Latest Heartbreaking View Of McCain Tweeted By Daughter

The ravages of cancer are evident in the latest photograph of Sen. John McCain. The photo was tweeted out on Sunday by his daughter Meghan.

The senator was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in July. After his diagnosis, he briefly returned to the Capitol. However, since returning to his Cornville, Arizona compound for the Christmas break,  the senator has been unable to return to the Senate.

Last week, Meghan McCain said in a Phoenix radio show interview that she hoped her father might return to the Senate by the summer. “I wish I had an exact date,” said McCain, who described herself as  “very cautiously optimistic.”

The senator’s office continues to send out statements on his behalf, but other than tweets from his account, press releases, and his daughter’s tweets, the public has not seen or heard from him directly since December 2017.

The senator’s wife Cindy, in February, accepted the Munich Security Conference’s Ewald von Kleist Award on behalf of her husband. Former Vice President Joe Biden presented Cindy McCain with the award. In December Biden appeared on The View television show and consoled a distraught Meghan, who serves as a co-host on the show. His son died from the same form of cancer in 2015.


  1. Please retire John and retain some dignity. You are dying right before our eyes and take a break from life and don’t worry about anything else. Please. But then power corrupts absolutely doesn’t it Johnnie. Even to the end.

    • I absolutely agree, jd. McCain should resign tonight. He’s been part of the swamp for years! He doesn’t care about Arizona and never has. It’s all about me and any person who calls Hillary a “friend” should never represent us.

  2. If the McCain family wants to keep pretending that Senator McCain is going to be back in the senate soon they should stop the periodic picture tweets.

  3. Senator McCain, you have given us Years of Public Service (even when we didn’t want you there) and for that we thank you. Please retire and let someone finish out your term for you and help the people you have represented for so long.

    • Public service? The carpetbagger and gold digger has been a big government elitist his entire Senatorial career.

      • I never said it was GOOD Public Service Just that he had spent years in that public service and thanked him for that. I don’t know about you but unfortunately he was the best of bad choices even when he ran for President.

        Oh and Dwayne? Either way if he retires or dies in office we’re going to get Dufus as our next senator. That doesn’t scare me half as much as Michelle Rreagan becoming Governor

    • Be careful what you wish for, remember Crony Capitalist Governor Doozy will be appointing an un-elected replacement. He could even appoint himself.

  4. All of you are SOB’s❗️❗️Thank you John for years of service. I pray for you and your family at this very difficult time in your lives💐

    • And so wrote another progressive socialist out of towner who’s clueless of our local issues.

      The Oracle

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      • You continue to be a progressive BOOZO🤡….Remember him BIG Oooooo??? Only difference is he was smart & Jolly 😜💋

        • Your emotionally ill Michelle, this is constantly displayed by your cyber trolling and the delusions that anyone really cares what you think.
          In the event you haven’t noticed, you only get attacked in return for your caustically bombastic tirades.
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          The Oracle

  5. A constant theme of personal attacks, and who’s the common denominator???

    The Oracle

  6. Sen MeCain has been a fantastic Republican and wonderful father and husband. Thank him for all he gave to his country and the time he spent as a POW no one can ever know what this was like for so many of our wonderful soldiers. Now I pray for his peace and that he is comfortable for whatever time he has with us here on earth. God Bless.

      • he still needs to step down no matter how you try to paint his lips. Done little to nothing for the state and not much more for the nation. A true hero would know how to call it to the end.

        • hank – you are absolutely right. McCain MUST STEP DOWN & NOW is the time to do it. We don’t have to be nasty or ignorant to state this obvious truth. I sincerely thank McCain and give mega him mega kudos for his honorable time in Vietnam and in the POW camp. Not so much for the Wa., D.C time. Think about ALL THOSE MANY DECADES where McCain did NOTHING about the illegal alien problem. My family business in construction was literally devastated by the influx of unskilled (but CHEAP!) labor flooding in from below the border. My long-time senator in The Swamp did Zero to help this 100% American citizen.

  7. McCain and Flake should immediate resign. They both do not represent the Citizens of Arizona any longer! We deserve better and should not have to wait any longer than right NOW for change!

  8. We all thank McCain for his military
    service, and pray for him in dealing with
    this tragic medical issue.

    However, Michelle and company who are denigrating
    those who mention McCain’s self-serving actions;
    apparently have forgotten or are unaware of the
    Keating 5 scandal of which McCain was a central figure.

    • She’s unaware because she’s a out of town progressive socialist agitating troll who’s leached over to this page from the Lasley page, sadly she has no bearing or vested interest on local events which is demonstrated by her sheer limitless ignorence of the real McCain.
      As clearly demonstrated above she’s only here to hurl insults and berate anyone who doesn’t see the world as she alone thinks they should.

      The Oracle

      Lol. Your a vile hate filled, out of town cyber troll agitator, PERIOD!
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    • LOL…
      Thanks for once again PROVING my observations….
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      The Oracle

  10. It’s very likely that John McCain is a traitor.

    UK court documents reveal details about Christopher Steele’s dossier deposition

    As extensively reported by Fox News, increased scrutiny has surrounded the role of David J. Kramer, a close associate of McCain who pleaded the Fifth to the House Intelligence Committee, but did give a videotaped deposition in the Buzzfeed litigation filed in Florida. Kramer was tasked by McCain in December 2016 to obtain a debriefing from Steele in Britain and receive a copy of the dossier from Fusion GPS.

    On the same page, Gubarev’s attorneys raised questions about “whether Senator McCain or his representative, David Kramer, was responsible for the dissemination of the December 2016 memorandum to the media …”

  11. FOX 🦊 has RABIES ❗️ORACLE…YOU surround yourself with negative hateful BS
    ENERGY ❗️….Anyone who says the horrid
    Remarks about a man who is suffering as Mc Cain & his family are …..are sub-human❗️Certainly not following love from their GOD or their bible❗️….YOU Mr. BIG O of all people should be thinking a little deeper after what you endured with your loving wife❗️….And I say loving because she put up with YOU❗️…

    • if you can read there are more tha oracle who have little good to say about mclame. The only reason he was ever elected was that he was the lesser of 2 evils. the democraps have continuously run hitlery types as candidates and they still cant understand why they lost. They still are lost as to how they can run such crap and lose. mclame as I said was the lesser of the 2 evils, even when running for the prez. Best thing he did was select the lady from alaska as a running mate and you see how he sacrificed her for his own gain instead of the good of party/country. No you need to just go and clean up your own house wherever that maybe up in lib land. better yet move the kalif and help moonbeam rule with the rest of the idiots. BTW were you one of those who left kalif before they had the ban on people from there moving into the nwest? Ruined kalif, then tried the same thing (apparently partially worked) to the northwest states before they got some sense.

      Since you are a nurse ratchet by your postings, he would be better off being with his family in final days vs stuck in an illusionary world that he will return. He is no McArthur except in whats left of his family’s minds.

      • GAWD….YOU are sooooo scrambled up with total hard core BS❗️You Mr. HANKy need to join your OrRatcle buddy for those Nurse Ratchet MEDs, after that maybe you two can drift off

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