against backward ideas like it.”

Border Patrol apprehensions are at a historic low but signs cautioning hikers and campers at Organ Pipe National Monument are scatterred throughout the rocky landscape. (Photo by Lerman Montoya/Cronkite News)

Council member Kolby Granville voted against the resolution, saying he has been against it from the beginning.
“This resolution is divisive and forces our residents to take sides in city council government,” Granville said. “We need to focus on nonpartisan issues.”

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell echoed Granville’s sentiments.

“Since I began my service to the city of Tempe in 2000, I haven’t been in favor of these types of nonbinding resolutions dealing with nonlocal issues,” he said. “I think that when we use the power of the vote, we should be voting on items that are within the municipal business of the city and that would have a binding effect on our communities as far as future councils.”

The resolution noted that the border is as secure as it has ever been, and that apprehensions of undocumented immigrants and drug smugglers are registering at historically low numbers.

“The council had an opportunity to join dozens of other cities and take a courageous stand against this environmental and humanitarian disaster,” Jordhal said. “Instead we have a watered-down letter to the president, who will never see it.”


  1. It’s nice to see that mayor Mitchell gets it. The whole idea of Democratically controlled communities that are far removed from the border are even entertaining passing “nonbinding resolutions dealing with nonlocal issues” demonstrates how out of touch party over people the Democratic party has become.
    Sadly in the last 50 years the dems have slowly abandoned thier core principles and thier limited sanity as they’ve morphed into the party of everything, becoming progressive socialist.
    Who wouldn’t want a secure border? Who wouldn’t want controlled and legal immigration? Yet the progressive social-crats have placed our national sovereignty and our national security in jeopardy for what? A tidal wave of criminal aliens and tons of illegal drugs. Resulting in the waste of billions of dollars better spent to solve our own ills.
    We all want what is best for our kids, ourselves and our nation, yet special interest drives a divisive wedge into what is right and what is needed.
    Build the dang wall, then control who and what comes into our country.
    An open border is reckless at best, but it does supply an endless flow of future democrats.
    Shouldn’t we fix our already leaking lifeboat before we rescue everyone else? Otherwise we will all drown.
    Placing party over people violates John Kennedy’s visionary statement, “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Our country desperately needs its needs met before we meet the needs of the rest of the world.
    Build the wall…

    The Oracle

  2. Progressives love to exaggerate, deceive, and outright lie. Their spokesperson (unsure of gender) stated that “2/3rds of Arizonans oppose Trump’s border wall.” REALLY? Don’t you love how they throw out absurd statements without first backing them up with specifics. Then again, that’s what Liberals do. Sadly, insidious organizations like the Center For Biological Diversity exists on many college campuses throughout the nation, even here at U of A.

    • Yet right. Show me the poll. Bet it’s be the R Grijalva Central for the Fleecing of American Citizens.

  3. “The border wall impedes the natural migrations of people…that are essential to healthy diversity.” -Center for Biological Diversity website

    So natural migrations of illegal aliens are essential to diversity? These people are radical left wing kooks.

  4. It is not “Trump`s border wall,” as claimed by Laiken Jordahl. The “wall” was approved by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush a RHINO like “flaky” Sen. Flake, both of whom support amnesty, in 2006. I believe Hillary and Senator “Shutdown” Schumer, the current Democrat Senate leader voted for the “wall” at that time. The Democrat`s leaders in Congress voted for the wall and claim they want our border secure but their true position is an open border, hence, they refuse to vote for the funds necessary to truly secure the border, including a “wall” where it will prove effective. It seems the only people the Democrat leaders are fooling with their empty promises of a secure border are their own Democrat Party voters whom they are able to bamboozle into believing their obvious lies about wanting a secure border.

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