Arizona Leaders Weigh-In On Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

On Monday, a handful of Arizona’s leaders weighed-in on the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policies:


  1. Not one of the “best and brightest” should be let in this country. What skills do they possess. The ability to lie and live off our government and its taxpayers is all they care about. You want Europe, keep it up and the US will be one more Europe with its huge immigration problems. But then the bleeding hearts want all to enter and live off the system.

  2. These aren’t new laws that are suddenly being enforced, they are existing laws finally being enforced. Trump has simply un-handcuffed the border patrol to allow them to do thier job.
    Not surprising that the states biggest SwampRats (McDumbass, Flakey and the umpa lumpa stache) have such outspoken support for ignoring or violating they very laws they passed.
    Electile dysfunction seems to run amok by both Arizona senators and Graftjalva (D)-Sonora.
    Blaming Trump for the failures of previous administrations to enforce our laws simply exposes the anti Trump bias on both sides of the aisle.
    I for one am elated to see Trump put America’s interest first. Finally…..
    Re-elect no-one, should be the new order of the day.

    The Oracle

  3. Fixing blame for a situation where children are separated from their parents is secondary to ending this despicable policy immediately. The United States is not Nazi Germany. We are a nation of immigrants, and that’s all of us, and those politicians standing in the way of voting on a bipartisan immigration policy need to be replaced. Or maybe they should just tear down the Statue of Liberty — “Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Commie propaganda? Or what America stands for? Not even mentioning the responsibility our politicians — Demoncrats and Republikooks — bear for creating the mess in the first place — NAFTA, maquilladoras, providing arms in civil wars, backing dictators, sending troops. Not to mention the millions of Americans buying illegal drugs. The innocent children of any country, any race, any nationality, should not be paying for our nation’s mistakes. I agree with that no-good Red soft-on-immigration bleeding heart Laura Bush — the policy is “cruel and immoral.”

    • albert the solution is simple, once caught they are IMMEDIATELY sent back across the border! Its that simple, no family members they are still sent BACK across the border, after all are finerprinted, photo taken and then there are no further questions. Actually this is pretty much what is done in mexico and further south. They dont want them either. Remember they are not seeking asylum they are seeking supposedly a better life.

  4. Laura Bush & family are Republicans que no? Michelle Obama is American, asi es no!

    I love these Republicans striking chest about God and how they are followers. Really so much for kindness, love, tolerance, acceptance, do on to others you get it right.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Richard we love, tolerate and accept LEGAL migrants, not the ILLEGAL kind that bring NOTHING to this country except wanting to live off Uncle Sugar. Only the best and brightest right Richard? I see it on construction sites every day. Can’t read, write, but they work and for the employer that is all they want. Not excellence but simply a body that has no regard for themselves, only the money…..

  5. Like I stated before who knew enforcing the laws would work? If these “parents” wish to keep their families together don’t break the laws. Where was the outrage from the bleeding hearts in 2014 when the country was inundated with unaccompanied kids flooding across the border?
    Where is the outrage when a parent breaks the law and is sent to jail and their kids don’t get to go to jail with the parent? Pissing off all the right people just by enforcing the laws on the books. MAGA!

  6. Laura Bush should be ashamed of herself. It was the policy of her husband that brought about this problem, the same President responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Muslims in the middle east (many of them babes in arms) thanks to his unnecessary war in Iraq.

  7. I can’t believe I agree with Raul! He is absolutely correct this time. They need to be reunited ASAP with their parents, somewhere south of the United States of America.

  8. What about all the American families
    permanently separated from their loved
    ones who are killed by illegal aliens?

    Kate Steinle

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