Lesko Defeats Tipirneni In CD8 Special Election

Debbie Lesko is in a narrow lead over Hiral Tipirneni in the CD8 Special Election early results.

U.S. Representative in Congress – District No. 8 

Lesko, Debbie (REP)87,580 Votes52.6%
Tipirneni, Hiral (DEM)78,841 Votes47.4%

Precincts Reporting / Voter Turnout
CountyPrecincts ReportedTotal PrecinctsPrecincts PercentBallots CastRegistered VotersVoter TurnoutLast Reported
Maricopa143143100.00%167,215455,66036.70%04/24/2018 9:59 PM


  1. We really dodged a bullet!, Hiral Tipirneni supports not only abortion but partial birth abortion. This is not a woman/ candidate that I want in our govt. In November we need to make sure she and others of her ilk ( democrats) do not make our Red state Blue. Arizona has been on the losing end of things with John McCain and Flake, lets not let Arizona sink into a hellish future. We deserve a chance to be on the winning side for a change.

  2. Now, if only the Democrats had an actual program. “No” is not a program. “Impeach” is not a program. “Trump sucks” is not a program. With a program to meet the real needs of real people, the Dimocrats could take Arizona away from the Republikooks. Without that program, I’m voting Green.

    • Damn, Albert, I agree with you!!! However I won’t vote Green basically because I don’t want to throw away my vote. Sorry but good post.

    • I think “No,’ “impeach” and “Trump sucks” wins the governorship in AZ this year. No conservative can vote to re-elect Ducey. Ducey is a Democrat in Republican clothing and as big a spendthrift as any Democrat. What Ducey has not figured out (or maybe he has) is that every dollar he forces the cowards in the GOP legislature to spend on Democrat wishes lkike his ill considered promise to raise teacher pay (even though it is the school districts and not the State Government that has the responsibility for determining teacher pay,) robs taxpayers and only strengthens the Democrat base of public employee unions. Each new public employee job also insures that 4 or 5 of their relatives will be voting Democrat too. Why does the AZ GOP not understand that every government job comes with a life long loyalty to the Democrat Party which spend a huge amount of time advocating for sweetheart deals in favor of public employees and the heck with the taxpayers?

  3. She’s getting there in time for summer break. How much will she accomplish? Will she be on the ballot again in Nov?

  4. Only 5% separated the Democratic in a deep red congressional district.

    Powerful more and more Arizona voter, indeed US voters are speaking ” loudly and clearly “.

    We need elected folks who represents everyone. As noted by me often and regularly ” we the people ” not the party.

    It going to be alright my fellow Americans. If we get folks in public office who’s only focus of governance is how you improve the quality of life for ALL!!!

    Richard Hernandez

    • As compared to Venezuela? How about North Korea? Or being a Christian in a Muslim Country. Quality of life in this country is the best there is, and that is for everyone. Unemployment numbers are the lowest they have been in years for anyone who wants to work. You know those people, they pay for all the free stuff that idealistic Socialists run on.

    • richard if its “” we the people ” why are you a party line advocate? You only espouse party lines and politics yet you cannot understand why you were rejected as a candidate when you ran for dog catcher.

  5. Anyone that features herself as an ER doctor when she hasn’t been one for 7 years or so is lying to the voters. Gee, do you suppose she would do that if she was elected? I do. Just one more idiot trying to lie to the people and get elected. Don’t care who her opponent was, I would have voted for them.

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