Rent-A-Cop Tries To Pull Over Arizona Troopers, Gets Arrested

Rent-a-cop Matthew Allen Disbro, age 44 of Mesa, was arrested on July 11, 2018 for impersonating an officer after he tried to pull over undercover troopers. Disbro, a security guard, tried to pull over troopers on July 11, 2018.

Two AZDPS troopers were on patrol along State Route 51 in an unmarked yellow Ford Mustang which is used primarily to target aggressive drivers. The troopers observed a black Dodge Charger equipped with law enforcement style emergency lighting visible through its rear window, driven by Disbro,

Disbro activated his Dodge Charger’s red and blue flashing lights and attempted to pull the troopers over. When the troopers decided not to pull over for Disbro, he drove the Charger alongside the troopers and began yelling and waving his hand at the troopers to pull over.

The troopers then identified themselves by activating the police emergency lights on their patrol vehicle and initiated a traffic stop on Disbro,. The troopers discovered Disbro was a uniformed armed security guard traveling in his personal vehicle. The Charger was equipped with a police style siren, lights and radio scanner.

Disbro was arrested and booked into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office jail.

Authorities want to know if you have had contact with the suspect and have been stopped by a Dodge Charger with law enforcement style emergency lights, please contact AZDPS at 602-644-5805.


  1. Nice! His car should be forfeited to the state and given to a small law enforcement agency that could put it to good use.

  2. Wow rent-a-douche security must pay pretty good these days.
    The car and all those toys aren’t cheap.
    It’s not illegal to have them, it’s not illegal to use them as long as your on private property and the car is not moving, but I think Mr. Disbro was far too concerned with just looking cool to worry about following the law.
    Personally I hope the judge takes the car, imposes some jail time and a hefty fine. I also hope AZ DPS yanks his guard card which in turn will force him out of any licensed security work. Perhaps next time he could impersonate a law abiding responsible adult, wouldn’t that be refreshing?

    The Oracle

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