Flake Needs Adult Supervision: Sunday’s Comic

From Seeingredaz.com:

Jeff Flake: Ego-driven, delusional, loses grip on reality
June 8, 2018

Irrelevant Jeff Flake, is still trying to breathe life into his dead political career. Staring down 18 percent approval ratings, he couldn’t risk the embarrassing kick to the curb Arizona voters were certain to hand him. In response, he decided to withdraw from a second senate campaign.

Flake has been whiling away his dwindling time on the D.C. stage deriding Donald Trump, the Republican President of the United States — who both Flake and McCain refused to vote for. Libertarian Flake has used the GOP party apparatus and dedicated activists to his advantage, cloaking himself as a Republican during campaign season. For his transgressions, he was even taken to the woodshed by RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel. AZ GOP leadership remained mute.

Now, as a man without a constituency, Flake hammers President Trump at every opportunity — from speechifying in the senate chamber to making appearances on left-wing media outlets. He even wrote an anti-Trump pamphlet, he deemed a book, with a title stolen directly from Barry Goldwater’s iconic 1960 book, “Conscience of a Conservative.” The obtuse Flake, born two years after publication, probably thought no one would notice the heist….

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  1. The hypocrisy of the press is absolutely incredible. The New York Times has no shame in using a reporter who used sex (where is #metoo) to prey on a person in a sensitive (trusted) position for information allowing her to scoop the other media outlets.

    She must be so proud of herself ruining a career bureaucrat.

  2. Flake will be introducing legislation that all urinals in federal facilities be removed so all men will have to pee sitting down, just like he does.

  3. Republican they will eat there own for doing what right! We vote for integrity and ALL AMERICAN, not just party.

    Did I both for Flake, hell no! But better late than never to grow a pair and do right by people of Arizona not just the party.

    I think in 2018 issues is not candidate but is it money / part versus people and American Dream.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Richard, Richard, Richard you should wait until after your third cup of coffee to post comments. This one was particularly incomprehensible.

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