Chandler Substitute Teacher Relieved Of Duty For Her “Own Protection”

Listen to Jennifer Hill on KFYI’s James T. Harris show

Jennifer Hill has been a certified substitute teacher for the Chandler Unified School District since 2012, and on Friday she was notified that she had been fired. On Monday, after word of her firing made the news, Hill was told that she was relieved of duty for her “own protection.”

Hill required “protection” due to her objections to the tactics used by members of the #redfored “movement.” Hill has been particularly skeptical about the teachers’ strike this month.

“I have been posting my opposition in a respectful manner, and have been on the radio speaking about the facts on the budgeting process. In the week before the teacher walk-out/strike, the District began canceling substitute positions I had accepted and planned to work. I had substitute jobs scheduled for the day teachers were due to return to class and the next week, but without warning, the District cancelled all of them,” said Hill. “On Friday morning, I began to get harassing private messages from teachers and others in the District saying they ‘got me fired,’ and ‘hoped I would never sub anywhere else ever again.’ These bullies stated that they were in concert with the District’s administrators.’”

According to Hill, “At approximately 3:30 p.m., on Friday, I called the District’s substitute coordinator and explained who I was and what was happening with the threats and harassment. I asked her, “Are these people correct, have I been fired?” She confirmed I have been fired and transferred me to the director of human resources.”

In an interview on KFYI’s James T. Harris show, Hill said that the secretary told her “’we’ve have been waiting for your call. We figured you would call eventually.’”

“I asked why I have been fired and they said, ‘We heard about Facebook posts and we heard there was an incident at the junior high.’ I asked for more detail, as I have not been at the junior high in months and had been scheduled to sub there today. The secretary immediately ended the conversation by saying that the director will call later today to schedule a meeting,” reported Hill.

On Monday, May 7, 2018 at 7:48 a.m., Hill received a phone call from the administrative assistant for Director of Human Resources, Dr. Jeff Filloon, stating that he wanted to meet with her later in the day. Hill agreed to meet at 11:00 a.m.

“Upon arriving to the Chandler Unified School District offices, we were ushered in to Dr. Filloon’s office at which time he sat my husband and I down for a talk,” explained Hill. “He explained how part of his job is to oversee the substitute teachers and they have about 750 teachers, so it is a lot of subs. He says once in a while he gets complaints about a substitute and always likes to meet personally with them, when this happens. He went on to explain how he has gotten quite a few individuals, who remarked about a Facebook post I had put on my AZ Substitute Teachers Facebook page. I wrote: “I am subbing for a teacher tomorrow who has been out protesting and this is her first day back. She and I had it planned for a few weeks now and she texted me to make sure I would be there. I will be there but I will be speaking to the kids (8th gr) and picking their brains. Will be interesting…” He had a copy of the post, as did I, so we agreed it existed. He said he likes to let people come in when these complaints were made and members of the Andersen Junior High parent and teacher community were complaining about me. Dr. Meyer, the Andersen principal contacted him so he “stopped the job.” He said he didn’t want me to go into the classroom and ‘have more complaints, for my protection.’ When I asked what he was protecting me from, he would not specify. To me it was a vague implication that I may be in harm’s way.”

According to Hill, Filloon then advised her that he is recommending that she be “blocked” from ever acting as a substitute teacher at Andersen, “but was free to sub at any of the other schools in the District.”

Filloon claimed that while he does not have a Facebook account but deals with these kinds of things all of the time. Hill said Filloon “wanted me to know that his goal today is to let me know about the complaints, and how I am not allowed to sub at Andersen Jr. High, anymore.”

“I allowed him to finish before I spoke. When it was my turn to talk, I asked him why, if I have gotten so many complaints, hadn’t he or anyone at the district, called or contacted to let me know? Why did I have to find out through harassment on private Facebook messaging that I have “been fired and will never sub again? He seemed confused and asked, ‘You mean no one has contacted you?’ I let him know that I had to call Friday afternoon and when I did, his secretary told me not only had I been fired but, ‘we knew you would call eventually.’”

