Open letter to Arizona Legislators Regarding SB 1519

Legislators, my Opinion:

Re: Senate Bill 1519

I have had the opportunity today to read and consider this proposed legislation. I am surprised that in its current form that it would ever be presented for consideration. It is vague, ambiguous, unclear and uncertain. Further it violates several provisions of the U.S Constitution.

This proposed Bill is 52 pages long which creates many of its problems. I would suggest that it be broken down into perhaps 10 bills with specific subject matters that are clearly thought out and drafted in such way as to lessen the probability of court attacks.

To give you an illustration, anyone of you could file a petition against anyone of the rest of you under this law and could have an Ex Parte  order issued against that member. That member could then be arrested, have their home searched and property (guns and other items) confiscated, detained in a mental institution with out benefit of notice or legal counsel.

They would have their names listed on the national criminals registry (for the rest of their lives). they would have their guns and other property registered and possibly with held from them for life. If the member requested a hearing it could take up to 5 days not including weekends for the court to schedule such hearing.

Think of the time and money involved. If you should lose at that hearing you could appeal possibly all the way to the U.S Supreme Court because the Bill as it now stands violates constitutional guarantees.


Archie Dicksion

Read the full Senate Bill 1519 click Here 


  1. The expansive coverage in this bill reminds me of The Enabling Act of 1933. I’m in agreement with Archie Dicksion, in that the bill needs to be broken down into 10 or more other bills. If passed, this bill will not pass the “smell test” in the appeals process and will be declared unconstitutional. In the meantime, the “accused” may unjustly suffer.

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