Border Patrol Agents Challenge Coverage Of Swartz Trial

Members of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 are challenging press coverage of the trial of Agent Lonnie Swartz. Swartz is on trial for the death of 16-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez.

Swartz shot Elena Rodriguez, who was on the Mexico side of the border. Swartz claims that he was justified to use lethal force and fired in self-defense at the teen, who was throwing rocks at agents on the U.S. side of the border.

On Friday, after three days of deliberation, the jury notified Judge Collins that they were deadlocked. The judge sent them back into deliberations. Deliberations begin again Monday.

According to Swartz’s testimony, he was protecting himself and other agents from Elena Rodriguez and others, who were throwing rocks, in an attempt to thwart agents from arresting drug smugglers, who were trying to climb over the fence and escape into Mexico. Prosecutors have conceded the fact that Elena Rodriguez was aiding the criminals.

An administrator of the NBPC Local 2544 posted on Friday:


I’m certain that many of you have heard about Lonnie Swartz, the Border Patrol agent being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office for murder. And I’m sure you’ve heard accounts from the U.S. Attorney’s office, from Jose Elena Rodriguez’s family and from some in the liberal media that paint Rodriguez as the innocent victim of an overly aggressive and abusive Border Patrol agent who was shot for no good reason.

I’m going to show you some photos posted by Rodriguez’s brother, Roman. Roman is a citizen of Mexico but he has been PAROLED into the United States for the Swartz trial. Who knows if he will ever leave after the trial has ended. The media have made him and his entire family “victims” of the Border Patrol. And as usual, they have it dead wrong. Take a look at what Border Patrol agents have to deal with every day. Does either Roman or Jose look like a Boy Scout? Why is Roman handling firearms while he is in the United States that are illegal for him to own or possess? Why does he have such an interest in tactical gear and bulletproof vests?

What I’m showing you here is something the mainstream media will NEVER show you. They don’t want you to see any of this. After all, Tim Stellar from the Arizona Daily Star is practically cheering for a conviction in the Swartz case. He could care less if a Border Patrol agent spends years or the rest of his life in prison.

This is reality folks. Tim Stellar has never had to deal with reality on the border. Many of the people we deal with are not Eagle Scouts and have zero respect for you, for us and for our country. Rodriguez isn’t wearing a shirt with a picture of an American flag with marijuana leaves instead of stars on it because he loves and respects America and is just trying to make a better life for himself. If you don’t want to know the complete truth then stop reading this and pick up the latest copy of the Arizona Daily Star or some other mainstream “news” source.


  1. No matter which side of the border you are on, throwing rocks at people packing heat is stupid.

  2. The ‘rocks’ had to fly over the wall, so the angle from the top of the wall to the fence, what 45 degree’s – flight of the rock to position of the BP shooting at the rock thrower.. and I would assume the ‘shooting officer’ had the barrel of the weapon through the fence, or you are going to tell me he shot between the holes in the fence? I do remember when this happen. So my question would be – who made the BP agent the judge, jury and executioner. Sure I agree with self defense, and some rounds around the throwing person may well have stopped the action.. warning shots – and even if the rocks were accurate at some ‘other officers’ far over the fence and into the field of fire – thinking about that accuracy – lethal ? I’ve thrown a lot of rocks in my day, quite well, with a good arm… thinking about over the border fence from a distance – couldn’t be to effective. I can also see where perhaps the person throwing the rocks had been in the USA and ‘jumped the fence back into Mexico’ which is what I think happen. Then the officer wanted to get even for some rocks thrown from this side of the fence at BP officers by that person… then the officer fired through the fence and killed that man. That I can see and understand happening. To which I would say.. officer is still in the wrong. Murder – no – but a wrongful killing – even if that person was in fact the criminal as the photos’ show, I’d say unless he was ‘shooting at them’ should not have been shot, what 7 times in the back?

  3. I’m sure he was just turning his life around. Looks like a wholesome young man. Too bad he was killed, I wanted to introduce him to my daughter.

    On second thought, no. Too bad he’s dead. But don’t throw stuff at cops and cops won’t shoot you. The rest of this is pure theater.

  4. Agent Lonnie Swartz was protecting himself from what any military or paramilitary personnel would deem to be “in-coming,” whether it be rocks, RPG’s, bullets, grenades, etc. Rocks can kill which is why the Israeli soldiers in the IDF respond with deadly force when being pelted by them from Palestinian terrorists. National and International law recognizes borders and the need to protect them from “incoming” as well as from invaders. Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was attempting to harm/kill a US Border Patrol Agent who defended himself legally. If Rodriguez had been at home attending to school work or his parents’ directions instead of throwing rocks at US Border Patrol Agent Swartz, he would still be alive. Bad actions have consequences.

  5. Stones have been a lethal weapon since recorded time. From a higher elevation and acceleration of gravity. At 20 feet distance it would be traveling at 20 miles and hour and 2 seconds to strike. Throw 3 at once dont need to be large one is going to hit keep it up and the fate of St Stephen.

    • The border fence is on the edge of a ravine/cliff. Jose was 20 feet lower elevation than Swartz. I have visited the precise site. I recommend it.

  6. I was there he is guilty! Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time.

    If a Mexican Official shoots from across the border and kills a teen on US rock throwing or not, what would all of you do? Don’t forget had many many bullets in the back.

    Prison!! Remind all officials you can not kill with out cause in this Country even if you want a uniform.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Well Richard I’m glad that the jury didn’t listen to your so-called thoughts on this. They found the guy Not Guilty and justifiably so

      • Only liberals have the rocks for brains. The rest of us can reason and make our own decisions without resorting to party line supporting a criminal over law enforcement

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