Peter Fonda? Sunday’s Comic

Who even knew Peter Fonda was still alive?

Medal Of Honor Recipient Offers To Get In A Cage With Peter Fonda After Vile Threats

Veteran Marine sniper and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer laid down a challenge on Thursday for actor Peter Fonda following the latter’s now-deleted Twitter rant attacking those he had deemed responsible for the separation of parents and children who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally…..

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  1. the Ms. Fonda should still be sitting in jail for her mounting a gun in Viet Nam – by the grace of a very gracious nation she is not – thinking of that, now that same left is attacking those working for the current administration and should be prosecuted for such actions. Mr. Easy Rider.. riding daddy’$ money and name – any publicity is good publicity

  2. In the scope of all things relative and important, who gives a shit what a spoiled brat child of an actor thinks?
    He sucked as an infant, he sucked as an “actor” and he sucks as a productive member of society.
    Just another idiot who missed his casting call for “jackass”.

    The Oracle

    • I think as Dirty Larry his acting had that certain; how you say? Je ne sais quoi. But alas, that movie remained the pinnacle of his career.

      • Wait – he was Crazy Larry – with Dirty Mary. She was the dirty one. Indeed, it’s a wonder no Oscars were awarded.

  3. Have you noticed when one of these brain dead actors has a movie coming out this is how they get advertisement? Kevin Costner made a stupid statement which coincides with his new TV series. I guess they don’t have enough faith in their talents to make $$$$.

  4. Is anything these… there a word for them?….cretins say relevant to reality? Remember they get paid to play dress-up and say other peoples’ words.

  5. My dog has left poop in my back yard that I had more respect for than Peter Fonda or his traitor sister, Jane.

  6. Mexico needs to take care of its people so they dont need to come to the US and take advantage of our social systems at American taxpayer expense. The Mexican president needs to be educated on how to build the Mexican economy .. He should be ashamed for the condition of his country.. If these people truly want to be American citizens and work and pay taxes like we do, they need to follow the rules and wait in line .. Quit coming to our borders and trying to live here without becoming citizens with federal tax ID numbers.

  7. The Fonda family owes their financial success to the very people they would so filthiĺy insult. What makes these people think we care for their opinions? Hanoi-Jane Fonda and Pedo-Peter Fonda need to go bye-bye, they no longer serve any useful purpose in society.

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