Lasley On Make America Great Again

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  1. Censorship? That’s the answer to making great again? guess it depends on whom you communicate with.. and that’s exactly what is happening, ‘you can’t say that’ PC speak ; Safe Zone (don’t want to hear anything “I” think is wrong) the binding of the American into the lock step of the left – is the goal, simply because they feel they are right – anyone else ‘just rocks’ – Lastly finally exposes the truck the left is driving – Repression.

    • What Again, WHAT AGAIN? Tell me please, are YOU suffering from the same
      derangement as your Trump Buddy? Honestly, you absolutely make NO sense❗️WHAT WHAT AGAIN ❗️💋

      • Michelle, I would love to discuss in further detail with you but I’m quite afraid it may become a trigger. It’s already happened a couple of times and I want no more.

  2. excellent art work by lasley..we will all find out soon enough if the trumpy ways of the 52 pickup policy approach ,offer’s a reshuffled dealing hand?………..of coarse if you cheated in the west during the gun flinging day’s ,you might not make it out of the casino with your head attached………once again , Lasley has been a treasure to america, and america a treasure to him and his family for a long time…………way back when some of u were problem children,lasley had served his country already, and was attending art school….some of u brilliant ones were not even born ,or just little infants sucking on your thumbs….yet lasley presented his amazing talent to a bunch of difficult disagree able ,and disrespectful right wingers …as r e mansfield say’s ….fallowing or listening to a bull shiter, is not a smart way to go, and don’t be fooled with these tactic’s…………frankly i think trump has been, and still thrives on being biggest” bull crap star in the world right now…hopefully the pist off cheated card player, gun jams….cheaters and b s tactics has been trumps main menu at his birth……example prediction–trump will never meet with the evil murderer, in charge of north kkk …………….so don’t get overly giddy trump lovers,,,there’s a good reason… this all could be festering crap , waiting for the head winds to blow right back at all your mugs…….

    • and the lefts mains tactic – repression – won’t be long they’ll be killing right wingers in the name of correctness..

    • Your the expert, Ricky! Was easy for you to write this one, looking in the mirror as you surely did. But you miss the intelligence of Lasley’s work once again.

  3. What exactly is the “artist`s” representation, dear editor? Trump should be treated as a Hannibal Lecter for the “crime” of disagreeing with Lasley and the “resisters” who have been elected to government offices, the duties of which offices they refuse to perform EXCEPT to undermine the functioning of our Federal and any other state or local government not controlled by the Democrat Party? Heck, even Hannibal was not denied his right of freedom of speech as the Democrats would deny President Trump`s today, if they could, and anyone else`s who disagrees with them when and where they are in control.

    • Luke, why do you question the editor? Mr. Lasley has drawn a brilliant illustration that clearly gives all of us something about ❗️His behavior and tweets continually keep our country in negative turmoil ❗️I think he and his tweety bird tweets would look PERFECT in a straight jacket❗️👍👋

    • Clarification above to Luke:
      Mr. Lasley’s illustration gives all of us something to THINK about❗️

  4. This is an epic sketch and perhaps the only way to make America great again, I just feel sorry for the bird. His tied up beak is in perfect position to peck out trumps eyes and make a nice nest on his head. Such nonsense words I scribbled for a country full of nonsense. Can’t wait until he’s thrown in jail!

      • Billy…Billy …B…..YOU would make a great
        BUNK MATE perched on top
        His golden narcissistic nest head❗️👍….hope the hair spray doesn’t get to ya❗️🤣😂

  5. i ask billy b …is the world still coming to an end ?..or do you think N K are bull crapping the world ….do u think trump will fall for this evil mans plan?..and two last question….can this chubby little evil dictator be the savior of the world, and shatter trumps dreams as the world peace hero, and take the lime light?……do u really think they will meet?……

