Arizona Awarded $25 Million TIGER Grant For Mariposa Port

Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales.

Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT) has been awarded a TIGER grant to expand and improve SR-189, a junction that connects the Mariposa Port of Entry with Interstate 19. With over 7 million vehicle crossings a year, SR-189 is a frequently congested and backed up.

The project will help expand the capacity of SR-189 by making targeted intersection and access management improvements, and by constructing an overpass of Frank Reed Road for I-19 off and on ramps. The overpass and onramps will improve the flow of traffic and allow vehicles to more quickly and safely get to and from the port. The award of this grant will allow ADOT to combine other funds and build both phases at once, speeding up the
completion time and saving money.

All members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation, reps. Andy Biggs, Trent Franks, Ruben Gallego, Paul Gosar, Raul Grijalva, Tom O’ Halleran, Martha McSally, David Scheikert, and Kyrsten Sinema requested the grant in a letter dated October 13, 2017:

As members of the Arizona Congressional delegation, we write in request of full and fair consideration of the TIGER 9 grant application by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) for needed improvements to State Route 189 in the border community of Nogales, Arizona.

The Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales is one of the busiest in the country, with more than 7 million vehicle crossing per year, including 350,000 truck crossings per year, and up to 40% of the country’s imported winter produce. The port is also important to American exports, with hundreds of southbound truck per day of vegetables, fruit and other items that directly benefit American jobs and our standard of living. Significant State, Federal and private resources have been invested in modernizing and expanding the port and adjacent facilities to accommodate current and future demand. However, the critical connection between the port and our country’s interstate system, Arizona State Route 189, is unable to handle the demand placed upon it resulting in congestion issues that threaten the timely delivery of perishables and diminishes the efficiency of the Port.

The ADOT project submitted under TIGER 9 would solve these issues by constructing dedicated and grade separated on and off ramps from Interstate 19 to SR 189, and to as well make needed safety and capacity improvements along the SR 189 corridor, resulting in a much smoother, safer and more seamless flow of commerce to and from the Port of Entry in Nogales.

ADOT is seeking to substantially leverage $25 million in TIGER funding for this $134 million project by not only using its share of Federal transportation funds, but also state money appropriated by the Arizona Legislature and contributions from the City of Nogales, Santa Cruz County and the trucking industry itself. The result is a true financial partnership between Federal, state, local and private stakeholders to help eradicate a clear “weak link” in the nation’s trade system.

Millions of American jobs are dependent upon the efficient flow of trade with Mexico. The ADOT project will support and protect those jobs. We strongly believe that this proposal has significant merit and hope that you will give their TIGER Grant application your every possible consideration. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.