Pima County Bringing In Hacks And Bullies To Sow Confusion And Misdirection

Jim Nintzel laps up Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild’s spin.

A tried and true method of deflecting attention from something those in power don’t want seen is to create diversions, to shift the focus from the real issues to attacking or discrediting its source, to get people gossiping about something other than the real issue.

Enter Jim Nintzel, Tucson Local Media editor and author of the Tucson Weekly’s “The Skinny.”  On July 6, a day after the Weekly was published, Nintzel added an online hit piece, citing “county sources,” that Arizona

Daily Independent editor Loretta Hunnicutt would be working part-time in Supervisor Ally Miller’s office.

Nintzel alleged that ADI cleared its stories with Miller, citing a two-year-old Tucson Sentinel article, with an online link.  That article, however, failed to make Nintzel’s case, citing only an instance where ADI asked Miller’s office if reports of their filing an FBI report were accurate.  Journalism 101.

With his sloppy reporting challenged in the Weekly’s online comments section, Nintzel revised his story for the July 12 edition – so that it appeared the same day as the county administrator sent the months-old World View balloon explosion report to the Board of Supervisors.

Missing from both versions, however, is any mention that Ms Hunnicutt’s husband, ADI founder and co-editor John Hunnicutt, had suddenly died just three weeks earlier.  Bullying a newly bereaved widow sets a new low for both the Tucson Weekly and those unnamed “county sources.”

Emails obtained by ADI in recent years show that Nintzel and other members of the local media – some of whom later went on to county jobs – were regularly contacted by Pima County staff as to methods of making Supervisor Ally Miller look bad, illegally trying to influence her election.  Huckelberry’s and Nintzel’s hatred of Miller is no secret.

The attacks on Lori Hunnicutt, however, go beyond even Pima County’s corrupt crony politics.  Jim Nintzel, Tucson Local Media, and those conveniently anonymous “county sources” ought to be ashamed of themselves.  The Board of Supervisors needs to root out those “county sources” and hold them accountable.  The community might consider other sources of information than the Tucson Local Media free papers and leave them in their racks to rot.

The Weekly, to date, has never mentioned the December World View balloon explosion, which broke ceiling tiles in Raytheon’s missile facility, while they have extolled the joys of sending a KFC sandwich to the edge of space.  They seem to champion the things the county administrator wants championed, and to do the county administrator’s dirty work trying to discredit the Arizona Daily Independent, its newly-widowed editor, and Supervisor Ally Miller – the only voice on the Board of Supervisors demanding transparency and accountability.

Hacks and bullies and diversions work only when there is not a countervailing force working to set the record straight.  That is one of the roles of a news source like the Arizona Daily Independent.  It is a reminder that the “Fourth Estate” plays a vital role in protecting American democracy.


  1. “Emails obtained by ADI in recent years show that Nintzel and other members of the local media-some of whom later went on to county jobs-were regularly contacted by Pima County staff as to methods of making Supervisor Ally Miller look bad, illegally trying to influence her election. Huckleberry`s and Nintzel`s hatred of Miller is no secret.” This behavior by Huckleberry, his enablers on the Democrat Party controlled Pima County Board of Supervisors that employ him and Nintzel and others of the Democrat Party media partners is common knowledge (unless you are new to Pima County.) The question for all Republicans this election season is why this “deplorable” treatment of Supervisor Miller by Huckleberry, the Democrat party and their media partners AND some local Republicans was never condemned by the Pima and State GOP organizations? Neither did the GOP lend her any assistance in fighting these personal and political attacks. Every voter must remember this election season that some Republicans are such in name only when they show by their actions that they support or acquiesce in the kind of harassment of anyone who sticks up for the taxpayers in Pima County and our State as Supervisor Miller has done and continues to do. Governor Ducey, who as Governor was the head of the GOP while the harassment of Supervisor Miller referred to above was going on also refused to lift a finger to help her and the taxpayers of Pima County who naturally also suffered because of the vendetta against Miller, “the taxpayers Supervisor.”. As we all know, this harassment of Supervisor Miller continues.

  2. That is how it works folks.

    Chuck Huckleberry is a criminal. The bos serves at his pleasure. The Voters select the same group iver and over because they get info from ppl like this jerk at Tucson weekly.

    Should anyone get elected that thinks for themselves and acts in best interest if the people, they get attacked.

    What ya gonna do..

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