Southern Poverty Law Center Admits It Was Wrong, Agrees To Pay $3.375 Million Settlement

The Southern Poverty Law Center has apologized to Quilliam and its founder Maajid Nawaz for wrongly naming them in its controversial Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists. In a public statement, the SPLC’s president, Richard Cohen, explained that “Mr. Nawaz and Quilliam have made valuable and important contributions to public discourse, including by promoting pluralism and condemning both anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism.”

Jeremy Tedesco, vice-president of Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom stated, “It’s appalling and offensive for the Southern Poverty Law Center to compare peaceful organizations which condemn violence and racism with violent and racist groups just because it disagrees with their views. That’s what SPLC did in the case of Quilliam and its founder Maajid Nawaz, and that’s what it has done with ADF and numerous other organizations and individuals. This situation confirms once again what commentators across the political spectrum have being saying for decades: SPLC has become a far-left organization that brands its political opponents as “haters” and “extremists” and has lost all credibility as a civil rights watchdog. With eight wins in the last seven years at the U.S. Supreme Court and hundreds of victories for free speech at America’s public universities, ADF is one the nation’s most respected and successful legal advocates, working to preserve our fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience for people from all walks of life. SPLC’s sloppy mistakes have ruinous, real-world consequences for which they should not be excused.”

The SPLC also agreed to pay a $3.375 million settlement, which Quilliam and Nawaz intend to use to fund work fighting anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism.


  1. At last a crack in their damn. I wish more and more people would sue this no good POS outfit until they close their doors for good.

  2. Condemning individuals or groups because they disagree with you is the foundation of the fascists Progressive ideology.

  3. Excellent, now if only the Center For Biological Diversity would get a good slapping in court. They are another group of left wing nut cases who do nothing but throw liberal hand grenades at otherwise good projects.

  4. The SPLC made a name for itself fighting against right wing hate groups but has now morphed into a hate group itself. Like many in the Democrat Party the founder presents himself and his organization as people of courage fighting the good fight when all they are doing is using America`s freedoms of speech and expression to propagate hate against those they disagree with. The main purpose of SPLC and the Democrats labeling Trump and conservatives as fascists is that it smears the President and conservatives at the same time it attempts to present themselves as courageous even though not a single one of them were ever threatened for their political beliefs by President Trump or any conservative politician. The only threat President Trump and conservatives pose to SPLC and the Democrats is in exposing their lies. BTW, in this, as in everything else political, the media is in a full partnership with the Democrat Party.

    • sir what you are watching is the globalist agenda being carried forward to a ‘one world government’ a truly demonic of evil directed. God Bless America.

  5. What is right isn’t always what is legal and what is legal isn’t always what is right, but when it comes to civil court, it always comes down to who’s got the money at the end of the court fight.
    The SPLC has over time lost its way and got sidetracked from correcting social injustices and instead became fixated on being stuck on stupid in order to become highly politicized with the extream left.
    And as BillyB said above, this is just the cost of doing business.
    If you feel compelled to support a worthy charity and help right the wrongs of the world donate to the human society.

  6. We need to practice our “Phuque You Maggot” and HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH AND YOUR MIDDLE FINGER HIGHER

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