Agents Arrest Kansas Human Smuggling, Recover Stolen Vehicle

Agents searching a vehicle at the I-19 checkpoint found a person hiding under the bench seat

A 33-year-old Kingman, Kansas man, was arrested by Nogales Station Border Patrol agents Tuesday night at the Interstate 19 Immigration Checkpoint after discovering a smuggling attempt of two Mexican nationals in a stolen vehicle.

Agents referred the driver, a U.S. citizen, and passenger of a Dodge Ram for a secondary immigration inspection. While questioning the two, agents noticed a third person hiding under the rear bench seat. Agents determined the passenger and individual under the rear seat were both Mexican nationals illegally present in the country, and that the Dodge Ram was reported stolen.

Agents arrested the driver for human smuggling. The undocumented aliens, ages 29 and 44, were arrested for immigration violations.

The Dodge Ram was seized and turned over to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.