It’s Not The Parade Liberals Hate

I enjoyed the 4th of July Parade in Safford this year.

However, I did a little searching on the internet and found liberals don’t like Fourth of July parades. Many hate them.
Really? What is wrong with a Fourth of July Parade?

What is a Fourth of July parade?

Display of American Patriotism.

Waving of American Flags.

Tribute to American veterans.

Honor for American Law Enforcement.

Celebration of American Freedom.

Pride in America.

Oh my.

Now I understand why liberals hate Fourth of July Parades.

Do you?

David Morse
Pima, AZ


  1. No doubt in my mind. Liberalism is a pathetic excuse for existence. They hate this country, they hate successful people, as a matter of fact they hate everything that is not given by the government and these successful people earned. How utterly pathetic they are when they would love to see others fail in success and life just so they could win. And, that includes this country.

  2. one world socialist government.. NO JESUS – sums up the left pretty well – the rest is just fluff

  3. The global elites are coming apart at the seams. If Hillary had won none of this rotten corrupt one world government cabal would have been exposed. Thank God for PDJT. Get out there help elect pro-Trump candidates in the primaries like Kelli Ward, Brandon Martin, & Sergio Arellano.

  4. The left rails against bullies, yet they epitomize that very disgusting trait. There was a recent poll about Democraps not being proud to be American…. Because THEY’RE NOT!
    MAGA! Pray for our President and his supporters.

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