  6. Who can’t say this weeks graphite smudges aren’t revealing. The left relishes at silencing President Trump so why not depict the dream come true.
    Seems the lawfully elected presidents use of social media escapes the partisan taking points of the corrupt media who while goose stepping with the wacky progressive socialist of the democratic party can’t risk having President Trump exposing the real news, the real truth. President Trumps direct line to the masses outside of the main stream medias control risk exposing the truth, something the left can’t stand to have uncontrolled and out of their sphere of sanitized censorship.
    I always have to laugh at the emotional reaction to the dynamic trio of cyber trolls in their staunch defense of Lasley. You’d think Jesus Christ himself scribbled this week’s anti Trump hate speech the way the rabid zealots come out of the woodwork in his defense.
    But as anyone else can clearly see, it’s like group of lemmings warming up for the big jump into the abyss of group insanity.
    It’s becoming increasingly clear that Lasley’s talents exist solely in promoting anti Trump partisan hate speech, the weekly scribbles are just the vehicle to move his disdain into public view.
    Any objection or criticism to the mono themed one trick pony of Tubac and the trolls go into full-blown rabid meltdown mode. I suppose Charles Manson had his family so it’s no surprise that the little Dick of Tubac should not have merry band of misfits as groupies.
    And who could deny it’s always nice to see the vaudeville full court press of The Three Stooges is in full force.
    It must be spring break from kindergarten to bring back the Tin into the arena.
    Oh well, its Battle Royale time, good for selling advertising but bad for civility.

    The Oracle

  7. gomer pile….great marine…..golly oracle..u and gomer sing a great harmony tune together…..with the same speach pattern …..golly sargent.. i’m sorry my brain is off and retarded..were u kick out of the service do to brain damage mr. o ? because that would explain why the trump stick is still up your azzzzz, at least pile could act , and was a professional actor ,singer,and showed humor respect to marines …..u cant sing a note big o , or act , and u show no since of laughter …u had to be a bad apple of the solder’s…that would explain your demotion to a yard guard position for the rest of your life….

    • @ Punky: Same dumbass libtard tired tactics? I know I’ve stuck a cord when you attack me and not my points.
      But then again your a clueless useful idiot of the left. Obviously devoid of your own ability to self-project relevent thought. A puppet of the looney left only capable of attacking others or regurgitating someone else’s talking points.
      While you look over your shoulder and see epic failure in a life squandered in protest and resistence, wasted devoid of accomplishments, I proudly served in the Army and retired from it.
      I’m sure petty jealousy is a diving factor in your miserable existence that drives and fuels your hate against the right. Having pissed away your usefulness to society, your now dependant on others to support your worthless ass, no wonder you’re a left-wing idiot…

      The Oracle

  8. Hahahohoha…YOU are funny dearest Mr. BIG Oooo ❗️Seems to me You SHINE as
    a rabid Zealot creature for your TRUMP buddy …with the Bird nest perched upon his head❗️🤣 You and your elderly buddy Charlie Manson ought to snuggle up in that orange hair sprayed nest❗️💋😜

    • @ Dumbchelle:
      Looking in the mirror and pretending to be practicing abnormal psychology again?
      Really that’s your best shot?
      Your pathetic…

      • Grab your big fat mirror & take a good look at the MEAN-EST & NASTY-EST OLD Pathetic Psychopath -Perfect you have ever laid your eyes on❗️💋

        • Those are big words for an early child indocunation-ist, pace yourself darling, you’re already running low on releventcy…

          The Oracle

        • You GET IT …..
          Mr. ORACLE-EST❗️Shovel your “ist” where the sun don’t Shine😜…..Mr. hard core police 👮 Elderly Military Dude❗️💋

      • You are not suppose to call me names MR. BIG Oooooo ❗️I suppose your scrambled elderly brain needs a little reminding💋..poor you dear one😜

  9. millions and millions of people are getting shafted from there jobs , family’s torn apart,,simply ripping people’s lives and family’s apart all over american ………yet again trump lies about his promises regarding gun control.. as i said before..this is the no.1 problem the U S KIDS are living in fear with… took a generation ,and hundreds of lives lost to get to this movement against the wonderful N R A….U R CLUELESS ONCE again big zero .. stuck on your power trip path to hell….an old school old man that has lost sight to the reality’s of today major problems solving’s in america……every time trump lies..people loose there lives and in fear ..there not gunna take it any more. and if trump brushes this shit under the rug as usual, and ass kisses the n r a,as well as the murderer of n k…this guy not only should be impeached…but mark my words ,this guy is history one way or the other….u ..o man.. are a perfect example of the republican dictators movement of today….trump is sending evil fear to our people …make america great with the rich mans views, is like a trump bull turd in the center of a wedding cake……

