The Wonderful Worsley: Sunday’s Comic


GOP poser Bob Worsley won’t be missed by principled conservatives

A disheartened Arizona Republic has given editorial commentary space to Bob Worsley, whose passing the newspaper mourns. Worsley is still upright, but he has announced he will not seek reelection to the Arizona State Senate, where he ran as a Republican but frequently voted with the Democrats. He called it exercising “compromise” — an art Worsley claims we’ve lost — and displaying “civility.”

“Civility,” he grandly pontificates, “has become a rare commodity in political debate, a fact that worries me greatly.”

The question to ask is,“When did he come to that high-minded perspective?” Our June 23, 2012 post, “Bob Worsley: Hypocrite-in-Chief,” reveals a less pretentious man, with appalling standards, who put his personal vendettas ahead of decency.

Worsley has lost sight of the fact that the two parties stand for very different things, as their platforms reveal……

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  1. How do you compromise with a Party that has declared total war on its Republican opponents? The Democrats have attempted to undermine our President simply for having won his election fair and square and thus they are also undermining the way we choose our leaders. This undermining of our constitutional process for choosing our President is simply because America chose to reject their fatally flawed candidate and take a chance on the only available alternative, President Trump. The Democrat party has made it clear, they wish to resist, not compromise but are also willing to pretend to compromise when the GOP foolishly surrenders to them by giving them everything the wish.

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