Arizona Corporation Commissioners Vote To Open Johnson Utilities Investigation

Arizona Corporation Commissioners on Tuesday voted to instruct staff to proceed with a new docket to investigate new issues within the Johnson Utilities service territory in San Tan Valley.

Commissioners highlighted a May 28 report of a well motor failure causing one of Johnson Utilities’ wells to go offline which likely contributed to the decrease in water pressure for the utility’s customers. Additionally, the utility reportedly pulled over 30 water meters across San Tan Valley, resulting in an abrupt stop to various construction projects in the area.

Because of these issues, the Commission felt it was appropriate and necessary to open a new docket to investigate these matters on an expedited basis. By opening the new investigation, the existing Order to Show Cause proceeding will not be postponed.

A procedural conference will be held Thursday to determine the hearing schedule.

Additionally, Commissioners ordered that the Recommended Opinion & Order be completed by July 31, 2018.