    • guess you dont keep up on the news do ya? Seems that the lefts slaves, the blacks the latinos and the rest are at the highest level of employment in over 10 YEARS! So how is that taking people from their jobs. Unless you mean the ILLEGALS who are not supposed to be elligible for work in the USA! Yes they need to go back to wherever they came from and make IMPROVEMENTS there. Take the training and education they received at taxpayer expense and IMPROVE thier country, not tear ours down to be like theirs. Yes the dreamers have an opportunity to use their expertise (if they have any) to show their countrymen how things can be and then lead the way for them to do it. But no they would rather sit back claim they have ‘rights’ and then suck off the taxpayers tit for their living. Since you are so educated as indicated by your cast trove of expeience (based on your writing ability and lack there of) you should VOLUNTEER along with your bunkies to go down and lead the revolution. Take lastly and let him draw the picture books for you to teach by since he can only draw simple pictures and since he is so one sided he can have a grand time drawing the FAILURES of the ‘leaders’ that you folks would want to emulate! Just think of it as a career move for you 3 and go for it. I am sure you might get enough for a bus ticket if you posted a request for donations.

      • @ Hank
        You do know your attempting to debate a pet rock incapable of reason right?

        The Oracle

        • yes the turnip truck must have rolled over causing incredible stupidity to be let loose. Just like the guy over on the automatic article. he also has all the answers to all the issues. Good thing they do not reproduce together is it not?

  10. there’s no such thing as trump reasoning… rime and reasoning is history with the big ” chop block” head hacking away at our american political system…..u guy’s that comment with a d i regarding our fricked up trump world is completely expected. a d i knew this from the start……when trump gets out voted, and is OUT…it will take major surgery to remove the hooks lines and sinkers that once dangled in your trump gocking faces ….oooo that smell, cant u smell that smell..the smell of death surrounds you…..such a fool such a fool what fools…..i tell u ……

  11. “u should open your own gun shot hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank…..u can name it after u yourself …sir…. ..”H. ell A. fter N. umorus k. illings”… gun shop…u could get as Rich as the N R A …..uuuuuuuu dummmmm assssssssssssss

    • Since to clearly have nothing refreshing to add to the conversation, you should really try taking something for your non stop oral diarrhea….

      The Oracle

      • What??? oral diarrhea? This is new to me. However, there is no doubt that YOU are a professional Mr. Big OoooooOralDiarrhea 🤮💩💩💋

  12. “u should open your own gun shop hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank…..u can name it after u yourself …sir…. ..”H. ell A. fter N. umorus k. illings”… gun shop…u could get as Rich as the N R A …..uuuuuuuu dummmmm assssssssssssss…one day soon there will be a reasonable president, and we all can have reasonable uniting comments ….at least sometimes………….won’t you be , won’t you be please won’t u b my neighbor………….

    • would be ready to read your version of ‘we all can have reasonable uniting comments’. But I would recommend you get some education 1st because until then you are not capable of having a ‘reasonable’ conversation. Just look at the numerous posts you have made and the need to have your mumbling translated by others who it would appear are not all that certain of what you are rambling about!

      Have no idea of what you are trying to say here, do you? “won’t you be , won’t you be please won’t u b my neighbor………….” I have an idea you like to be taken as an idiot and thats why you act as ignorant as you do. So answer a real question that is posed as a real conversation piece. Are you as wacked out as you try to indicate you are?

      • What??? oral diarrhea? This is new to me. However, there is no doubt that YOU are a professional Mr. Big OoooooOralDiarrhea 🤮💩💩💋

      • HANKy….HANKy….HANKy…My special little TURNip man❗️Unfortunately, you have your words distorted ❗️Quit frankly, is YOU and your other elderly gun
        slinging Trump loving Buddy….MR BIG Oooooo that spew Rambling uneducated idiotic nonsense ❗️Just saying 💋

