#Redfored Leader Karvelis Boasts At Socialism 2018 Conference

When Rep. Maria Syms boldly stated that the #Redfored movement organizers were socialists, she was jeered. When the leader of #Redfored, Noah Karvelis, spoke at the Socialism 2018 event in Chicago this month he was cheered.

Karvelis scrubbed his social media presence and denied that he was leading a radical movement at the time. He and his supporters, including many in the mainstream media, went on the offense and took umbrage with Syms’ simple observation. The media was largely complicit, or they got played. In either case, Karvelis’ appearance at the Socialism 2018 Conference in Chicago from July 5-8, indicates that he and his “fellow militants” no longer care to hide their agenda, and it exposed the degree to which the media again failed to report on simple truths that would have profoundly altered the coverage of a major event (the #Redfored strike and rallies.)

Karvelis and his crew even went so far as to try to paint Syms as a racist in order to distract from the fact that she sounded the alarm that this was in fact part of a socialist movement.

Karvelis’ appearance however, may have gone unnoticed if not for conservative radio show hosts Mike Broomhead and James T. Harris on KFYI.

The two talkers shared audio of Karvelis’ speech. In that speech Karvelis is heard bragging about the fact that #Redfored had managed to collect over 200,000 signatures to get a wealth-redistributing tax increase on the November ballot. And he made it clear that the issues he was advocating for went well beyond simple pay increases and was, in fact, about building an organization to fundamentally shift Arizona to the left.

Which makes Syms’ statements about the ideology espoused by Karvelis and his fellow leaders all the more remarkable and accurate, and the unwillingness of far too many Republicans to stand by her all the more disappointing.

“What we did is we said we’ve had enough. Forget about the rules. We’re making our own rules,” said the braggadocios Karvelis to the Socialism 2018 crowd. “We’re standing up and we’re fighting back, and that’s what Arizona Educators United, and each one of these movements, truly says. It’s time for us to take control.”

Karvelis sent the crowd into a frenzy when he said, “So now, in November, Arizonans will have the option that we’ve been denied for so long. To fully fund our schools. Right now, it looks like it’s going to happen. We’re going to get a tax increase on the top 1 percent of income earners to generate $700 million.” The crowd chanted, “Tax the rich!” (See full video below)

At least one Arizona legislative candidate is grateful to Karvelis for bringing attention to the socialist cause.

Syms had made her statements about the ideology espoused by Karvelis and his fellow leaders during this past legislative session. Karvelis and his fellow radicals led a teacher’s strike under the auspices of increasing teacher pay. It became apparent to Syms and others that the strike was not part of an effort to win teacher pay increases when teachers opted to strike even after the Legislature and governor approved a massive pay increase package.

While the governor and chair of the AZGOP, Jonathan Lines, ignored the ugly attacks on Syms and took care not to be critical of the #Redfored movement during the legislative session, just last week the governor admitted that the #Redfored movement was never about increasing teacher pay.


  1. It was obvious to me and those who recognized it that the radical left was on the march! The Governor of Arizona was trying to make reelection points by seeming to align himself with this movement and show empathy for increasing teacher pay! The Democrat party is unhinged and will use anyone (including teachers & gullible Governors) to further their ideology of socialism. This country wasn’t built on this form of tyranny and it’s time for voters to stymie this movement!

  2. Who knew our beloved Red4Ed teachers out on the street corner shooting down at everyone were little more then useful idiots who had fallen for an ideological Ponzi scheme as they checked their brains at the door and went into free fall for some free pie in the sky of entitlements, and they are still the very same people we trust to educate or kids.
    They have a right to strike,but like lemmings over the cliff, they followed the pied pipper by striking during the school year, while under legal contract. They should all have been fired.
    No-one with half a clue could not of seen this coming.
    Public educations new slogan: Socialism coming to a school near you, yes it’s right out of the wizard of oz as the curtin is pulled back to reveal the great and powerful wizard is nothing of the sort.
    Because socialism is a wonderful thing until you run out of other people’s money.
    Personally I think Noah Karvelis should be jailed for insurrection.

