Democrats Get Tips On Selling Progressive Points In Conservative Areas

By Philip Athey

WASHINGTON – Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, has never won less than 66 percent of the vote in Arizona’s 4th District, but that doesn’t mean potential challenger David Brill plans to back down from his Democratic principles.

“We all want to see backbone,” said Brill, who is running in the Democratic primary in the 4th District. “Whether you agree on every value or every issue, of course not … but, yes, you want to see backbone.”

Brill was one of more than 400 candidates in Washington for Progressive Change Campaign Committee training on how to sell a progressive message to the voters in conservative districts.

The mantra of the day was “any blue just won’t do” and the event – which boasted speakers like Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, and Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts – said the path for Democratic victory in conservative districts is to embrace progressive values and positions, not hide from them.

The handful of Arizona Democrats in attendance said they intended to embrace the message, even though for some of them it may not be the Sanders-Warren brand of progressivism.

“I’m not entirely on board with all of the message which is presented by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, by any means,” Brill said.

Brianna Westbrook, a Democratic state Senate hopeful in Arizona, makes her position on progressive politics known with a Bernie Sanders button on her purse. (Photo by Philip Athey/Cronkite News)

But Brianna Westbrook, a candidate for state Senate District 22, said she “definitely agreed” with the morning’s mantra.

“We need blue candidates that are standing by their values, standing up for people-issues like Medicare for all, $15 minimum wage, protecting our nation’s immigrants,” she said. “These are things that any blue should do, but any blue doesn’t do.”

The Arizona candidates did agree that Democrats have a good chance of winning back some control in the state, where both chambers of the legislature and every statewide elected office is held by a Republican.

Mike Noble, chief pollster with OH Predictive Insights, said “currently it’s a great election cycle for the Democrats,” but warned that “the pendulum swings both ways.”

Noble added that while Democrats may make gains in swing seats, “districts that are traditionally Republican are safe.”

But Joe Bisaccia, a Democrat running for the Arizona House of Representatives 12th District seat, said Republicans are angry, too.

“I’ve talked to lots and lots of … traditionally Republican voters that are fed up with the lip service from the governor and from the legislature, year in and year out of them saying, ‘Trust us, we’re going to fix the problem,’” said Bisaccia, who is also a teacher at Cooley Middle School.

“And every year it’s the same song and dance, and they’re ready to try something different,” he said.

Westbrook believes the Democratic Party’s energy is at the highest level it’s ever been in the state, and she thinks that energy will carry Democrats to victory.

“I absolutely believe that Arizona is on the verge of turning blue,” she said. “We have candidates in every single race, the most that Arizona has ever seen.”

While Brill acknowledged he faces an uphill battle trying to unseat Gosar, he said he has talked to Arizona voters and they are looking for change.

“Gosar is so far to the radical side that he has caused a lot of people here in Arizona … to be pretty upset with him,” Brill said. “We’re talking Republicans, especially Republicans with families who care about the education of their kids, the debt their kids are taking on and working two jobs and not advancing a career.”

But Noble does not think Gosar has any reason to worry about losing his seat in a district where Republicans account for almost 45 percent of registered voters and Democrats just over 19 percent.

“He’s a hard-right guy but in that district, it’s what you need,” Noble said of Gosar.

Bisaccia understands that Arizona will not turn blue overnight but thinks Arizona voters are ready for a change.

“I’m not sitting here saying Democrats are going to clean the board, take both chambers of the Legislature, beat (Gov. Doug) Ducey, win four or five state offices,” Bisaccia said. “A very, very good year in Arizona for Democrats would be to flip one of the chambers in the Legislature and win one or two statewide offices.

“Is that going to turn Arizona into a blue state?” he asked. “No. But I think it’s going to solidify Arizona as one of those future battleground states for the next 10 to 15 years.”


  1. Communists and other America haters (liberals), UNITE! Tear down this country! Be the Venezuela you know you can be. There’s plenty of money to give away. All you have to do is take it!

  2. IMHO:
    Any event featuring Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, and Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts as keynote speakers is an automatic turn off in my book.
    More likely to be perceived as group therapy for 2nd hand washed up losers then a march to progressive political victory. I’m hoping the DNC at least provided free tissues, “HOPE” pillows and participation medals to all attendees to buy a sense of unity.
    I hoping Bernie spoke about personal integrity and ethics in politics, while Elizabeth put on her face paint and put an eagle feather in her hair when she spoke about falsifying genealogy for personal gain. Messages publicly dear to both of these two morally bankrupt spineless fickle clowns.
    Bought and paid for Sen. Bernie Sanders slithering out into the light of day on the national political stage is literally paramount to promoting prostitution after his que$tionable beach hou$e exit from the last Democratic debacle. And with Warren running her face the truth meter assuredly never catapulted past ZERO as she spoke.
    It’s truly beyond sad when the endless hero’s of the left are all little more then full-time liars and cheats proclaiming a dedication to public service, while both hands are firmly in the public cookie jar.
    While the coastal states and the big cities might find the progressive message favorable to self responsibility, self control and self determination, the rest of the country including the all to often ignored flyover states aren’t buying the endless lies of the left.
    Arizona’s conservative ways might one day close, but it’ll be conservative failures like McCain, Flake and Douchey, as well as from the criminal invasion from the south and the liberal migration from the West that finally tips the Apple cart to the left.
    I was born here, so I’ve always found it kinda funny when people arrive here after fleeing the problems of “home”, the first thing they do is try to make it into the toilet they just left.

    The Oracle

  3. Your first line is currently: “WASHINGTON – Rep. Paul Gosar, D-Prescott, has never won less than 66 percent of the vote in Arizona’s 4th District…”

    Gosar plays for Team R, not Team D. You might want to fix that, as otherwise it implies Brill is primarying Gosar.

    Also there is at least one other D primary candidate than Brill, Ana Maria Perez, who probably wasn’t in Washington but also has at least some progressive positions.

  4. Democrats are a JOKE! I worked in a Democratic environment for twenty years and Thank God I never subscribed to their non-sense. Strong minds preserve a strong Country.
    Eight years of Democratic Communist Obama ought to teach the best reason against Progressive positons.

  5. Lie, promise the world, get elected and then ignore your constituents, in other words do what McCain and Flake do.

  6. We have a Soros paid for Democrat in charge of counting the votes here in Maricopa County now.

    He’s already changed the elections to mail in ballots, setting us up for massive election fraud.

    So it won’t surprise me at all if this state turns “blue”.

    It’s the ONLY way regressives win AZ. By cheating.

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