“I then showed him copies of the harassment and posts on the AEU Discussion HUB Facebook page where in a single thread; there were 191 comments about me. Comments like, ‘She needs to be banned from the district sub pool,’ and ‘Teachers United! Do you have an internal way of requesting not to have a particular sub? If so, spread the word! The Sea of Red will step in!’ or ‘Yay! Glad she (the teacher) didn’t have to have that awful sub. Now, she (the sub) is probably whining on her page…about how we have deprived her of her pay today. Boo-hoo,’” said Hill. “I asked him about all of the jobs I had that were cancelled in the past several weeks and future weeks, not just the middle school position. He hemmed and hawed but could not tell me why all of my jobs have cancelled, all over the District. He went on to reiterate that I have only been blocked from subbing at the junior high.”

“I then showed him the cut and pasted email from the principal of Andersen, to someone on this AEU site saying, “Thank you for reaching out to let me know about this substitute. I was made aware of this post last night and we made sure this sub was not on our campus today. Our HR department has also been made aware and will be working on it.” This email was forwarded to a man who doesn’t even have a child in the school or lives in Chandler. He is from Scottsdale.”

Hill said she “proceeded to describe to him the wonderful teacher at the junior high, I was supposed to sub for on Friday. I informed him that for the past few years, she and I have had a great relationship and now she has been identified. I feel so terrible for her and I told him that she now has to defend herself because he allowed mob rule to prevail. I pointed to the stack of emails I printed for him, showing the substitute jobs I have accepted and the district cancelled, for the past few weeks and this week. He just kept repeating, ‘you are only suspended from the junior high. I am doing it for your safety because there were so many complaints.’”

Hill told Filloon that in almost 6 years substituting in the District, she had never before received complaints. “Teachers always call for me to return to their classrooms,” said Hill. “I keep the room neat, get the lesson plans done and never have behavioral issues from the students.”

Filloon responded, “None of that is in question, Jennifer. Your performance and teaching is not even part of the conversation.”

To which she replied, “Your actions toward me indicate otherwise and I was told I was fired on Friday.”

Hill’s husband accompanied her to the meeting, and at this point in the conversation, he spoke up and asked, “Is there a specific violation of policy that caused this to happen? Did Jennifer violate anything in school policy?”

Filloon replied, “I’m not saying she did, no.”

Hill’s husband replied, “So what you did was terminate her job, if not on Friday, but all this next week, for something that was not a violation of any kind of rule?”

Filloon stammered, “But there’s also, and, and, and, what I’m going to do today is reactivate the system today, is that ok?”

Hill’s husband responded, “We are sympathetic to your position as an administrator. What we do not appreciate is that we have a highly politically charged situation right now that people are being fomented into anger and encouraged through social media, to gang up on my wife, call a certain school and create this feigned outrage which causes you to make an executive decision which obviously harms her future employment. Now you said you don’t have Facebook. You may not be very experienced at how these outrages are feigned, propagandized, and staged. Nobody gave a damn what she was posting until a few people got upset and spread it through the AEU Hub. Then everyone ganged up on her because she doesn’t happen to be a Red For Ed supporter. She has been an outspoken Red For Ed tactics criticizer. She’s been in the media; we all know that. So when you have dozens of calls coming into a school, you cannot take the number of calls and say this validates the issue, because it doesn’t. You have to look at the document, what is in text and say on principle, was a rule violated, it wasn’t. You have to go on the rules, the principle. Just because a bunch of idiots want to gang up on my wife doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate to cause her harm to her income. Does that make sense?”

Filloon nodded and replied slowly, “Hmmmmm, you know we also have other opportunities at the other schools, I mean…”

Hill interrupted, “Oh, trust me, I have logged in to the sub system and there is nothing available, at least for me.”

Hill’s husband then passionately defended his wife, “Here’s what happens sir, now that this has happened you are malleable as an administrator. They are going to come after her again and you are going to get calls if she decides to take jobs at Chandler High or any of the other schools she loves teaching. The minute they find out she has a job there, and trust me they will, you are going to see calls there. She now has a target on her back and I would ask you to take into consideration that this is a charged situation and next time you hear complaints about my wife at a school, don’t just take them out of hand or as being valid. Maybe push back a little bit. You say you protect subs sometimes, why don’t you protect her? Maybe give her the benefit of the doubt. Look at her history, her resume, bring her in and talk to her. Fine cancel the job on Friday and make a Monday morning meeting like we have done here, but don’t cancel the jobs for the rest of the week.”

