A Fantasy

News-breaking documentary shows Special Counsel for the Russia investigation, Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein in a courtroom sitting at a table before a judge. They are dressed in orange prison jumpsuits with a bold stencil on the front and back with the word CRIMINAL! The judge cited that both prisoners would be imprisoned without bail and held for immediate trial on a citizens’ arrest for engaging in false and groundless allegations that President Trump’s campaign engaged in collusion with the Russians. How did this happen? For unknown reasons, Mueller and Rosenstein had driven outside the safety of the Washington, D.C. swamp, and were arrested while driving through the way-out-west town of WHY?

In the courtroom, the local TV station, About Time was reporting that the story was not fake news, but a truthful account about the fraud perpetrated by Mueller’s special investigation under the direction of Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein. The prosecuting attorney, Guy Good told the judge that the public was disgusted with Mueller’s special investigation and he had convened this unlawful action, which was a myth perpetrated by anti-Trump liberals. He concluded that both Mueller and Rosenstein will be convicted based on evidence presented. The defense attorney who previously advised Crooked Hillary proclaimed that Mueller and Rosenstein would be found guiltless, as a double standard of liberal justice would apply.

When the trial began, the courtroom was crowded with conservative citizens including a huge standing crowd outside the courtroom, who could view the proceedings on large TV monitors. At the beginning of the trial, the presiding judge gave instructions that the trial would only address how Muellers’ special investigation could not find any factual evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians and would not explore other non relevant issues. He stated the raiding of President Trump’s personal lawyer’s office, hotel room and home crossed the line, and would also not be discussed. The judge elaborated that the alleged occurrence of past consensual affairs of President Trump was something that is nobody’s business and would also not be raised. He concluded that things were better when the media was silent on President Kennedy’s indiscretions and when President Clinton avoided congressional censure putting his personal relationships outside public inquiry.

For five days, Guy Good brought a series of witnesses to the courtroom who testified the good things that President Trump had done and how Robert Mueller and Rob Rosenstein’s sole objective was to undermine the Trump administration. The jury and public appeared to be recognizing the skullduggery that was being used to create allegations to impeach President Trump. The media was quick to report fake interpretations of the trial that was resulting in building a strong public anti-Trump mindset. The defense’s presentation lasted two days, and reflected a strong public conservative outlook that condemned Mueller’s anti-Trump special investigation and active involvement of the FBI by Rosenstein. The court, upon conclusion of the trial, handed down a strong verdict that confirmed the guilt of both Mueller and Rosenstein and sentenced them to ten years in prison. Also, both were directed to summarize the findings on the special investigation of the Russian collusion that there was no trace of involvement by the Trump campaign. The verdict included a summary on the gross unconstitutional overreach of the special investigation including the outrageous wrongful costs to the government of a biased clique to impeach the Trump Presidency and such costs be repaid.

  David V. MacCollum

The five night television documentary that resulted from the trial had twice the number of viewers that Roseanne Barr’s recent TV comedy obtained. The liberal media lashed out that the fictional documentary was a fantasy. It appeared that the more the liberal elites made public statements against the fantasy, the greater the demand occurred for purchasing DVDs of the documentary program.

There are a lot of people who would like to see Mueller and Rosenstein in jail and make this fantasy a reality.

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  2. I like this fantasy. I would just add Hillary to it and maybe even BIll and it would be complete

    • Yes, add Hillary and Bill, and how about George W. Bush for all the deaths he caused with the bogus invasion of Iraq? Maybe Obama for not following up that great rhetoric with concrete actions. Even go back to Saint Ronald Reagan for reviving union-busting and destroying the American middle class. Nixon and LBJ too, Plenty of blame to go around.

  3. If there’s nothing there it will go away…but if there is, we have a right to know and hold accountable. No matter the person, no matter the party — no one should be above the law.

  4. It’s only taxpayer money, something our unelected beaurocrat’s have very little care about how wasteful they are.

  5. One can only wish it so. Wonder how many millions Mueller has cost the taxpayers and for what? NOTHING……Good gig if you can get it.

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