Phoenix Attorney’s Suspension Lengthened After Continuing to Practicing Law

Attorney Pam Crowder-Archibald of Phoenix has been suspended for six months and one day after continuing to practice law while serving an earlier 90-day suspension.

The Presiding Disciplinary Judge of the Arizona Supreme Court accepted an agreement for discipline by consent between Crowder-Archibald and the State Bar of Arizona that resulted in a six-month and one day suspension.

Crowder-Archibald’s earlier 90-day suspension took effect on June 23, 2017. She continued to represent clients after the effective date of her 90-day suspension. In one case, she appeared telephonically for a status conference with the court and failed to disclose to the court and opposing counsel that she was suspended. In a second case, and while she was suspended, Crowder-Archibald filed a motion to set for trial with the court. She also identified herself as an attorney after her suspension took effect and continued to negotiate on behalf of her client by contacting opposing counsel attempting to settle the case.

Pam Crowder-Archibald’s six-month and one day suspension was effective Mar. 1, 2018. She was ordered to serve a two-year probation period upon reinstatement. Crowder-Archibald was ordered to pay $1,214.12 for the costs and expenses incurred by the State Bar of Arizona.

Consumers are encouraged to report attorney misconduct by calling the State Bar of Arizona Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program (A/CAP) hotline at 602.340.7280.