“What I am trying to advocate for here,” continued Hill’s husband, “is to be careful in this politically charged environment, which decisions you make, because they are going to be publicized, not by us, but all these idiots who are harassing my wife. The minute they find out you are so easily influenced to make rash decision, they will double down next time. I guarantee it, sir.”

“I will admit this is politically charged right now,” Filloon responded to the Hills.

Politically charged is an understatement. The #redfored campaign is part of a national effort to elect progressives in November. Fear and intimidation is part of that campaign and it is likely that there are far more classroom teacher victims of it than we know.

Rep. Kelly Townsend stated, “It has become quite apparent that there is a system in place that prevents anyone from speaking out against the status quo in Arizona schools. I get emails daily from people wanting me to know what is going on, but begging me not to reveal their name for fear of retaliation. I’d like to say I was surprised at this story, but now having witnessed and experience for myself the tactics used, I can only hope that this method is exposed and prevented in the future. It reminds me of something directly out of the movie where Union thugs, or even Mafia types control what goes on and you don’t dare cross them, or else. I am struck and saddened by the notion that she should be reassigned somewhere else for “her own protection.” Because she spoke out against the walkout? The good news is, people are waking up to this problem and are pushing back, finally. Good for Ms. Hill.”

“Moving forward will be a task I would be willing to take,” says Hill, “should the District follow through and reinstate me as a substitute. My heart cries for these children and they deserve safe classrooms without soap boxes.”

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  1. Time to remove the teachers unions from Arizona Public Schools.

    I heard today they are planning on pulling this stunt again in October just in time for the mid terms. This is marxism 101.

    Vote YES on 305 this November.


    Get involved in your local area. We need to stop the progressive takeover of Arizona.

  2. Yes, Ms. Hill is absolutely correct. The students deserve safe classrooms without soapboxes and free from an adult “speaking to the kids (about #redfored) and picking their brain.” School employees were forbidden to speak about it while on school property and her post clearly illustrates her intent to violate this rule based on law. Ironically enough, it’s the same law that Ms. Townsend based her rejected amendment on. So, you see Ms. Townsend, the law IS enforced, even against citizens who share your view.

    • That was not the case at all. They were allowed to wear the “sheepforred” tshirts and have the same slogan plastered all over their cars that were in the parking lot. Am I not right? You don’t have to talk about the subject as long as you advertise it in the classroom with the accommodation of the administration and boards of education do you? Thought not. But then I would expect nothing more than sour grapes of from a member of the sheep. Just answer me one question. Was the walkout legal? Thought not.

    • Read my comment again. If you were in any classrooms as I was, in the days leading up to the strike, you would know teachers were preaching and lecturing to their students all about teacher pay, red for ed, and how terrible the governor is. Take a lesson and read the article again.

    • Except that you missed the point, AST; Mrs. Hill stated nothing to indicate she intended to discuss anything about “Red for Ed” or any political issue with the kids she was to teach that day. The use of the phrase “picking brains” was not seen as a violation of any “rule, law, or code of conduct” by even Mr. Filloon, himself, and he insinuated as such when directly asked by Mr. Hill. If Director Filloon thought it a violation of even the code of conduct or code of ethics, he would have stated so at some point.

    • “School employees were forbidden…”

      They had no respect for their signed contracts. Why would they give a hoot about rules? They have demonstrated their lack of integrity.

  3. I seem to remember a quote years ago from Karl Marx,it went something like this: it is not the American people that we have to convince-it is their children.

  4. Fascism is alive and well in the Progressive, socialistic, and communist Teachers Union. The Union owns this mess. Reagan’s message was the right message to Unions. It is small businesses that created the middle class, not socialist, contract ignoring strikes. Capitalism when it is allowed to work floats every one’s boat. Socialism sinks every one’s boat.

    • Absolutely right. The Hill’s represented themselves very well. The only choice I see is to sue the school district for wrongful termination and then sue the Union of the individuals that orchestrated the firing.

      Look for an attorney with will take the case pro bono. It may take three or four years with liberal judges blocking the proceedings but it must be done. What a civics lesson for the teachers!

