Border Patrol Agents Arrest Honduran MS-13 Gang Member

Ajo Station Border Patrol agents apprehended seven men Friday morning northwest of Lukeville and later identified one of them as a 22-year-old “Mara Salvatrucha” (MS-13) gang member from Honduras.

Agents patrolling a remote mountain trail encountered and arrested the group for entering the country illegally and subsequently transported them to the Ajo Station for further processing.

During processing, agents identified Carlos Ordoñez-Rodriguez as a member of the MS-13 street gang, with an extensive criminal history in Colorado, who had been removed from the U.S. in 2017.

Ordoñez will remain in federal custody pending a court disposition for criminal immigration violations. The other men arrested were identified as five Mexican nationals and one Honduran national, ages 20 through 35. They will be processed for immigration violations.


  1. Well, hell… We were told no MS 13 gang members were in Arizona as recently as a couple of months ago per Sheriff Mark Napier at a Republican Woman’s luncheon
    … that didn’t take long. Hear on the news they are “animals” with no respect for human life. Get them out, keep them out!

  2. Lock him up for good. He was kicked out and won’t respect the laws of this nation or the laws of the human race. He’s a danger to others.

  3. Lock these animals up and the others send back where they come from. We have laws and they all broke the law. No more invasion of our country. Stop this insanity.

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