Immigration Checkpoint Agents Arrest 26 In Human Smuggling Attempts

Border Patrol agents working at two different immigration checkpoints arrested 26 illegal aliens in two human smuggling attempts over the last week.

Just after midnight last night, a Wellton Station Border Patrol supervisor was working the immigration checkpoint on eastbound Interstate 8 near Yuma when a white Ford E-350 passenger van containing 13 subjects stopped for inspection. A work helmet and reflective safety vest commonly worn by laborers were displayed on the dashboard. The driver, a 31-year-old male from Mexico, was questioned as to his citizenship and determined to be lawfully admitted for permanent residence.

The 12 passengers were also questioned as to their citizenship and all were determined to be illegal aliens from Mexico. The driver was arrested for smuggling charges and the 12 illegal aliens were processed for removal proceedings.

A second significant human smuggling attempt occurred Friday. Blythe Station Border Patrol agents assigned to the Highway 78 Immigration Checkpoint near Palo Verde, California arrested 14 illegal aliens after they attempted to circumvent the checkpoint on foot. Thirteen were Mexican nationals and one was a Guatemalan national. All were determined to have been part of a human smuggling attempt and were processed for removal proceedings.


  1. So I just reloaded the ADI webpage and see that 3 of the 8 new articles deal with illegal smuggling and/or drugs. I then went to the ADS website and not one article covering that topic. It’s no wonder Pima County and Tucson proper don’t realize what’s really going on in this County. Thank you ADI!

    Here’s more proof; I was listening to Buckmaster today as he interviewed Elias. Do you think he thought to ask him about the World View report?

    I think you know the answer…

    • ADS pledged many years ago they would no longer identify illegals as illegals. Since they do not consider illegals illegal, they do not cover the crimes they commit. They are Tucson. They hate America and would prefer to be Mexico to satisfy their white guilt as all good radical leftists are expected to do.

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