Complaint Filed Against ‘Outlaw Dirty Money’ for Circulator Misconduct

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club has filed an elections complaint with the Attorney General’s office against the ‘Outlaw Dirty Money’ political committee alleging criminal misconduct. Evidence from multiple independent sources indicate that the committee is paying circulators on a per-signature bases, in direct violation of Arizona law.

The Outlaw Dirty Money committee is sponsoring C-03-2018, a proposed ballot measure that would eliminate donor privacy by requiring the full disclosure of contributors to non-profit organizations that engage in ballot measure or candidate campaigns.

The prohibition against paying circulators per-signature is to protect the integrity of the ballot initiative process and reduce petition fraud. “It is ironic that the same group claiming to want to reduce corruption in politics has decided to employ circulator firms and paid circulators that break the law,” said Scot Mussi, President of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club. “They can’t be that concerned about electoral integrity if they are unwilling to follow the laws governing ballot measures.”

The formal complaint identifies two instances of the Outlaw Dirty Money committee ignoring the prohibition on per-signature payments. Both violations involve registered paid circulators employed by the circulator firm Advanced Micro Targeting, Inc. The penalty for violating the per-signature ban is a class 1 misdemeanor and a disqualification of all affected petition signatures.


  1. Woops the big boys that spend the dark money don’t want the voters to know who they are and how much they paid their bought candidate.

  2. Surely it’s all related, stupid uninformed voters make stupid uniformed ballot choices.
    The last thing big money power brokers want is to be seen, heard or known, at least until after all the votes are finally counted.
    Please: since a ballot initiative in Arizona results in a change to the state constitution, if you don’t fully understand it, do the safest thing and vote NO on it!

    The Oracle

  3. A tiny bit of research shows just one person claiming to have been paid, in the Free Enterprise Club’s complaint Exhibit A. Would be really stupid if true, which remains to be seen. BTW — The founding president of the Free Enterprise Club, Steve Voeller, left to become Senator Jeff Flake’s Chief of Staff. So consider the source.

    I do know that the labor folks who went out Saturday to gather signatures to Outlaw Dirty Money were volunteers, unless you count bagels and coffee as “pay.”

  4. Hi, honey. Yeah, the murderer out in front of the library told me it was a good policy move, so I just signed his petition. What’s new on Facebook?

  5. So is that “Outlaw [verb] Dirty Money Committee
    or is it “Outlaw [noun] Dirty Money Committee?

    Because those two interpretations are diametrically
    opposed to each other.

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