Mesa Man Arrested For Girlfriend’s Murder

The suspect, Martin Larney, age 22, in the murder of Alina Duwyenie, age 22 was arrested on Monday. Ms. Duwyenie was killed on May 13, 2018.

Larney was the boyfriend of Ms. Duwyenie.

On May 13, Mesa Police responded to call of an accidental shooting. Patrol officers responded and located Ms. Duwyenie, and she was transported to the hospital with trauma and passed away from her injuries.

Larney was originally detained for questioning on what had been reported as an accidental shooting. During his interview, he eventually admitted that he was upset over jealously issues with Duwyenie which resulted in the shooting.

Larney has been booked for one count of 2nd degree murder.

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  1. It’s always unhealthy to want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

    The Oracle

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