Obama Holdovers Putting Border Patrol Agents At Risk, Keeping Border Porous

In the aftermath of a shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol on June 12, residents and agents are urging the Trump administration once again to fortify the southern border. National Border Patrol Council vice-president Art Del Cueto said hold outs from the Obama administration have ensured the border remains unsafe and porous.

The unidentified agent was shot while investigating sensor activity on foot near Ruby Road and Chimney Canyon, south of Arivaca, Arizona.

The injured agent, a 21 year Border Patrol veteran, called for emergency assistance from his patrol vehicle’s service radio at approximately 4:30 a.m., on Tuesday.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, initial indications are that the agent was attacked by an unknown number of assailants, one of whom fired several shots at the agent in close proximity. The agent was struck several times and it is believed that he returned fire.

The agent, an experienced paramedic, was able to administer self-care and reach his vehicle. “I think this guy is a real hero,” said Del Cueto. “He received several bullet wounds and when he regained consciousness he administered an IV to himself,” until tactical teams arrived.

The Border Patrol Tactical unit was immediately deployed by Air and Marine aircraft to the area where they located and arrested multiple subjects illegally present in the United States, though it is unknown if the subjects are connected to this incident at this time.

In an interview on the James T. Harris radio show, Del Cueto said he knew that “there were several people arrested in the area, and I know they’re looking at them to see if any of them were involved in this. What I am concerned is that because they were so close to the border they’ve already made their way south.”

“It’s a very porous part of the border,” said Del Cueto describing the scene of the crime, “and there were other illegals there nearby. I’m not sure of the total that they arrested, but they arrested several people that were just illegals to begin with, and they’re checking if any of them have to do with the shooting, but like I said my worry is that because it’s so close to the border, I’m concerned that the people who were involved with the shooting have already made their way south.”

“The area where he was at is notorious for drugs,” said Del Cueto referring to the injured agent. “I mean we’re talking about the Tucson Sector. We still lead the nation by a lot. Close to 50 percent of all drugs that come into the country are seized by the Tucson Sector agents and this is obviously an area we are worried about. The individual, who owns land there, has been asking, and asking, and begging almost for a better barrier between Mexico and the United States in the area where he resides,” said Del Cueto referring to Jim Chilton, a well-regarded southern Arizona rancher. “He will attest to the fact that the amount of drugs that are coming through there is continuous and in large quantities.”

“This is a big opportunity though,” said Del Cueto. “Fortunately it is an eye-opener, where people can see that there is a need for a better barrier there.”

Listen to Art Del Cueto’s interview

Harris asked Del Cueto about reports that illegal border crossings are currently extremely high. He responded emphatically, “James. This is what happens. When President Trump first took over, the number of people coming into our country illegally hit a huge, huge low. I think they were the lowest in 45 years, and that is when Customs and Border Protection needed to take this whole stance of zero tolerance. That is when they needed to take this tough stance.”

“I remember when President Brandon Judd,” Del Cueto said referring to the National Border Patrol Council president, “specifically telling the leaders in Border Patrol ‘now is the time you guys need to get ahead of this. The numbers are low; the lowest they have been in 45 years.’ Problem is, and I have said it many times – we have too many Obama holdovers within our agency. They did not listen to what they were being told. They didn’t listen to the numbers. They haven’t changed anything within our policies. Nothing – and the criminal element quickly caught on,” said Del Cueto. “The Border Patrol leaders aren’t doing anything about it anyway. So President Trump single-handedly lowered those numbers, and the leaders in Border Patrol failed to execute and do the right thing.”

The FBI is leading the investigation with the assistance of DHS Office of Inspector General, CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. BillyB:
    Obama and George HW Bush definitely
    one world government proponents.
    I sense that while GW Bush started out
    as a one world government proponent; I
    think 9/11 tempered his enthusiasm for
    that political structure.
    The deep state which is concerned with the
    deeply nationalistic and patriotic stance
    that Trump has taken; is patient knowing he
    will not be in there forever.

    The Democrats have been over-run by unapologetic Communists*,
    and the Republicans are still loaded with swamp
    dwellers- particularly in leadership.

    *exchange the word “Communist” where-ever you see the
    word “Progressive,” and you’ll get it. Until all the
    older generation dies off [who understood the true
    nature of communism] they will continue to use the
    milder term, Progressive.

    Make no mistake- their goal is the same- they become
    the ruling elite, and you become the huddled masses.
    If you’re still confused read or re-read the primer;
    George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

  2. The Ruby Road was a dangerous and well-traveled corridor for illegal alien and drug trafficking back in 2010. During Labor Day weekend, 2010, I was staying in Ruby, AZ, before releasing rehabilitated wildlife for a Tucson center. During one of those nights, I could see the lights of a Border Patrol/Drug Smugglers’ battle less than 3 miles away just over the hill. A few months later, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed due to Oblunder & Holder’s Fast & Furious debacle. There needs to be a permanent present of military along that segment of the US Border with rules of engagement allowing them to shoot to kill. Interlopers coming through there are violent criminals.

    • The Posse Comitatus Act a Federal Law that keeps Active Military Personnel from being used as any type of law enforcement on our Countries soil. Now the National Guard or Reserves can on State Duty only.

  3. Obama and Bush II holdovers, bureaucrats adept at ‘cooking the books’ in order to look good. It’s high time these sleazy department heads are cited in the MSM and ousted from their positions. Same holds true for the upper echelon of CBP.

  4. Obama holdovers.. you mean the ‘deep state’ and that is the other side of the civil war is it not.. Sure you can include the surviving Republicans to that group – the ‘deep state’ that want a global stance, government – it’s coming. The ‘one world government’ and all that comes with it. The border issue, just but one symptom of ‘it’

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