    The Oracle

  3. Red4Ed was humble in its beginnings. Teachers are absolutely underpaid in Az. But presently the national DNC has gotten involved and “now we know the rest of the story.” They’ve been totally taken over by socialist policy minded leaders. The ballot initiative to tax high income earners a surcharge is ludicrous. The socialists take more and more and produce less and less. And somehow the private sector is suppose to buy into this ruse? I don’t and hopefully the citizens of Az don’t either this November.

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with this fake news! Attending a conference as part of a panel on the teachers’ strikes does not make one a leader or adherent of the conference’s sponsors. Workers in struggle for a better life generally take all the help they can get. Are the Socialists helping the strikers? Yes. Do the Socialists hope to win converts? Sure. Will they? Who knows? My experience as a 21-year union rep tells me that those who help strikers who have their own agenda get thanked for their support and told that the workers make their own decisions.

    Is taxing the rich radical? To those who believe that workers should be exploited and union-free, yes. To those who believe unregulated robber baron crony capitalism that takes no responsibilities for its workers, communities or the environment is sacred, yes. But those are the same folks who gave us the Great Depression and the Not-So-Great Recession and have been recently rewarded with massive tax cuts.

    Is demanding that the wealthy pay their fair share radical? To some, yes. But even in our eroding democracy the voice of the people can make itself heard. I’m voting for the Red4Ed initiative in November, and I urge all fair-minded citizens who believe that good public education is worth saving to do the same.

    PS — I know this will once again put commenters’ labels on me. As Leon Russell’s song goes, “The right says I’m left and the left says I’m wrong.” But labels are so much easier to do than engage in open and honest debate.

    • How much more do the “wealthy” have to pay to make communists happy? They already pay the lion’s share of taxes in this country. What is your opinion of what their fair share should be, 95% of their income? Makers make and takers take.

      • Some have been takers their entire life. The unions are nothing more than a money laundering machine for the Democrat party. Those working for the union collect their salaries directly off the backs of the laborers. Off the sweat of the brow of hard working Americans to line the pockets of liberals/progressives/socialists/communists to destroy our country.

        Can there be a lower form of life?

  5. Certainly not a shock. The public education system has been a socialist/communist indoctrination haven for years. In TUSD, free market, capitalism is banned and revolution against America is encouraged.

    “TUSD won’t revive controversial economics class this year.”

    Solution is very simple. Parents, don’t send your children to these crappy enterprises. Voters and property owners, don’t support them. Let them wilt away and die.

  6. and socialist will issue the consequences of non-compliance with ‘the system’ we’ as a world have been here many times, now it’s coming here. The time in which we live coming more clearly into reality

  7. Socialism has never worked, without taking someone’s hard earned money, be it US Military aide (Europe), or redistributing the wealth. Makers make, and takers take.

  8. Socialist America – a thing of the near term – with all it’s ugly enforced correctness – a nation like nothing we ever imagined – perhaps why the world will hate us so as to destroy us

  9. And you were expecting the truth from the idiot millennials and their sheep. What a total joke the movement was and still is. It was never about the kids as the teachers so proudly opined, it was about the distribution of wealth to those that has signed contracts and decided that they didn’t want to play by the rules. Who got screwed, why the very kids that they vowed to support and the taxpayers. The governor was made out to be the fool that he really is and the voters in November should soundly defeat this BS movement to redistribute the wealth. Those people earned it and the socialists are jealous of them because they think that they deserve much more. I call BS on the whole millennial movement and always wants something for nothing. Its pretty clear to see where these idiots are coming from and the democrats will just love them to death. This is the direction of the new democratic party. Socialism all the way. Its the we want more for nothing movement, but everything has a price tag. What you gonna do when you run out of other people’s money? Right, thought so.

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