  13. u r right hank…cahos….stupid approach’s, doesn’t make since , everythings nuts , uneducated responce’s,lieing..rediculous responces..bulling..disrespect…ego ranting..dividing type comments. racial spats ,insults everywhere , alot of nonsence ..flinging cahos and crappy lies have saturated in all over this land these day’s……..funny isn’t it? u guy’s love trump ,while his style of doing work for all american’s splits us apart, and sometimes seems shattering… isn’t about” rich bullying tactics or dictator’s cramming there beliefs down your throat . …’s about all americans fighting for one america…..this land belongs to the people of all kinds from all over the world..trump is so brainwashed with the all mighty dallor, seem’s he thinks he owns america now ..he would love to be president for the rest of his life ,breaking traditions ….this is not good folks… u r going to be fighting your fellow americans on this crap.. big time………………..”is the economy stupid”..not this time my freinds…..”its the dividing money saturated dictator “……donald tweety bird trump….

    • well trump has taken his lumps but look at the news it is the left who have all the money leaders like soros, the guy from tesla, the guy from facebook etc. Trump is trying to get folks back to work and off their asses. Black and latino unemployment is at its lowest level in over a decade is that bad to you? People are happy to be getting more in their PAYCHECKS and are making more grateful noise about it, are you against that? bho and company said sit back relax the gov’t will take care of everything and take everything from those that work and give to those that dont, is this your idea of what needs to be done? Look at your queen peelousey, she has influence by position and her husband is about t make millions on some gov’t actions coming down the pike (selling surplus gov’t properties), is this going to benefit her or trump?

      Again the only splitting apart is by those who have FAILED to do anything about thier positions in this country if they are illegals. they whine and cry but what have THEY done to get legal? Not much it seems and now its time to show all the whining and crying on the msm fake news. They could have tried to be legal but sat back and beleived bho and the democraps that they would not have to do anything, well now its too late. The prez is following US LAWs and its about time that someone did. Just think this is a time of potential greatness for these illegals to go home and start organizing their own countries, MAKE THEM GREAT dont tear down this one like is happening in kalif!

  14. i respect your perspective hank…sounds a little dismal regarding low income workers…to weed out the system leeechers isn’t as simple or as fas tas a fix as u imply….this is very tricky bizzzz……………………example :by just threats of a boarder wall existence alone has the dropped traffic flow alot ..trump scared the crap out them…his round up special teams rip apart the wrong family’s at times sending nightmare fear to there children …..fear is part of trumps game of dominance and power… he needs the poor and weak to hang around to insure and feed his powertrip .. we had plenty of fear haunting around before crazy man egomaniac trump came along…..

    • rick if you payed attention over the years even under bho there was always the message of the illegals ‘living in fear’. This has nothing to do with trump per se. These folks have come and sat back and failed to try to become a productive US citizen or at least obtain a green card/permission to be here. Now when someone comes along and says we have all these LAWS that are not being ENFORCED that we either follow the LAWS as ENACTED or else we fail as a NATION. He is right on point. bho and company turned blind eyes on these folks and gave FALSE promises to do something and then sat back and did NOTHING. These dreamers have finally told the democraps/libs to take a hike. They are nothing but NATO (No Action Talk Only) mouth pieces. Say what you want to hear and then do the opposite if anything at all. They are tired of all the PC bs, the mexican/latinos are also fed up with the ‘dreamers’ and the left playing to the ILLEGALS as they are trying to work and make something, but are continually drug down in their efforts by the slackers who only want to suck off the public tit. Just ask some. Many came here from mexico and made the effort to become citizens and are proud of it, they dont want to just give citizenship to anyone who crawled across the border and then sat back doing nothing to improve their situation. My wife is a foreign national, we went thru all the hoops for here eto get her and then she took citizenship classes and became one and again she is proud to be an AMERICAN CITIZEN, but she is also proud of her home NATIONALITY, but the USA comes FIRST! In AZ they passed laws to work requiring proof of citizenship, but they all whined and cried and continue to do so. Supposedly many self deported, many more need to. So dont blame trump for everything, educate yourself, the democrap politicians are long on promises and short on action.

  15. u r a reasonable man hank..your comment’s could be or might not turn out to be correct at times…calm cool collective,patient,and understanding the time it takes to pass almost everything through isn’t a quick fix in the american political world….i consider trump a spoiled inpatient brat…..this type of bizz causes unreasonable or unexpected unfinished results for millions of americans…might not be to good for trumps own imagination of a great america, and election results he expects..

