Tucson House Fire Sends 2 Firefighters, Resident To Hospital [UPDATE]

Albert Maxam was arrested in connection with a house fire that sent 2 firefighters, and one resident to the hospital.

According to Tucson Police, Maxam was charged with Arson of an Occupied Structure (Class 2 Felony), Criminal Damage (Class 4 Felony), and Endangerment (Class 6 Felony).

Nine units consisting of 23 firefighters responded to the house fire in the 3400 block of East Terra Alta, and controlled the fire 34 minutes after arriving.

Two firefighters were transported to the hospital for precautionary reasons. One sustained burns but is expected to be okay. The other felt nauseous while in rehab, a location away from the fire where firefighters cool off and have their vital signs monitored. The resident was also transported to the hospital after sustaining burns from the fire.

Multiple calls were made to 9-1-1 reporting heavy black smoke and flames in the area.

The first TFD Engine arrived on scene and described a heavily involved house fire with flames. They pulled multiple hose lines to extinguish both the flames in the back of the house as well as pulling a line to the front door to search the home. Crews were advised that all occupants were out of the home prior to entering but a resident did sustain burns and needed medical attention.

The initial Engine crew entered the home but visibility was poor and conditions were very hot. They coordinated with the ladder crew to cut a hole in the roof, letting the smoke and gases escape. They controlled the fire inside the home while additional firefighters extinguished the flames on the rear of the house.

An electrical line on the side of the house was compromised during firefighting operations, posing a safety hazard. TEP responded to the scene to secure the power line.

Fire investigators were on scene and working to determine the cause and origin of the fire. Building Safety/Code Enforcement was also on scene and the house was to be condemned due to the damage.