Ward Calls Flake An “Embarrassment,” McSally “Worse”

On Thursday, Dr. Kelli Ward launched an ad comparing Rep. Martha McSally to the highly unpopular Sen. Jeff Flake. “Jeff Flake is an embarrassment to Arizona and Martha McSally is proving to be even worse,” claims Ward in the ad.

Ward’s ad debuted on the James T. Harris radio show on KFYI in Phoenix.

Ward and McSally are in the Republican Primary battle for Flake’s Senate seat. Flake did not have enough support to keep his Senate seat and announced that he would not run earlier this year.

Since then, Flake has been a loud and vocal critic of President Trump. Unlike Flake, McSally’s view of Trump and his policies are unclear. McSally must run to the right in the primary. As a result, her team appears to be scrubbing evidence of her previous progressive positions.

According to CNN, McSally’s office removed from public view a video on YouTube of her defending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

McSally has been fairly masterful at creating her public personae. As a darling of Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyle, McSally had considerable help selling her brand to the people of Congressional District 3. Because both McCain and Flake are among the least popular politicians in D.C., McSally has struggled selling that brand to precinct committeemen and the Republican Party’s grassroots.

Not only did Ward go after McSally for being like Flake, she issued a statement condemning Flakes Senate floor speech:

“Flake’s latest personal attack of the President on the Senate Floor today demonstrates he’s lost all interest in advancing an America First agenda, instead focusing on grandstanding before he leaves office. Arizona rejected Flake for this ineffective, self-righteous style of politicking. Flake shows little interest in working constructively with the President, hurling personal insults questioning the President’s character and approach rather than addressing underlying policy differences. Arizonans are sick and tired of it.”

CNN reports that a press release from McSally’s office in June 2017, before her Senate bid, highlighted her “questioning of then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly about immigration and border issues at a House committee hearing.”

“The release said that McSally questioned Kelly on the department’s plan to address DACA, and whether Kelly could assure her that DACA recipients would be protected from deportation,” continued the CNN report.

“These children were brought here at no fault of their own. In Arizona, there are 57,000 of them,” McSally said in the release, according to CNN. “Uncertainty brings fear to my constituents in this position. Can you assure me that they will be protected?”

CNN found that the “press release embedded a YouTube video of that interaction below a line that says, “to watch the exchange from the hearing, click below,” but the YouTube video has since been made unavailable for viewing, meaning the video has been made private or deleted. Two other videos from the hearing also included in the press release, neither DACA-related, are still available and online.”


  1. I’ll admit I’m not following this as closely as I should but if some of this is true then McSally is just another political person in the scope of being in politics. I met her, previously voted for her, and appreciated her…for what it’s worth.

  2. Filling out your ballot in Arizona has become paramount to playing “pin the tail on the donkey” minus the blindfold which for some reason seems to be absent in your ballot package.
    When cream raises to the top, it’s hard to fathom how only floating turds are left to vote for in the general election.

    The Oracle

  3. “Uncertainty brings fear to my constituents in this position.
    Hummm, since when are ILLEGALS her constituents? That in itself speaks volumes about this woman and her liberal leanings, just like the little sock puppet Jeffie and the bitter old man.

  4. McSilly will never get my vote again. She has proved she is no conservative and I never quite trusted her in the first place. I have heard too many stories about her from those who were her wingmen in the Air Force and as for Flake I heartily agree with Kelli about him. He is an embarrassment and sides with Dems on everything. We need to make an adjustment to the Consititution to be able to recall our Senators and Congress people especially now since they never do what we want them to anyway. Term limits will help as well

    • On term limits: You will never get them from the foxes grinning in the hen house; that would be like poopin’ in your own nest. The voters will have to impose their own term limits by NEVER VOTING FOR THE SAME PERSON TWICE. No matter how good & convincing the rhetoric, the full-color ads, the constant robo-calls. Just don’t do it. That’s the only solution for the career politicians…. at least until your right to vote at all has been abridged…

  5. Anyone who McCain backs DOESN’T get my vote. He bought & paid for McSally before she ever ran for congress. He’s done the same with Lea Marzues-Peterson in CD2 to replace her. Be careful for whom you vote unless you want another swamp creature. Check out Brandon Martin, he’s not a swamper & not likely to become one in CD2.

    • Peterson won’t be getting my vote. She’s too establishment and I don’t trust her. Look at who she is entrenched with!

  6. McSally is just another Democrat trying to win a Seat in Congress running as a Republican.

  7. In her several interviews with KNST’s Garret Lewis I have found Kelli Ward to be thoroughly knowledgeable of the major issues facing the U.S….and she is very articulate in stating her conservative solutions. I, though registered Independent, will vote for Kelli Ward without hesitation in the Primary.

  8. Kelli Ward is my pick for our next Arizona Senator! Won’t it be refreshing being served by a young, vibrant and strong Senator we can be count on? I’m excited!

  9. Kelli Ward is a strong & smart candidate who is not contaminated by the swamp. My vote will be for Kelli Ward.

  10. I was strongly considering voting for Kelly particularly because I agree Flake is an absolute idiot. But to call McSally “worse” leaves me questioning her judgment. It is still a toss up for me personally. I voted for McSally in CD2 and have liked her voting record thus far. Kelly is an outsider trying to gain traction in a crowded field. BTW, the “sheriff” needs to drop out now. So as not to dilute the vote.

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