    • Trying to impersonate Michelle isn’t working. You failed at the transgender self-identification cultural appropriation test.

  16. a button was pushed by accident..reentering a beautiful woman’s name instead…hanka ding aliiiiinnnng …..
    ‘”do u like illegal alien’s”?..sir..because a lot of these guy’s think this term u use is idiotic..or….immigration people that run for there lives from there crazy crappy government…wanting to work towards a new and better life is something we all can relate to haaaank….”cheating to america” .. sometimes is there only chance left, not only to save there family’s hides ,but a chance to work towards a better and safer life’…………i would guestimate.. sir hank..that u would do the same if u were able to put yourself in there shoes…in fact sir …YOU and all your loved ones came here to amazing america through an immigration process that goes way back..lucky you…so have a heart for the people who want fight to be just like wonderful you …haaank

    • leys see hanrietta, you think you are so cute, yet the other day you asked for a “reasonable discussion”, yet you cant seem to have one. Illegal aliens are those persons who enter the confines/borders of another country WITHOUT THE PERMISSION of the peoples or government. Immigrants are those people of other nations that follow an ESTABLISHED PROCESS fort LEGAL entry to the country with the possible gaining of CITIZENSHIP! What do you not understand between the 2? The illegals are not attempting to obtain citizenship, yet want all the rights and benefits PAID for by the citizens of the country and the potential citizens that arrive through LEGAL processes.

      They are notbeing honest, they are just wanting to get here sit back relax and live off the land. IF they cared for their own countries as they claim they would start actions to take them back. They would have the support of other countries IF their attempts are legitimate at doing so. Just look at the central american countries, had forces on BOTH SIDES giving aid (like it or not for some). Just reread AMERICAN HISTORY and see how we got to be this once great country, it was not with the people running away, it was each taking a stand for something better. SO if they want to do something positive, go back, use their knowledge that they gained here and start the changes. RUNNING AWAY does little to improve their own plight or improve the conditions they claim are limiting them at home.

      And yes just like your forbears (hopefully) they came thru the system LEGALLY. Ellis Island, ever heard of it and they worked in the mines and were abused just as these illegals claim. but they did not suck at the public tit, they worked and took advantage of a system that let them do so and improved their offspring by making them productive citizens of this country. How did you get here if not thru that process?

  17. what’s the razzle dazzle all about?.haaaaank……..your deep search for answers will come up short every don’t worry ,be happy like trump seems to be….he can fix all these daily problems he sturrrr’s up all on his own……..u seemed to have a lot of answer’s and explanations, u really seem believe would solve some issues..sir…question :how long do u think u would last as an employee of the trump dump administration? u sir would soon be slung over board , piled with the rest of the trump victoms…..u didn’t mention his wonder wall to all answers ,not once…..that’s a big no noooooooo……………….. hank

    • oh well so much abut a reasonable conversation. Try to deflect away and not any answers seems to be your motivation. Tell me how the answers aree short and yours are long and correct if you can. Your have no reasoning it appears so you can only agitate and try to make some think you are a great thinker, but you are not. Long on talk short on anything that makes sense. Trump makes his own decisions on who works for him I have nothing to do with that and neither do you. The man has tried and the only trouble makers are the democraps and libs like you. You give him no credit for what he has accomplished in spit of you and your friends. You seem to follow the old adage of TELL A LIE OFTEN AND LONG ENOUGH and many will then take it as truth. You are like all the rest, unable to come to grips with accomplishments and can only whine and cry that you have the answers but no body is listening, surprise surprise, since your answers have long ago to not be the answer to many questions that have already been answered. You just need to grow up. Your alter ego is finally showing through though, you dont know who or what you are therefore you need to attack folks and raise a ruckus to try and make folks think you are more of a thinking person than you present. So sad.

  18. maybe somewhere, some place, some time ,some how ,in the future ,when the president of the united states is just a regular political bull shitter , instead of THE smelly bull shit itself…we can have a normal debate process ,with regular commentary responses…………… many STORMY’S brooooing for now………..WE’LL TALK LATER HANK

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