CBP Agents Rescue Dehydrated Honduran Man North of Growler Mountains

Agents rescued illegal aliens in distress after they activated a rescue beacon in the desert .

Border Patrol agents from Tucson Sector’s Mobile Response Team responded to a 9-1-1 call originating from a remote area northwest of Ajo on Sunday afternoon and found three undocumented aliens; one severely dehydrated.

MRT agents certified as emergency medical technicians located two men from Mexico and one from Honduras north of the Growler Mountains. After evaluating all three subjects, agents determined a 29-year-old man needed fluids introduced intravenously.

After treatment, agents transported the men to the Ajo Station to be processed for immigration violations.

In the Tucson Sector’s harsh desert environment, Border Patrol security missions can quickly turn into humanitarian rescue operations. Border Patrol officials encourage anyone in distress, or witnessing others in distress, to call 9-1-1 or activate a rescue beacon.

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  1. Read an article today that about 1000 people from South America are marching as a group to force entry into the US. They believe because it is Easter they might get in.
    I sympathize with border patrol if this is indeed true. They even have a plan to form as an arrow head, women and children in the middle and men around the outside to protect. At the border stations in Mexico agents abandoned their posts, and Mexico is doing nothing to stop them.
    I do sympathize with these people as conditions in s America are bad. In Venezuela alone 22000 doctors have left!
    But as an American I fiercely disapprove of people just charging in. It’s like people forcing their way into my home.
    It’s a very dad situation in this world and in our time.
    I am sure dems will be clamoring to let them in to increase their voting rolls.

  2. Our Agents–doing their high risk jobs. I’ve an idea—howzabout stopping these criminal entrants AT THE FREAKING BORDER. Just a thought.

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