Handful Of Students Show For Capitol “Die-In”

Arizona Capitol dome. [Photo from Arizona Open Meetings]

Only about 30 students showed up for a “die-in” at the Arizona Capitol on Tuesday. The small group was “honoring” the victims of the radical Islamist mass shooter at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando two years ago.

March for Our Lives organized the event. According to Cronkite News, “The students met on the Capitol lawn at about 1 p.m. before walking into the Capitol’s Executive Tower and lying on the floor, shoulder-to-shoulder.”

March for Our Lives held a die-in at the Capitol in April as well. That protest drew students from across the state.

Dawn Motley, a student and member of March for Our Lives, according to Cronkite News, said March for Our Lives’ next steps involves “getting to the polls.”


  1. Yes, let’s all get out to the polls and take back what is ours!
    As for me, I’ll only be voting for those candidates without gills, webbed hands and webbed feet…..

    The Oracle

  2. We can only hope these kids don’t witness anything close to what happened at The People’s Park at UC Berkerely in 1969. Want to get a message out, get it out in dialogue. To act out to incite emotion will get a mixed bag of responsive emotions. To mix messages from events with very different motivations does not advance change or solutions. Somehow we need to teach everyone to have a voice and how to respect others voices and experiences. No more talk of tolerance and oppression while retaliating in what you feel is in kind action. My generation had screw ups, as did my parents and theirs before them.

    How do we teach the newest generation that wisdom comes when we realize we know nothing? Just being smart and scared is not enough. Experiences and a broad, diverse interaction with others is the only way to enact lasting change.

    Unfortunately our college campus are now beginning to squash the promotion of diversity of ideas, if we can’t promote that we truly lose all ability to create a true communal conversation that protects and enhances all lives.

  3. The radical Islamist shooter at The Pulse was stopped by militarized cops using brute force. These kids need to get their heads and facts straight.

    • Senator, unfortunately these children are being used by a group dedicated to weakening Law enforcement and the second amendment. Thanks for showing the courage to speak out as an elected official on such a sensitive issue.

  4. These days when I read/hear that ‘students’ protested, I have to shake my head in disbelief at the notion the MSM gives heads-filled-with-mush any credence or validation of their ’cause de jour’. THX to Obama, protesting has become an art-form, fueled by an equally dumbed-down MSM and the audience they attract.

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