Small Plates, Small Minds: Sunday’s Comic

Truth is not conservative or liberal it is just the Truth”™  

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  1. Yup, just proves one more time that the liberals are the worst of the worst when it comes to tolerance. Do as I say, not do as I do all you idiot liberals, right? You are absolutely pathetic and its no wonder the other half simply despise you. Thought not. How absolutely little and small minded you really are and don’t know it.

  2. Proving ounce again that Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    One only has to recall the backlash of against our own local businesses to see this isn’t a localized or an isolated issue.
    Sammy’s in Catalina was targeted for the owner attending a local pro Trump rally. She woree a hat proclaiming “Latinos Love Trump”, but sadly rather then her right to free speech being respected by the left. Her family’s business was boycotted and given hundred of bogus negative cyber reviews all convienantly coinciding with her presence at the TCC Trump rally.
    A few months later and our own local “Cup it up American Grill” closed indefinitely over a conservative Facebook post that leftwing wackos found threatening.
    See a trend? If actions truly do speak louder then words, one can’t help but see the blatant lies of the (in)tolerant left? One can’t help but see the hypocrisy by the guardians of “diversity”. One can’t help but see the indefensible double standards that the looney left operate under daily?
    What’s next under such justification, shall the left dress up in brown shirts and roam about town beating up all who don’t share thier informed progressive ideology? What’s next after that, even further trespass into insanity, maybe the no holds bared looney left can start vandalizing or burning down businesses owned or operated by conservatives.
    Conservatives endured eight long years of some of the most destructive, anti American policies under Obama, but no one was denied food at a restaurant over out.
    If I have fundamental political discord with anyone, I just avoid them or their business. I don’t call them out on it, and I certainly don’t call for a boycott.
    No one was targeted, no one was attacked for supporting, condoning or even working for Obama. That level of insanity is reserved solely for the left.
    Perhaps it’s past time a rabies vaccine was mandated for anyone proclaiming to be a Democrat.

    The Oracle

  3. Believe it or not there was a time Americans would come together to condemn this sort of bigotry.

  4. Apparently, according to the latest on the Red Hen, the owner chased the Sanders family across the street to another restaurant, gathered a group and proceeded to further harass them, yelling and screaming insults and invectives. I can only hope people get fed up with this sort of bullying and persecution. It IS persecution. Oracle is correct about the Fascist browhshirts of the 1930’s. This the same tactics they used. Ask any holocaust survivor.
    Someone on the radio said the Dems see Fascists everywhere but in the mirror. How spot on that was!
    The left is guilty of bullying. Call them out on it and make it public.
    BTW, Maxine Waters should be charged with domestic terrorism and inciting to riot.

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