Arizona Leaders React To Mass Shooting At Florida High School

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  1. According to Fox News about an hour ago, a man from Mississippi who was perusing the Net a few months ago saw a notice by Cruz, was concerned, and contacted the FBI. Instead of investigating Cruz, the FBI went to the house of the man who concerned and had made the report. The principal of the Parkland School and the superintendent of that district knew of the out-of-control, volatile behavior of Cruz which led to expulsion from that high school. In such cases where a student demonstrates that degree of violence and hate, is it possible for a school district to get a restraining order against such a student to keep him out of the district boundaries, away from harming any students or staff?

  2. Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, Teachers, Parents and School Boards are responsible for such manicures plain and simple. Cell Phones and Computers do not belong in the classroom. Okay maybe they are used for education, but if you checked what the students are doing during the day education would fall to Social Media and dogging anyone that they don’t like or care about. Society needs to change to get a grip on crazy individuals to prevent such a tragedy.

  3. Here we go one more time. Lets wring our hands and wonder what happened. As with Jared Loughner this scum was knows from his facebook and other social media posts to be a total idiot with the capability to kill people as he had already done with animals and posted pictures. My only comment is that why is he still alive and will be allowed to live out his live on my dime. The cops should have put a bullet in his head and nothing would have been said. He could have broken his neck when he tripped and fell down a flight of stairs after booking, he could have been reaching for a gun when he was caught…. But no, we will foot the bill for this scum the rest of his life, just like Loughner. Everyone has a hand in this. The idiot students and faculty that knew about his posts. Did they report it to law enforcement and the LEO’s simply turned their back the way Dumnbass Dumbnuts did? For God sake parents be parents and not buddies. Know what your kids are doing and monitor all social networking. Everyone is to blame especially the parents and PLEASE don’t give me the BS sob story that this poor kid was an orphan and needed help. Yea he was and yes he did but that is not the point. A lot of kids are in his situation but they are smart enough to know right from wrong. This kid was just pure evil. We need to execute these as soon as possible but alas, we won’t and the vicious cycle will continue. My only question is when will adults grow up and be parents?? Probably never and that is the major part of the problem. Screw all of the whiners.

  4. This wasn’t a child that did it, but a 19 year old adult. It was also a legal rifle that shoots one round at a time, and is often used in hunting or target shooting. What was wrong was red flags were up for his mental problems, and no one did anything about it. If they had he wouldn’t have been able to buy, own or use a firearm.

    • Mike, heard a real interesting interview of a Florida congressman this AM. He represents this area of the state. He is a senile old ass and made a fool of himself on national radio but most likely he will get re-elected. He said that the kid used an automatic weapon which is the farthest thing from the truth. It is ILLEGAL to sell automatic weapons in the US. He bragged about living on a farm an hunting and yet didn’t know the difference between semi-auto and automatic. We continue to put these dithering old fools in congress and expect change. He should be laughed out of office but he won’t be unfortunately for the good of the country.

      • You can own a full auto firearm, but you will need a lawyer just to fill out the federal forms not counting the state ones. Then there are some real high fees to be paid if you pass all their checks. I broke a rule, and watched a major news station when told about this. Can’t stand politics, and all the rest so I won’t watch again for a long time. Just stick to the market day report and weather like I was.

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