Illegal Border Crossing Needs To Be Prosecuted As A Felony!

Border Patrol agents with one of four illegal immigrants arrested at a medical aid camp in the desert near Arivaca. (Photo courtesy Customs and Border Protection)

Our current process of catch and release as a misdemeanor offense and future court hearing for illegals entering the U.S. is a joke and is not working. The concept that most illegal border crossers present no threat to our citizens is completely erroneous as it provides a cover for criminals to enter our communities. Moreover, the entry of illegals creates an erosion of citizens’ rights, while unfairly burdening tax supported services for non-citizens who should be denied access into our sovereign nation.

The first step in preventing illegal entry is to establish an irrevocable identity that a felony charge will be imposed to those who illegally cross our borders. The second step is to provide a wall that provides a physical barrier and a monitoring system that makes it nearly impossible to illegally enter the United States.  The third step is to provide limited entry work permits for farm and unskilled services that allows for supervised entry, which ensures the perimeter with fair labor practices. The fourth step is to develop a process whereby the existing millions of illegal border crossers who already found shelter in the U.S. can qualify for a pardon of these charges and earn the right to become citizens by engaging in  work service provided they do not possess a criminal record.  These four steps on immigration control is a humanitarian approach to overcome a problem that has existed for decades caused by our inept, weak or corrupt politicians who have ignored the issue.

I, and a lot of others are tired of being relegated to a status of second class citizens when there is a priority to protect the rights of illegal border crossers who should be identified as felons. The constant barrage of propaganda by vocal liberals for open borders is an unforgivable crime against out sovereign nation. These comments should not be held out by the media as a standard of care. Our news reporters, commentators and administration should not be supporting fake news that portrays those who violate our border as model citizens. The proponents of sanctuary cities are both stupid and ignorant advocates who mindlessly provide shelter to criminals who find cover from their violent acts of drug running, thievery, rape and human trafficking in addition to being felons for crossing the U.S. border illegally.

   David V. MacCollum

President Trump is an effective leader by calling in the National Guard to secure the border and make it impenetrable until the wall is built. Stopping the flow of criminals is necessary and a clear priority is needed to put teeth in our prevention of these illegal border crossers.  Understandably, we should allow entry to those who seek safety from persecution in their own countries for religious or other reasons.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has initiated a policy of zero tolerance for border crossers and has defined them as felons.  Border patrol experience shows that border crossings decrease when facing criminal charges. This should be our National Goal and these felons would be deported. With the assistance of the U.S. National Guard, entry of felons can be stopped and ICE should continue to locate, capture, record and deport those who have already entered into the U.S. illegally and have committed crimes. Our national ethic should have no tolerance or public acceptance of illegal border crossers who in all aspects are felons.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | April 17, 2018 at 6:23 am | Reply

    First and foremost we need to come to grips with the leftist’s miscarriage of the English language. With the leftest leaning media locked in goose step with the looney left, calling a criminal alien a “undocumented migrant” is on par with calling a drug dealer a “unlicensed pharmacist”. Claiming a dog with rabies has a “unpredictable temperament” is equally irresponsible but exemplifies the reckless abandonment of anagenda driven alternate reality.
    Hasn’t the time come to stop sugar coating the truth behind alternate words? Words that do little but round the rough corners of reality? Words that diminish the truth. Words that are little more then politically driven and ideological LIES.
    We simply need to start enforcing our existing laws.
    In addition, a conviction for Illegal entry should automatically bar someone from legally applying for future entry and citizenship. This penalty alone would discourage any future illegal entry.

    The Oracle

  2. Richard Hernandez | April 17, 2018 at 11:49 am | Reply

    No it will not discourage entry show how you fail to understand your fellow human beings.

    If you are in fear of your life, hungry, homeless, can’t finding housing, lack of educational opportunities what will you do when confronted with life or death situations? You go to where there maybe opportunity.

    Don’t be ignoramus and sent that you would do exact same thing if you were born on the wrong side of human made fencing.

    In 1912 my great uncle was in Moreno, Arizona employed at the mine. When Arizona became a State all you had to do is go to post office, get sworn in and you were a US Citizen.

    How quickly those of you who think you speak truth forget that how it was in this territory. Btw Phoenix was non existent for all you Republicans.

    When you pass on The Oracle our God will not judge you by bank account, color skin, party affiliation, gender, beauty, education or what side of the fence ( wall ) you lived on.

    Really so much for Christian values.

    Richard Hernandez

    • The problem is not with people seeking a better life, it is with people breaking our laws and then demanding we turn this country into the shit-hole they left.

    • Oh, and Richard, the definition of “shit-hole” might well be when millions of your citizens , “… are in fear of your life, hungry, homeless, can’t finding housing, lack of educational opportunities what will you do when confronted with life or death situations? You go to where there maybe opportunity.”

    • If you are in fear of your life, hungry, homeless, can’t finding housing, lack of educational opportunities what will you do when confronted with life or death situations? You go to where there maybe opportunity.
      Yep. Do it LEGALLY. Otherwise it far better to die on your feet rather than your knees. Mexicans need to clean up their own SH of a country instead of polluting ours with more cowardness….

  3. …and now the USC rules that even though an illegal is convicted of a crime, does his jail time,…they can not automatically deport him. Looks like we will let non citizens sneak in, break our laws and then get rewarded by staying. If a former felon can not find work …crime starts up again.

    We all pay this price…every day. We have become the dumping grounds for all third world countries that will not clean up corruption or provide opportunities for their citizens.

  4. Illegal entry should be a felony
    Here is my 5 year amnesty plan
    Register with Law Enforcement and be convicted of a felony (Felon’s can’t vote)
    Pay a fine large enough to cover the cost of your probation officer (5 yrs probation, the fine can be paid on a monthly basis)), During that 5 years you will not be allowed to collect any Government assistance (Food stamps, etc) You will learn English and all Official Government communication will be in English only, After probation is completed (with no crimes charged against you) than you can take the Citizen Test (in English) and be welcomed as a US Citizen

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