      At the same time we all must push for vouchers to give parents the choice of what kind of school they want their child to attend.

  5. I was driving this morning and saw a car with red for ed on it (as there are many running around the past few weeks) and I’d really like to paint red for ed on mine with a circle and line through it like Ghostbusters status but won’t. Why? Because I don’t feel like having my car keyed or my windows broken. People aren’t allowed to disagree with the masses, otherwise it truly is like the mafia or the union bullies and what’s sad, truly sad is that people are such blind lemmings they have no ability to think for themselves. They follow along wholeheartedly not even realizing what they are standing behind. They think this whole thing is about teachers when meanwhile it’s a lot darker and nefarious than they ever imagined. Big Brother and the thought police are alive and well.

    • Well said! I recall when teachers were protesting at a major intersection. I had to stop at the corner of the intersection before I turned right. A teacher was squarely looking at me and waving her hand as if she had just met up were her long-lost friend. I looked at her and smirched! She kept waving! I was struck by her outward audacity to think that everyone supported their cause. It was not the case, especially since I noticed not many people were honking their horns as they drove by. I’m sure there are many people, like you, who would desire to place a message on their car in direct revolt of this political movement, including myself. But I’m going to support the causes that will strive to come up with solutions to better our educational systems.

    • Thank you Suzie and BHliberty for your wise words.
      This is far from over so if you would like to get updates and links, please feel free to find my AZ substitute Teachers FB page and I can approve you. We must fight for our liberty and not allow the bureaucracy to drive us down. While I lost my job, I gained faith that it is one more step toward local control and the end of thuggery.

  6. Both Jennifer Hill and her husband appear to be more rational, and are certainly more articulate, than anyone lately heard from in the public school systems. The points they raised in this article were fair, well-stated, and intelligent. I would crawl over glass to vote for either of them for my local school board (Mesa). I wish they would consider that kind of option. Jennifer might be able to do more good on that front than in the classroom.

    • Thank you Dewey. I actually pay Mesa School taxes and have considered a run. Feel free to follow my AZ Substitute Teachers FB page for lots of information. Thank you and as my husband is right nest to me, he thanks you as well.

  7. If they were concerned for “her safety” it speaks volumes about the socialist thug attitude of the redfored sheep and the administrators and boards that let them take a week off with pay. No spines at all. Especially the administrators who allowed the teachers to wear their campaign shirts on school grounds and in the classroom. We don’t need politics in the classroom, we need education and there was and is none happening at this time. Almost 70% of students nationwide can’t read at an 8th grade level or do math at about a 62% level. Its worse in the plantations but its a nationwide epidemic. We are raising a generation of self absorbed, dependent on others children and the teachers are so proud of it that they just need more money and all will be right in the world. I call BS on the whole movement.

  8. Pull your children out of these schools. If you can’t home school place them in private or another type of school where they will learn, and be prepared for life when they get older.

    • Thank you Mike. As our teachers become more and more militant and allowed to think they can get anyone fired with their “Sea of Red” mentality, the worse our schools are getting.

  9. The teachers that went on strike while still under contract should have all been fired but Gov Dufus doesn’t have the nads to do it. I will be voting for someone else when his term is up. The ones who lost on this were the parents and citizens of Arizona

    • Sir, it is utterly inconceivable to try to fire thousands of teachers at the same time. And if you choose to vote against Governor Ducey you will be supporting the #RedForEd movement because that was the real purpose behind it.

      • Redfored has already stated that Ducey`s folding to their demands is not the end of their “movement.” It has only emboldened them and they have promised to do the same when the next budget is considered. Of course it is impossible to fire all the teachers, but that was not any more necessary than Ducey`s cave-in. He and the legislature should have refused to even consider the ReEdfored demands until the teachers went back to work as they were legally obligated to do under their school district contracts. Instead, what has happened is Ducey has allowed Redfored to take control of education throughout the state. They decided what education funding should be going forward and they decided when the teachers would go back to work. Both of these issues have been decided by mob rule because Redfored has NO official standing with respect to education in the state and accomplished its goals through an illegal strike. Anyone who votes to re-elect Governor Ducey in November after this fiasco should have their head examined.

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